I Paid Fortnite Pros $50,000 to 1v1 Challenge (Clix vs Ronaldo)
I Paid Fortnite Pros $50,000 to 1v1 Challenge (Clix vs Ronaldo) ft. @Clix @Stable Ronaldo
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  • yt Krypp
    yt Krypp

    Clix: To much of a handicap Me: wait he's handicap!?

  • Hi bro
    Hi bro

    You still Mr. beasts Outro

  • LaZZe BaYz
    LaZZe BaYz

    Bro wtf is ron so laggy mans can’t even builds

  • Bettalbert

    1M likes lets go guys we need 900K more

  • GoateD MangO
    GoateD MangO

    Was Ronaldo lagging?

  • Gamer_ isMe
    Gamer_ isMe

    Who else saw teawap in the background?

  • Jenni Taylor
    Jenni Taylor

    clix daddy chill

  • bennigraal

    Like si hablas español

  • Elijah Sleiman
    Elijah Sleiman


  • Stealthy _92
    Stealthy _92

    He is cracked

  • bryant bahena
    bryant bahena

    I subbed and my Lil brother always wanted a ps5 and his birthday is coming up.

  • Wyatt Gunst
    Wyatt Gunst

    tell clix im wearing his skin

  • Lil2

    ron’s pc was so laggy ngl

  • Cooper X ibeast
    Cooper X ibeast

    What’s your skill guys my skill is building

  • SamBie 08
    SamBie 08

    3:04 clix looks away and got a kill

  • iToxic .FN-YT
    iToxic .FN-YT

    Faze Ron sheeesh💯🔥

  • iToxic .FN-YT
    iToxic .FN-YT

    Faze clix sheesh💯🔥

  • superyt\ dj
    superyt\ dj

    no hate kay you talk so much

  • Vëxey FNM
    Vëxey FNM

    Benjyfishy is the best Fortnite player ever

  • Vision

    10:19 😂

  • Justin Myers
    Justin Myers

    You destroyded that guy Clix Hahahahahahaha

  • Nafzx


  • Blakeify Yt
    Blakeify Yt

    My man says million he got 1/10

  • SkullFN

    Clix: KAY STFU!!! Kay: he’s too good man

  • Harrison Roedel
    Harrison Roedel

    why was ronaldos game so laggy

  • undercover num. 528
    undercover num. 528

    6:39 man said 1million likes bruhh

  • Kellanシ

    They should have played team rumble

  • ツsmh

    We made 1 million views now post the vid with Benjy mongraal and clip and ronaldo

  • ghostywastaken_

    Wow using more clout for views classic Kay

  • Superly

    Kay: Guys Clix is cracked out he has one elimination Me: Yea, ONE, WDYM ONE IS CRACKED

  • Fortnite Grinder
    Fortnite Grinder

    Kay: " you just destroyeded that guy clix"

    • Fortnite Grinder
      Fortnite Grinder


  • V Mendez
    V Mendez

    Clix: He's standing still Ronaldo: Shut the quack up

  • mitroshy シ
    mitroshy シ

    faze clix

  • SToRm Max 7
    SToRm Max 7

    Why does Ron get so much ping ?

  • Emerson Gomez
    Emerson Gomez

    You faze jay can I join faze I am a controller player but I am good

  • Mini FaZe Jarvis Khatrie
    Mini FaZe Jarvis Khatrie

    The camera can’t even keep up bro

  • linen Jaiden
    linen Jaiden

    fuck...AHH YEH

  • Mini FaZe Jarvis Khatrie
    Mini FaZe Jarvis Khatrie

    Who’s who they look like twins


    I'm just saying look at 3:05 clix turns his head while he kills someone

  • Rockstar GamesBeta
    Rockstar GamesBeta

    Faze jarvis: joined the chat

  • Ethan Bs
    Ethan Bs


  • Davian Jacquez
    Davian Jacquez

    If rons game play wasn’t laggy it would be way better

  • Nicolas Balzaretti
    Nicolas Balzaretti

    I have beened subbed for years now but i have never gotten anything

  • Gabriel Acosta
    Gabriel Acosta

    So we not going to talk about when clix was taking a medic he was crouching and he did not have his hands on the keyboard

    • Mr. Crap
      Mr. Crap

      Yeah you can turn it on in fortnite settings

  • missmelliemoomoo

    I really want to try out Fortnite on a ps5 because I still play on the Xbox 360

  • missmelliemoomoo

    I’ve never gotten a prize

  • missmelliemoomoo


  • Dax3D

    3:02 he looked away and killed him

  • Kellen Mcguire
    Kellen Mcguire

    Jarvis seeing this 😔 can’t do Fortnite challenges anymore

  • Kayvion cooke
    Kayvion cooke

    I been subed

  • King Codi
    King Codi

    He said that I did not tell you this there are other prizes and 1:24 but at the beginning we said that

  • Purav Kumar
    Purav Kumar

    why is ronaldo’s gameplay lagyy

  • Megatron Luvs Biriyani
    Megatron Luvs Biriyani

    8:46 clix : kills a dude with AR in a pub match kay: u just destroyeded him clix

  • MUHAMMAD RAYAN 2699 - 4A
    MUHAMMAD RAYAN 2699 - 4A

    guys pls like i wanna see the 2v2

  • Kathryn Pearl
    Kathryn Pearl

    I was at world cup

  • Abubakr Hanif Patel
    Abubakr Hanif Patel

    Ik voix is an insane forntite player but he ain’t just toxic he has proper anger issues and I rlly hate him

  • Hank Hopstad
    Hank Hopstad

    clix gayboy

  • Archer Walters
    Archer Walters

    50 Kay, get it?

  • Mig365

    3:04 hmmmmmmmmm?????????????

  • Mike Lexington
    Mike Lexington

    Please like everyone watching this video

  • Bennny bennny
    Bennny bennny

    Clix: bro this kid Is quing into a fuckin pug game

  • Qlie YT
    Qlie YT

    Imagine sweating in pubs

  • Charbel khoury
    Charbel khoury

    Bro ronaldos pov is on 3 fps

  • GMR Ive Playz
    GMR Ive Playz

    if the game quality was better

  • Exc1l1s

    Why tf ronaldo lagging tho

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin

    uhhh ronaldo without his mic ugh

  • Masked Medi
    Masked Medi

    Now lets hit 1 million likes

  • Masked Medi
    Masked Medi

    Clix: shut the **** up Kay Kay: Holyyy, anyways there's other prizes too

  • Sahid Ramos
    Sahid Ramos

    Why they rockin the NickMercs face cam

  • BIRDy parry
    BIRDy parry


  • Alejandro José SILVA STAHL
    Alejandro José SILVA STAHL

    6M subs

  • Axspect-__ YT
    Axspect-__ YT

    What in the 30fps is this

  • Animonix

    I’m the 6.00m sub bro

  • bookby Breath
    bookby Breath

    you should make the 2v2 anyway pleeeeeeease

  • Matt Ashley
    Matt Ashley

    ron's gameplay is so laggy bro is gives me migraine

  • Official Twins
    Official Twins

    I’m subscribed plz

  • VoltageYT

    Why Ronaldo so laggy

  • GP_Pegasus FN
    GP_Pegasus FN

    Do big clix an bugha v mongral and benjy

  • Fear Micah
    Fear Micah

    Clix: Kay shut the fuck up I’m in Arena

  • Anthony Loy
    Anthony Loy

    why is Ron so laggy

  • Puma XD
    Puma XD

    ron is lagging

  • Jinkx ¥
    Jinkx ¥

    0:52 lol

  • Spite

    why is Ron’s game so laggy

  • Bardia_ gamar
    Bardia_ gamar

    Ronaldo looks simp🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤙🤙🤙

  • Hafyilyas Helmy
    Hafyilyas Helmy

    Ronaldo is so laggy

  • Shxdow

    3:05 explain why he isn’t looking yet he’s still following the guy in his game 🤔 Exposed?

  • Jdog Gamer
    Jdog Gamer

    We just sitting here watching clic kill the guy not even looking

  • Reed Wolters
    Reed Wolters

    like the video plzzz ppl

  • geo Khoury
    geo Khoury

    Y dose ronaldo play on fuckin 2 frames

  • Guzman VIP
    Guzman VIP

    Pls kay i know WE didint reach 1m LIKES but please i would watch it pls

  • c1Z_x

    he said 1m likes like it bout to happen

  • Jeoq

    Wtf is the quality and lag bruh you guys are millionaires

  • Mike Callahan
    Mike Callahan

    They could of gone in creative

    • ReliantLane

      or team rumble LOL wait is that still a gamemode

  • cryptiyc

    Like the Video guys

  • Pur3 Legends
    Pur3 Legends

    We’re not talking that Ron is lagging

  • FaMMi

    that was a crazy emimination. LOL

  • Kmkm M
    Kmkm M

    Cmon let's get 1M likes

  • Muhammed Enes Yildirim
    Muhammed Enes Yildirim

    I hope I get the ps5 I dont have ps4 or ps5 I hope I win

  • Corporal Connor
    Corporal Connor

    1K till 6 MILL CMON KAY

  • Shadow Xplo
    Shadow Xplo

    Ronaldo game was laggy