Bald And Bankrupt Answers Your Questions
With some time on my hands I decided to venture away from the safety of my toilet and head to Chorsu bazar in the ancient heart of Tashkent to answer a few of your questions that I have received.

  • Daily Bald
    Daily Bald

    Bloody hell, you'd think Princess Di had died! Goodbye Mr bald, England's rose! I didn't mean I will disappear from LV-home forever. I just meant that I will stop making films on the bald and bankrupt channel. We will still have this channel where I'm sure I'll make some videos now and then and no doubt do the occasional trip with Harald or something. I just will focus on other things more. Besides how would my nephew Roman cope without me here to give him fashion advice all the time🤔

    • Rapator Rapator
      Rapator Rapator

      2:40 this episode 18:50 Solo In Estonia's East ( Bald and Bankrupt). Whatta F Daily Bald? Explain yourself :D

    • Stekilos -
      Stekilos -

      @function1811 and so innocent, before lockdown i only vieuwed dating sites.

    • Hunter Layton
      Hunter Layton

      The next david attenborough for sure.

    • Luke Hamilton
      Luke Hamilton

      I know you read as many comments as you can but if you ever make it down to little ole New Zealand i'd love to shake your hand and say how much I thoroughly love your videos and how much I really hope to travel to Russia one day. Whatever you end up doing I wish you nothing but success, you're an absolute legend!!

    • Stekilos -
      Stekilos -

      @function1811 i feel exactly the same, but i expect after corona that a lot of the abonded places that Bald showed will attract thousands and thousands of his fans. Especially the people in those abonded Tjernobylvillages can expect hundreds of shopping bags with wodka and groceries)

  • Paul Dewani
    Paul Dewani

    While I will miss Bald, I also have noticed a drop in his enthusiasm and passion from his videos in the past few months. Really seems like he’s just going through the motions to make films rather than enjoying them. It’s also reflecting in his content as well - the spark and originality has been missing a bit. This video also had somewhat of a goodbye-to-be-soon vibe to it. Youtubing is an incredibly difficult profession and I can respect Bald for leaving on a good step instead of dragging out his content. Thank you Bald for adding a level of creativity, innovation, and grit to the travel vlogger world. Cheers brother.

  • Richard Sutta
    Richard Sutta

    Even traveling light how do you keep your clothes clean? Or do you just have to accept getting into clammy clothes for a few days?

  • MrTetratron

    Hey Bald ! You have been to Lunik IX, what about the rest of Slovakia? Will you visit it, like the cities or nature? :)

  • Bob Watson
    Bob Watson

    Bald, me old lad. Cheers.

  • viewfromeastnwest

    Putin puts Russia First! Absolutely. One of the VERY FEW who will put his countrymen first! TOTALLY AGREE! I like Putin too!

  • Greg Martin
    Greg Martin

    Bald, What the hell is going on in eastern Ukraine. Do you think they'll really start a full blown war?

  • Tomasso Szalai
    Tomasso Szalai


  • Sweet Wanderings With Edwin Toro
    Sweet Wanderings With Edwin Toro

    BALD I do appreciate the good tips you have given us START UP LV-homeRS especially about not selling out to CORPORATE knuckleheads who want you to sell their 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 products and services to your audience. Regarding the asking for subscriptions and likes I am doing it because it took me / long years to realize on LV-home that I could SUBSCRIBE to someone´s channel, give LIKES👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 and LEAVE COMMENTS. I was clueless until I saw one LV-homer´s video and did it. That´s why I do it and in some of my travel vlogs I tell people if you don´t like the video, don´t give it a like. If you dislike the video a lot, give it a 👎🏻👎🏻, etc........

  • Sweet Wanderings With Edwin Toro
    Sweet Wanderings With Edwin Toro

    BALD you hit the nail on the head. TRAVEL LIGHT EVERYONE! I went to INDIA in 2019 with two heavy backpacks that turned into three and it was so uncomfortable carrying a bunch of💩💩💩 around. I ended giving away half my stuff to some people in Himachal Pradesh in the village of Gargi and in Manikaran down below the village in THE MIGHTY HIMALAYAS. LESSON LEARNED🤓🤓🤓!!! Thanks for that TIP Benjamin. I am a travel vlogger too but only in diapers👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻 right now.

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon

    When he said Sergej was his favorite guy who came along in his videos... I felt so bad for kolja :(

  • Kakajan Hojageldiyef
    Kakajan Hojageldiyef

    Will you go to Turkmenistan?

  • marialiyubman

    Your Russian is amazing.

  • Pablo Fuentes
    Pablo Fuentes

    You should go to Tajikistan. Khujand is so close to Tashkent and it's lovely in the spring. You've already met the Tajik people from Bukhara. Now meet the Tajik in Tajikistan!

  • Sangeeta Wesley
    Sangeeta Wesley

    Bald Benjamin prince Phillip is no more Condolences


    DAILY BALD uploads once a week, I don't get it, weekly bold maybe, fortnightly bald, hope you ok bro, please stay safe

  • BenWith1N

    Appreciate the heck out of your outlook and attitude. Thanks for the excellent escapism you offer! Be safe!

  • sevendaughters

    I've had that ideal day in Prague. It was great. Girlfriend didn't call me Ben, fortunately.

  • victoria thomas
    victoria thomas

    Love your vernacular! If you go I will miss you. You still have so much to explore on this planet. Don’t stop just yet.

  • McHale T
    McHale T


  • Breaky

    Oh no, Bald channel will be over in a year, that's terrible news

  • Denzel Robinson
    Denzel Robinson

    Best LV-homer on the game love the videos. Treyway🤟 blm

  • Johnny Kelly
    Johnny Kelly

    What a legend

  • Jaws 285
    Jaws 285

    “Be legit” “Don’t sell out” “Don’t be a pussy”. That’s is why I look forward to watching this every chance I get. I’ve got a great life, awesome job, excellent family and wife but I love your outgoing sense of travel adventure. The thing that really keeps me coming back is your friendly demeanor and your willingness to lend a helping hand. Your mother would be proud and so am I Mr. Benjamin Bald.

  • dc subi996
    dc subi996

    You're realy a honest and cool personality with some guts

  • jack hui
    jack hui

    I just found your channels a few days ago Benjamin! My absolute favorite channels ever. Extremely interesting! I really appreciate the style you use in revealing these different places.. Thank you!

  • Zogu

    Ik you wont see my comment but after you finish up traveling in the post soviet countries maybe you could explore the balkans?

  • Sambo0044

    Why start a new channel if your leaving us one year later ? don’t go Bald , go for the number one LV-homer travel channel rank in the world

  • Fart99

    We love Mr.Bald, if you do end up stopping please never delete the videos

  • Zzzz

    "Harald Baldr, terrible films but he's my favorite yewtewber"🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Brightin

    6:32 she was getting a good look in wasn’t she 🤣 must got some buns back there bald 😂

  • K. S.
    K. S.

    Never thought I'd live to see the day when people in a central asian soviet republic are living more open and freely than I am here in Canada.

    • Theodore Jackson
      Theodore Jackson

      What, you in prison or something?

  • Amit Jainwal
    Amit Jainwal

    You know you speaks very simple that anyone can understand you. Although I’m a English learner 😁

  • itchykami

    A strategy for learning other languages that I've often heard: Don't read a book, or take a class right off the bat. Find someone to speak with. Talk to them like an idiot. Don't learn grammar until you've gotten good at talking like an idiot, THEN learn the complex details of how to speak well. Going the other way around causes frustration and teaches you very slowly. Fits very well with having a goal in mind, because you can learn a few phrases to start with, learn something very focused.

  • Markus Kvick
    Markus Kvick

    Best Q/A ever! Straight and fair answers.

  • J.P.

    I could imagine you would open a personal travel agency and organize small trips for like 10 people. Visit places with them where you've been for those who want to see some specific place from any video first hand and places not even you have been to see random cities, people and land and how to get about as you did when you were traveling solo. You could also film the trip and have it aired as a premiere on YT lets say a month or so after everyone is back home so they could see it again :)

  • Martin Jørgensen
    Martin Jørgensen

    Love your videos ❤

  • Mike Fenman
    Mike Fenman

    How did you learn how to pronounce the Russian R? I am really struggling with the rolled R as a native English speaker.

  • Andrew

    I like how the ladies actually return salaams.

  • Michael Raphael
    Michael Raphael

    6:44 Worse news I've heard on LV-home in quite some time

  • Ben Bones
    Ben Bones

    He is the best... hands down .. I hope he becomes the most viewed

  • NOJ

    12:50 - Important words. Always important to reflect on the privilege you have and hope others can have what you have been lucky enough to have. Well said.

  • Павел О
    Павел О

    Ты очень крут, Бенджамин, я в восторге от видео на канаде, от подачи и от твоего настроя. You have my huge respect 👍 Павел, Одесса

  • Install a Friend
    Install a Friend

    That ideal day nearly made me cry it was so sweet

  • We are going to go see you soon I don’t know
    We are going to go see you soon I don’t know

    I want to fucking die

    • We are going to go see you soon I don’t know
      We are going to go see you soon I don’t know

      Not because of u tho

  • Mytube82x

    Hi Bald you are missing exploring the abandoned russian mining town pyramiden on Svalbard, I know you will find some beautiful mosaics there.

  • Yasmine Sli
    Yasmine Sli

    Imagine 6 billion bald LV-homers , the world would .be funnier

  • kiran prakash
    kiran prakash

    The second question when meeting a stranger was "Muslim?" Wow.

  • Stefan LaCaria
    Stefan LaCaria

    Love yah dude!

  • Digital Dystopia
    Digital Dystopia

    Why don't you come walk around Chicago or Detroit?

  • Paul Osborne
    Paul Osborne

    Top chap! Sound words... DON'T disappear - please. Go travel in JAPAN, I lived and worked there and it is still a fucking mystery to me... BUT I am sure, with your confidence and your language-wired brain, you could land on flippin' Mars and still communicate / have a lovely time - growing potatoes in your own diarrhoea... Heck.

  • Ruhrpott_DU

    Dont stop exploring after ssr. go to tschutschken repuplik / Nunavuut / North Korea / Turkemenistan / Tibet / Tschetschenia + Inguschetia again!

  • lost quantity
    lost quantity

    travel light is the best advice

  • scimg

    If you quit the main channel, we'll start another one called 'bald and bankrupt forever' which will feature a deep fake of you running around cartel land on misadventures ft. a babushka'

  • John Burnett
    John Burnett

    Thank you, we appreciate everything you do. Most of us haven't been able to travel in over a year now, but your videos are like a light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Jason Tynan
    Jason Tynan

    Glad to hear you Comments and observations on other Travel Vloggers on LV-home Who take any £ € $ in Sponsorship. After this Video I watched another one straight after of a English Midlands based vlogger. His main concern was the choice of Food available on his first flight from Central America to the 🇺🇸 For a year I'm fairly certain he'd accept Commercials from Companies that provide arse wiping and lip dabbing services after he's eaten and Shitted. Absolutely terrible this virus that's killed nearly three million people And has caused Airlines to cut back the in-flight services for first class passengers. “This is one of the worst catastrophes in the world” Ladies and gentlemen Only One choice of Sandwich filling Available.

  • Mirrored Image
    Mirrored Image

    Definitely one of the best LV-homers on the platform

  • wandering spirit
    wandering spirit

    You early India videos were GREAT!! Whatever happened to Alina?

  • Viszaaa17

    Is there not a main channel video coming from Ozbekistan? 🤔

  • Valerie Hancotte-Galan
    Valerie Hancotte-Galan

    Why stop with post-Soviet countries?? Europe, Australia, islands???

  • 瑪利歐Mario

    Bald: my worst experience is travelling in the train overnight in Mauritania with just a t-shirt and getting hypothermia Also Bald: by best advice is travel light

  • ross perry
    ross perry

    Bald leaving LV-home is bigger than Oasis or The Beatles splitting up :( been watching Bald and Baldr's channels throughout my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and their escapism has been more valuable than they'll ever know. Travelling to Central Asia has always been my dream and when everything goes back to normal, Bald has given me the confidence to go and do that ❤

  • Spanish John
    Spanish John

    i didnt know your name is Ben, you don't seem like a Ben you seem like a Tony or a Terry lol

  • Filip Škoda
    Filip Škoda

    Moravian mate says hi! Burčák!

  • S B
    S B

    Thank you very much for the second channel. I dont know why you created this one. But this channel is the reason i found to you ❤️ you are awesome! I can't describe how much positivity you brought to my life! I wish you best of luck and much of adventures in your life! Thank you sir

  • Jason Builer
    Jason Builer

    What happened to that Russian girl who were traveling with you?

  • Miguel Felix Gallardo
    Miguel Felix Gallardo

    bro. love u

  • Bolia Fops
    Bolia Fops

    going to learn the language for some south american adventures. Keep it up mate! LV-home is a better place with your content!

    • Daily Bald
      Daily Bald

      Do it mate. The language knowledge will turn it into your greatest adventure in life.

  • Guilherme Mesquita
    Guilherme Mesquita

    Absolute legend! Dont even think about quitting LV-home. Cheers from Brazil!


    Where is little Fidel?

  • Brian Doyle
    Brian Doyle

    I've been watching Mr bald from the beginning and I've just loved watching every video but after watching this one his estimations have gone stratospheric like a cosmonaut...the location was amazing really buzzing everyone so polite lovely...12.45 that looked like a really nice meaty sausage/kebab lovely made me hungry watching...Mr balds last couple of destinations have looked like film sets but beautifully real... GRT upload can't wait for the next...

  • F F
    F F

    That is one big of a market in this video

  • Russ

    Don't be a pussy; book the flight.

  • SEG2

    Hey Bald, I spent a couple months in Ecuador earlier this year and I think you would like it there if you go back back to South America. A ton of cool things to see there.

  • I ear Guy
    I ear Guy


  • volcada

    As far as traveling and not speaking Russian: I went to Belarus in 2013. When I arrived by plane in Minsk the airport was controlled by soldiers and I did not hear anyone speaking English. Took a train to Gomel and still the same, no English spoken. In the 3 weeks I was in Gomel only one person I encountered spoke Russian who worked at a very high priced hotel around $ 120.00 a night. If you don't speak the language you probably would need to stay in more populated city centers like Kiev.

  • Robert Howse
    Robert Howse

    I SALUTE You Mr Bald, I enjoy your video's so very much, You are the Top Dog and I think you know it and it is well deserved, To Keep up the Good work and the Solid Entertainment seems so easy for you to do, I will forever more Follow you as best I can to get the Best stuff there is and I expect you to only put out good stuff as you have been doing from the Beginning, You are the Pick of the Crop, So there you go, I love you and your video's GOD SPEED

  • 1337CaptainHadock

    Benjamin we love you and your channel, you truly do make good videos and have kept your dignity (let's not think about the desert turd you gave birth to haha) Very few people have every aspect of their life being perfect or close to it - i know i appreciate your videos and i'm sure there's many just like me that like the escape where we get to just hang out with our good buddy Benjamin and hopefully learn a thing or two! Keep the videos comming and we'll keep watching! ;) Cheers Benjamin!

  • louisilic123

    The most humble man I've never met

  • Taz 101
    Taz 101

    Thanks for the videos thanks for your honesty and stay true to yourself keep on the good fight with the diarrhea

  • KGB

    13:17 your my hero bald, you really are.

  • Anna Sibirskaja
    Anna Sibirskaja

    Legend lives on!

  • Tomáš Sedláček
    Tomáš Sedláček

    Fuck You !!! Do your perfect DAY!!! Love You!

  • Richard Cook
    Richard Cook

    What a bloody legend you are Bald.

  • 1st Drop
    1st Drop

    This is the best channel I have accidentally found on youtube - thank you for these great videos!

  • John Parsley
    John Parsley

    What a legend.

  • Sam


  • Моле

    PEOPLE! love you bald ♥️

  • Jon Ham
    Jon Ham

    Bald, by far the most memorable video you've ever done was "I Got Drunk With Babushkas" on the Bald & Bankrupt channel. I've shown that to so many people and they've all enjoyed it. Keep it up, but only as long as you want to. It's your life, after all.

  • Pauline Will
    Pauline Will

    Even though I will really miss your regular videos, I look forward to a second book. I have the first and would love to see another. You' are a natural writer so please really make time for it. Thanks!

  • yodkagod

    They sense your open heart on the dome like a pigeon

  • TheSearaider

    my old aunts love you will break their hearts when you stop.You are a legend!!! Love youuu man,Thank You for the great youtube videos

  • Bensch

    Lets find him and force him to do it for the next years haha

  • Jessuh

    i thought a little while back you said you wanted to travel south america after post soviet countries?

  • madbeatz

    Absolute legend of a bloke! Would like to see you step outside ya comfort zone more and do some other places, maybe more south America. North America would be good also!.

  • Walkertongdee

    For me, need is the biggest reason to learn anything, especially languages is need. The technique is simply to use what you learn, talk to people and don't be shy. If you laugh, smile and joke around they will teach you as you go.

  • alalalala999808098

    Still... thank you for your kind words at the end. We've appreciated it.

  • Aaron Rowe
    Aaron Rowe

    Bald - everything in this video you said and related back to 'being real', 'not selling out', 'book the flight and stop being a pussy' is why I'll always watch your videos. You're living your advice and you are a funny guy.

  • Kushagra Dwivedi
    Kushagra Dwivedi

    I really feel bad after hearing about the 9 months thing but honestly that's the most precious advice someone can give to some youtubers. You have a certain amount of content and once it's over please stop.

  • Kushagra Dwivedi
    Kushagra Dwivedi

    7:37 I died lmao