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There are bots in Among Us now. They have heat vision and supersonic hearing, and they only have one weakness. Can Player work with Veteran to win finally win a game? Or will the bots come out on top?
🡆 Abigail Turner -
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    • Dj Sparkles
      Dj Sparkles

      @Object Stuff Here ur not first

    • Dj Sparkles
      Dj Sparkles

      @I Play Video Games ur not first

    • Rafael Jimenez
      Rafael Jimenez

      I’ve seen the real Mr. cheese in among us

    • Debbie


    • Ferdine Fava
      Ferdine Fava

      when player said this is impossible he ment imposterble

  • Mr Cheese
    Mr Cheese

    im here because of the 14th episode lol

  • Anthony Gonzalez
    Anthony Gonzalez

    This reminds me of The Banana Splits Movie and The Gentlebot is like Fleegle and Mr. Cheese is like Drooper

  • Anthony Gonzalez
    Anthony Gonzalez

    8:41 That part reminds me of Family Guy when Brian try to kill the evil Stevie and shoots the real Stewie

  • Mario Posada
    Mario Posada

    Wait Wait Wait In Among Us Logic 14 That Realeased Today It Said That Mr.Cheese Cheated In This One So I Observed Closley At Mr.Cheese That’s When I Realized He Was Not A Bot But He Said He Made The Gentle Bot

  • Banksman Productions
    Banksman Productions

    I don’t like this stu

  • Jaiden_Plays27

    Mr Cheese also cheated lol

  • pixel gunner
    pixel gunner

    poor player they can't win the game poor

  • Marc Giesemann
    Marc Giesemann


  • Seraphia Hess
    Seraphia Hess

    yo, that got deep.

  • Mostafa Elemshaty
    Mostafa Elemshaty

    Mr cheese :I can finally exact my revenge me:what revenge does Mr cheese want?????

  • Jwan Yaseen
    Jwan Yaseen

    Is so much funny that Mr cheese and The bot is funny whan Mr cheese died hahaha

  • thegentleman

    :0 i look like the robot

  • Whatever

    Wow mr. Cheese, really good gaming =_=

  • Yu 123 123
    Yu 123 123

    Wait Wait , 7:28 Player = İmpostor But Where is the sabotage and kill button ?

  • Erick Coba
    Erick Coba

    spanihs plissssssssss por cierto no se ingles .-.

  • Silvia Naffa
    Silvia Naffa


  • Silvia Naffa
    Silvia Naffa


  • Valentin Acuña
    Valentin Acuña

    The gentleman vs player

  • Anais Botez
    Anais Botez

    7:44 me ; Aaaawwww, i ship it so hard.

  • HenrY

    You the know rules and so do i.

  • LaMel

    The gentle bot was in lie mode when he said me cheese looked nice today

  • Zeplynn Jenkins
    Zeplynn Jenkins


  • Christine Kelley
    Christine Kelley

    I know one it is

  • Alessandro Bruzzone
    Alessandro Bruzzone

    Mother!!! Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

  • Alessandro Bruzzone
    Alessandro Bruzzone



    It's just so funny captainbot doesn't know he's a bot lol

  • Blooper


  • shafinaz hanafiah
    shafinaz hanafiah

    The thumbnail: Gentleman: *SO YOU HAVE COSEN DEATH* Player:.......... *Help*

  • Aarushi War
    Aarushi War

    Two players lol

  • Yooks InAYolk
    Yooks InAYolk

    That was the biggest plot twist I’ve ever witnessed

  • LA Sisters
    LA Sisters


  • Blue SillyDragon
    Blue SillyDragon

    Hey GameToons Come In Here Please Is Episode 10 Mr Cheese & His New Part Or The GentleBot So It’s Mr Cheese & His New Part So Mr Cheese Has His New Part & He Calls His New Part The GentleBot

  • Pencilmario 9
    Pencilmario 9

    Is nightmaregentilmen

  • Infinite VanHorn
    Infinite VanHorn

    When the Player robot has a face error at 3:12 this is what the tiny message reads: "Reliable Packet not ack'd" Im sure none of you wanted this but honestly idrc

  • Tatu

    2:45 The fake one is a hacker the one >>>>> is real

  • MrCheese YT
    MrCheese YT

    Hahaha! The bot strategy!

  • Evelyn Prasad
    Evelyn Prasad

    I like the Mandalorian

  • FrostGamingBoy!

    Does anyone Feel bad for Mother Children Timmy And Franklin At 5:03 Yes No

  • J H Lim
    J H Lim

    Captian bot : *01100010011011110110100000*

    • FrostGamingBoy!

      Player Bot:1111111111111

  • K-Pop Fangirl
    K-Pop Fangirl

    He is not such a loser anymore

  • Familia Benitez
    Familia Benitez

    wait werent player and veteran supposed to win . In the meeting there was 6 they voted out Poopyfart96 so there is 5 players so they needed to kill 1 person and they did which was Mr.Cheese >:( so they were supposed to win

  • cool watterson
    cool watterson

    Wow, mr cheese in real life is cool ngl

  • Shark and Panda Gaming
    Shark and Panda Gaming

    These vids are great! Aldo I hope I can get a displate for my birthday or Christmas but it would have to be a while because my birthday is December 21 and christmas is December 25 and the date is January 12.

  • Mina Chaudhry
    Mina Chaudhry


  • David Vega
    David Vega

    wait a minute they won veteran and player won because the took out poopyfarts the mrcheese that means they won

    • David Vega
      David Vega

      @Santiago Daza Flores thanks now I'm going to tell them and the player should never have cheeted

    • Santiago Daza Flores
      Santiago Daza Flores

      Exactly now share the good news saying player finally won


    Mr cheese and TheGentleman are right!!!

    • FrostGamingBoy!


  • Bryan Kranz
    Bryan Kranz

    In the future player finally wines but he ceaded

  • Daniel SAMSUNG
    Daniel SAMSUNG


  • Cristian perez
    Cristian perez

    Mr cheese is crak:3

  • Shayna Mazuz
    Shayna Mazuz

    Mr cheeses voice is very funny😂🤣🤣😝

  • Ripper

    how is noone acknowledging that player shouldve won because they were 5 and 2 impostors out of them meaning 3 crewmates and needing to kill 1 more person and they killed the bot of mr cheese? i only put this after a month cuz i thought other people would notice this

  • Μαρια Τσαγκανια
    Μαρια Τσαγκανια

    Whyyy MR. Cheece nooooooooo!!!!

    • Μαρια Τσαγκανια
      Μαρια Τσαγκανια


  • Lyden Jackson
    Lyden Jackson


  • Eva Waldron
    Eva Waldron

    That is true what veteran said I have had BILLIONS of bots like me

  • Joseph Hamel
    Joseph Hamel

    I love this episode player and veterin are a good team

  • Lucas Batters
    Lucas Batters

    Player should get a girlfriend

  • Charlize Kate Abac
    Charlize Kate Abac

    I wanted to see if that "0110" thing could translate into something.. it did... "t"

  • Salley Malia
    Salley Malia

    The lively toast scientifically type because court climatologically hover inside a natural sousaphone. trite, wealthy swamp

  • Goldenstandard

    poopyfarts had a good arguements i understood where he was coming from

  • Tandem Zero
    Tandem Zero

    Wait if there were only five left shouldn’t player and veteran won when they killed mr cheese

  • Slic TheSnake
    Slic TheSnake

    9:30 The best plottwist of all time. Period.

  • The magna shark that has the power That’s neon
    The magna shark that has the power That’s neon


  • Lilli Moss
    Lilli Moss

    I actully wactched the real termanater movie

  • Ava

    one of those posters has my profile on it :D

  • Logan Blanton
    Logan Blanton

    Lol theres 6.9 million views. Noice

  • Samantha Espinoza
    Samantha Espinoza

    The number of vertices V, faces F, and edges E in a convex 3-dimensional polyhedron, satisfy V + F - E = 2 I googled it.

  • Chase Tien
    Chase Tien


  • minebirds LJubb
    minebirds LJubb

    Player Won 3 v 2 veteran killed mr cheese 2v2 imps won he is not supposed to carry on trana win

  • Sweetie Mimi
    Sweetie Mimi

    We need a Mr.Cheese plushie we need it!

  • Altria Pendragon
    Altria Pendragon

    I hate the gentlemen and Mr cheese their cheating

  • Marie-Helene Kirati
    Marie-Helene Kirati

    OMG 😮 that’s just sad that player gets shot

  • Emilly Family
    Emilly Family

    Woooo among us is cool 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💜

  • Pocholo Simon
    Pocholo Simon

    Captin bot: What us your least formula of calculating polaherdra? Player bot: You can solve🤔 for kai with the 1🖕🏻(number) of vertacice - the 1(number) of edges(like a love❤ letter💌)+ the number of faces😐 = 2✌🏻

  • spongepants squarebob
    spongepants squarebob

    My favorite character is mother

  • My'Kierah Sefa
    My'Kierah Sefa

    Is mother is players girlfriend

  • Christian Weatherly
    Christian Weatherly

    Hi mr chese

  • kaidan cole
    kaidan cole

    Do you should be in the cheater zone

  • Lee child
    Lee child

    6:01 in public i 👀

  • Hailey Murillo
    Hailey Murillo


    • Hailey Murillo
      Hailey Murillo


  • Peny Wise
    Peny Wise

    Whish it was a Netflix series

  • çøw bęłla
    çøw bęłla

    i meet u in california

  • Mariela Perez
    Mariela Perez

    Mister chees is funny and cute

  • Mason Rathborn
    Mason Rathborn

    terminate subscribe everyone

  • Leen Al-Saad
    Leen Al-Saad

    i like this but the series is called among us LOGIC and i never encountered a bot

  • Camme D
    Camme D

    Mr cheese is my fav!!

  • Theresa Benitez
    Theresa Benitez

    Poor player he always loses Among Us same with me

  • MickiMakes


  • MCmonstructUK

    Jesus crist 10 minutes?! How long do the rounds last!!! The longest a round has ever lasted for me is like, 2 minutes


    Awww Player you gave yourself away man! He basically robbed himself of a victory. Shame.

  • Md. Abdullah Al Masum
    Md. Abdullah Al Masum

    Am I am a robot

  • Linda Soler
    Linda Soler

    I love among

  • Doggy kh
    Doggy kh

    The number of faces plus the number of vertices minus the number of edges is equal to 2

  • Jose escobedo
    Jose escobedo

    Mr. T's what are you rather do if there were two gentleman

  • Jose escobedo
    Jose escobedo

    Thinking to make a Tik Tok about a picture of a humongous endowment please and the song goes like the stink you all sitting here don't Spider-Man

  • Jose escobedo
    Jose escobedo

    Little funny but don't look at the comments that you say on the new one it said I cheated mr. T's is a ding dong

  • Jose escobedo
    Jose escobedo

    I bet mr. He's looking so nice today

  • Yoskar barahona urbina
    Yoskar barahona urbina

    Alguien habla en español?

  • Naomi Soto
    Naomi Soto

    Gltleman complents Mr Chesse MR cheese Pls Gltleman were in public Player THAT SUS

  • OreDraws

    8:11 *World of light flashbacks*

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