Top 21 Projects Completing In 2021
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Top 21 Projects Completing In 2021

  • MotoMeerkat

    “Bang sue, I barely know her” is one of the funniest things Vikk has ever said hahaha I’m creasing

  • Goldfish

    On the island of Lombok, shows Bali

  • Bernadette Pearson
    Bernadette Pearson

    The red copyright rahilly record because chief neurophysiologically correct past a womanly cowbell. zealous, sable euphonium


    Sidemen y’all should 100% come down to New Orleans for a holiday, it’s amazing and y’all would enjoy it

  • oli

    Boycot qatar 2022

  • Andrew Tuong
    Andrew Tuong

    Somebody tell them that almost all of the old 7 wonders of the world don’t exist anymore...

    • Saif Nabi
      Saif Nabi

      Was just going to put this I swear they reacted to a video where they said that the pyramids are the only ancient wonders left

  • Rayi fauzan
    Rayi fauzan

    Hello from Indonesia!

  • Bob Bobsen
    Bob Bobsen

    To answer your question Vikk (couldn't they have made these renders on a sunny day): No we have none of those days...........

  • mika g
    mika g

    I’m honestly very proud to be able to say I’m Egyptian so.... Sidemen if u want to come to Egypt I could set y’all up... 😂 Ps: the museum should open later this year therefore it will be extremely crowded so I recommend visiting it 2022 so that the hype has kinda died out I guess. But other than that much much love from Egypt ! ❤️

  • Dhaliwal Gaming
    Dhaliwal Gaming


  • Mehul Vermac
    Mehul Vermac

    I was writing a thesis about why super cars should still be produced even if the environmental option is better. Josh has an exact point, proud of you Josh.

  • DJ Quack
    DJ Quack

    Tommyinnit is the best

  • Thomas Garrett
    Thomas Garrett

    Like the idea for sidemen Sunday!! Please do!

  • Keegan Turbitt
    Keegan Turbitt

    Ally Law climbed the building @ 10:10 and explored the station @ 13:00 on his website

  • ChooseYourPath

    LV-home keeps fucking unsubscribing me

  • Benjamin Glendinning
    Benjamin Glendinning

    Modern wonders of the world video would be sick

  • andre de vries
    andre de vries

    Y’all should also come to Melbourne we have no masks !! Just ok public transport and we have like no cases

    • andre de vries
      andre de vries

      Well we have no cases 😂😂😂

  • Cooper Hewitt
    Cooper Hewitt

    Why dose it say uploaded 5 days ago but it was uploaded 12 minutes ago

  • Christian Rodoreda
    Christian Rodoreda

    As a Melbournian I’ve been to the docklands and etihad stadium many times and i didnt even know that was being built

  • MateoRide


  • Chris La Delfa
    Chris La Delfa

    Lmao VIK i went london in 2017 and i was fuming not being able to see big ben😂😂

  • Oliver Main
    Oliver Main

    Can confirm i am the kid that got shat on by a crow

  • Ellioth Blob
    Ellioth Blob

    Josh, the legend. WANTS A SOUNDING CAR. Not a shit Tesla

  • Jason Best
    Jason Best

    The sidemen gotta be TOGETHER for the wonders of the world video, or at least teams like the holiday videos. Either way, Sidemen Sunday’s need you guys together!

  • Zeeshan The Money Prince
    Zeeshan The Money Prince

    “Isn’t it December, yeah”

  • Zeeshan The Money Prince
    Zeeshan The Money Prince

    Half of the viewers don’t even understand the 21 meme

  • Thejamesone

    Britain have the largest wind farms in the world you donkeys

  • Ulrich

    What about the natural wonders of the world as well.. third vid sorted

  • Nico Pekkanen
    Nico Pekkanen

    I have a sick video idea for the future. You split into two teams and then have those two teams race around the world to visit the 7 modern wonders of the world

  • HYTP - [Hi-Top]
    HYTP - [Hi-Top]

    Fun fact for tobi and anyone else who cares, Dubai has something like 1/3 or 2/3 of the worlds total cranes when I last went because they build that much

  • Hoopz - Ryan
    Hoopz - Ryan

    foot clutch 0.o

  • Alex 098
    Alex 098

    5:55 yo im gas! Im from Denmark, and what Josh just Said has Got me on another level of agreement. ITS TRUE, 100% LEGIT

  • ten2ten13

    ...imagine their faces when they turn up to the ancient wonder, and find most of them no longer exist 👀

  • Robbie Landau
    Robbie Landau

    come to israel! you can even get vaccinated here!

  • Hans Singh
    Hans Singh

    Sidemen wonders 😂

  • SahebPlays

    This I think has to be the best combo of all sidemen...😆

  • youssef Amr
    youssef Amr

    You should watch the the new museum in egypt documentary its amazing

  • Yassin Yasser Mostafa
    Yassin Yasser Mostafa

    come to egypt ill show u around!

  • GPF_ 2001
    GPF_ 2001

    Can you actually do the the 7 wonders of the world video , it would bang

  • Lewis Smith
    Lewis Smith

    Imagine cliff jumping of that leaf thing in nyc

  • Rehan

    It’s amazing how josh is updated with all the worldly things going on he knows his stuff

  • Tor Hornbæk
    Tor Hornbæk

    Denmark has been doing what Chile is doing and more for years Plus in 2022 there will be a new windmill farm that will power 600.000 more homes in Denmark Have to preach for my country when it comes to green energy

  • Pablo Lloyd
    Pablo Lloyd

    10:06 well said, josh. well said.

  • Pablo Lloyd
    Pablo Lloyd

    7:49 sorry to break it to you boys, but the pyramids of giza are the only ancient wonder thats left. the rest fell to ruin. the modern ones are still pretty sick tho

  • FucDaPols

    Stop putting zosh in thr thumbnails lmao

  • SNZTR Fx
    SNZTR Fx

    the little island in nyc looks like it can be a map in cod

  • Spam Story
    Spam Story

    "One day, one day" "We pray" -i mean, if the sidemen released an album.........

  • Max DrMh10
    Max DrMh10

    Josh :tajmahal Vik : come on!

  • بكر-كترات

    If you want to go to Jordan Petra please tell us to I can for once meet you or sth ... if you want I can help you with the language barrier

  • Brown Fella
    Brown Fella

    Forest building is a bug infestation waiting to happen

  • MegaGio

    Having the World Cup in winter is just disgusting

  • serananax

    Is it just me or was tobi really funny in this video

  • Asif Rahaman
    Asif Rahaman

    Was there even a football stadium in the video?


    could do 2 videos for ancient and modern Modern wonders of the world, or a video of Ancient vs Modern wonders of the world video

  • Loner_Stoner 666
    Loner_Stoner 666

    Slave labour exists thanks to big brands and Fenty being another one of them and you promote tha shi? I thought u dudes were real😭💀

  • Ali El Yassaki
    Ali El Yassaki

    Welcome to Egypt lads

  • Emmanuel Allen
    Emmanuel Allen

    Sidemen to the Bermuda Triangle?

  • Dylan Morin
    Dylan Morin

    It’s not Artemis it’s Apollo 😂

  • Wolf

    Put each Sidemen on one of the wonders of the World (including you Josh)

  • Ryan

    Have LV-home copyright rules changed to allow the use of other peoples videos for reacting? I’m sure it wasn’t allowed at some point?

  • Brandon Griffin
    Brandon Griffin

    Can ye react to gealic football

  • ShiftyBeast

    21 projects completing in '21. Very odd🤔

  • C. Barlowe
    C. Barlowe

    Am I the 1 millionth view? 😳

  • Finfailsatlife

    you should do top 10 best minecraft builds

  • Jaymansalem 0nesze1os
    Jaymansalem 0nesze1os

    I probably won’t go see any of the seven wonders except Egypt so I’d like to see it

  • Charlie #
    Charlie #

    Great vid

  • Sanad Khreis
    Sanad Khreis


  • Baki9961

    Please react to eminem killshot

  • Mathew Bobby
    Mathew Bobby

    Anyone from Qatar?🙋🏼‍♂️

  • Ibrahim P1ayZ
    Ibrahim P1ayZ

    "Ain Dubai" actually means the "dubai eye" but in arabic

  • Sick Trickshots
    Sick Trickshots

    Sidemen visit the 7 Ancient Wonders of the world would be a banging video

  • April Matson
    April Matson

    one of these buildings is a block away from my college and I've never seen it

  • mohamed sharif
    mohamed sharif

    14:08 😂

  • StumpyRogue

    Honestly I think it should be a law where all new construction buildings should have some sort of green space integrated in it

  • Flxrarage

    Stop the video at 0:0 and look at vick it scared me

  • Archie Schokman
    Archie Schokman

    Sidmen see the 7 wonders they need to do this

  • Martin Kirumba
    Martin Kirumba

    most wonders of the ancient world are destroyed so it might not make the best video idea

  • LadyKyuubi

    So the sidemen do "Idiots Abroad" yeah?

  • Joseph Brennan
    Joseph Brennan

    Finally the B1M is getting recognised more

  • Lewis Bryan
    Lewis Bryan

    That kid who said 21 commuted suicide due to bullying just letting you know

  • PSG Fan boy
    PSG Fan boy

    Boring gang

  • Meza RL
    Meza RL

    holy shit i live opposite that building!!!!!!!!! in limassol

  • Famous_but_not_so_famous me
    Famous_but_not_so_famous me

    Day 1 of suggesting things to the sidemen: Make a sidemen vlog channel where you vlog places you go to around the world

  • Splahes

    3:25 and the pigeons also want to roll JJ for the baguette in his hand🤣

  • Azza El Masry
    Azza El Masry


  • kop wagwan
    kop wagwan

    rip claude

  • Draco_Blitz 7586
    Draco_Blitz 7586

    The guy that said 21 killed himself

  • Gaming Is Fun
    Gaming Is Fun

    8:32 behzinga is that you??

  • Gaming Is Fun
    Gaming Is Fun


  • Luca

    the sidemen should react to idiot abroad season 1, when the legend karl pinkington visited the 7 wonders of the world

  • Tobias Sundquist
    Tobias Sundquist

    Chile: Gets 500 MW Denmark: Laughs in 5000 MW from wind energy

  • Strong Johns
    Strong Johns

    The 21 kid killed himself

  • H

    We just saw them brainstorm a banging video idea

  • Alfie Redfern
    Alfie Redfern

    The 7 wonders of the world are: Taj Mahal - India Colosseum - Italy Chichen Itza - Mexico Machu Picchu - Peru Christ the Redeemer - Brazil Petra - Jordan Great Wall of China - China

  • Brian Van Vark
    Brian Van Vark

    Dont forget : To make that building in Qatar for the world cup, 6500+ workers already died from constructing it, So its not that sick after all.

  • Max Denton-Miller
    Max Denton-Miller

    china has very few birds cos of air pollution

  • XxTwonkNinjaxX Gaming
    XxTwonkNinjaxX Gaming

    Planet's literally dying architects trying to solve it in any way they can Tobi: Yeah but birds shit everywhere

  • rajab kb.
    rajab kb.

    Tobias looked bored af.

  • Romel Negut
    Romel Negut

    I agree with Josh. You can put the sickest gadget on an electric in order to replicate the sound, it will never have the same feeling.

  • Ryan Lee
    Ryan Lee

    Do “XQC saying things” next pls.

9 milj.