Dallas Mavericks vs Detroit Pistons Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season
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  • SpoilerAlert

    THjr is like the definition of a streaky shooter. Lots of quiet nights but when he DOES run hot he hits everything

  • Sulaiman Kabir
    Sulaiman Kabir


  • King Shango Sound
    King Shango Sound

    Timmy finally

  • 郭庭宇

    42 3 28

  • Mobile Gamer
    Mobile Gamer

    how many assist for kylian hayes 💯💯💯

  • Onur Güzel
    Onur Güzel

    When Luka is out, Timmy is there.

    • Onur Güzel
      Onur Güzel

      @Umd Seth Furkan'ı besliyor şimdilerde Simmons ve Embiid ile :)

    • Umd

      Hucüm süper yine de herkes sırtlıyor

    • Umd

      Seth curry kalsaydı bi de ya

  • Phelype Cb
    Phelype Cb

    Where is Doncic? My pretty boy...

  • Nahuel

    Streaky Timmy went off. Wow!!

  • Natasha Bolton
    Natasha Bolton

    Good win 4 dallas without luka he needed a rest :)

  • Nikola Doncic
    Nikola Doncic

    KP came back from the injury just to get another injury, this in not funny anymore.

  • Jeremy 3kb
    Jeremy 3kb

    Hayes is à very Good playmaker

  • Pace Jenkins
    Pace Jenkins

    This game really had me on edge but nice to see mavs win again

  • Joseph Velasco
    Joseph Velasco

    Good game for the Mavs. Best way to prepare the reserve players for the playoffs.

  • k hereko babu??
    k hereko babu??

    kp just need to accept his role man,..he aint no franchise player...cant lead the score even when luka is out, and against the pistons

    • Nikola Doncic
      Nikola Doncic

      Yeah buy he's on 158 mil contract.

  • Jay boy
    Jay boy

    How much did THJ drop tonight ‼️💯

  • lasamigassiemprejuntas

    It would be nice if brunson and burks learn to run an offence. They are point guards that cant pass the ball

    • Avian07

      They don't draw the defense as mush as Luka does.

  • contradicsean

    Blue pie chart guy should get fired

  • Roman Keblikas
    Roman Keblikas

    KP shoots from far away and they only count it as a 2... nah still not as far away, we need logo

  • Alen Zmaj
    Alen Zmaj

    0:24 Chico muy gordo lol 😯🤔😁

  • Noctis Ignis
    Noctis Ignis

    I've noticed.. kp and luka switching injury.

  • Edgar Cruz
    Edgar Cruz

    I like that graph at the end

  • BillBear

    Detroit had 4 of their main guys injured, they're tanking and still barely a W

    • Harrell Williams
      Harrell Williams

      @K. M. They are tanking what are you smoking 😆

    • K. M.
      K. M.

      They're not tanking. They're bad. Big difference.

  • Brock Cena
    Brock Cena

    You could play 4/1 basketball so kp does not need to run back at all. Maaan defense?

  • Definitiv nicht Sönke
    Definitiv nicht Sönke

    Hardaway holy shit 😅 knew he could do stuff like this, but that he is able do do it when its needed because doncic is out, and make even more Points than doncic, is amazing

    • N M
      N M

      Good game from Hardaway

    • grillosius

      @Alen Zmaj that is exactly what he said :D

    • Andrius Vxx
      Andrius Vxx

      fuck luckuh donbić

    • Alen Zmaj
      Alen Zmaj

      Doncic didnt play...

  • Guy Hanoi
    Guy Hanoi

    Why didn't KP play in the moneytime?

    • Nahuel

      Because he's broke/n

    • hallomir23 sacot23
      hallomir23 sacot23

      BC he was bad all the game and Not helathy

  • Lord Hisashi
    Lord Hisashi

    pistons young core looking nice

  • Money Sniper
    Money Sniper

    King Boban

  • Kuncoro Adhi.p
    Kuncoro Adhi.p

    KP was so unhealthy,do something luka need help!!

  • oNeHanDGuN

    luka elbow injury..really??? after last game Ashley the referee??? hmmmmm i dont think is "elbow injury" lol

    • sha dow
      sha dow

      @Avian07 why? This is not hollywood man, i come here to talk about basketball, whoever Luka fucks i dont care, stop acting like teenagers making rumors about their favorite actor, its been a month since that shit happened, move on, playoffs are almost there.

    • Avian07

      @sha dow What a downer...

    • sha dow
      sha dow

      @ragnarok eternal love and who told you i dont do that?

    • ragnarok eternal love
      ragnarok eternal love

      @sha dow then you also need to start mind your own business bruh

    • sha dow
      sha dow

      Bruh, she's married and Luka has a gf, people need to cut that shit out, go watch a romantic movie or something and let real people with their lives.

  • GmarK_Papo

    KP hit a deep 3 and they counted it as a 2 .. the score was 17 -17 and went to 19-17

    • Igor Janev
      Igor Janev

      Wow! Good eye! I missed that detail

    • darragh early
      darragh early

      @Maximilian Blindhuber they accidentally added a Pistons FT to the Mavs score on broadcast

    • darragh early
      darragh early

      The pistons had a free throw and the gave the first 1 to the Mavs then when they hit the second they gave the Pistons 2 so they had the Mavs on one too many

    • Maximilian Blindhuber
      Maximilian Blindhuber

      Ok, got it. Between the play at 1:22 and the aforementioned Porzingis "3", there is a longer gap in which we do not see how the 3pt of Josh Richardson is counted and Tim Hardaway Jr. makes another one afterwards. Those were the only two Mavs' actions on offense in that timespan. One of which simply was counted as 4 points and corrected by adding only 2 points when Porzingis scored. Puh, I was really concerned they missed that 😄

    • Maximilian Blindhuber
      Maximilian Blindhuber

      Play-play boxscore by ESPN says it was actually 16-17 at that point. Porzingis scoring a 3pt shot made it 19-17. The counting error must have come before.

  • Angelo Coloma
    Angelo Coloma


  • body run
    body run

    hey guys , what du you think about the level of french kilian Hayes ?

    • body run
      body run

      @Arc7X Angel Thanks . I think the same about compare style of Lonzo .Good point.

    • Arc7X Angel
      Arc7X Angel

      I think the kid is nice reminds of Lonzo with the defense, rebounding, and playmaking. His jump shot will come along in the next 2 seasons. Im thoroughly impressed with all the pistons young guys so far.

  • adingdingdiiing

    No Luka, No KP, no problem for THJ.😉

    • clasifi1

      @smthcrazy KP has to be the most injury prone player in NBA history... maybe not #1 but close. I've never seen someone skip so many games ...ever. I'm sure there's others but still...

    • smthcrazy

      An awesome (best career) night by THJ -- just the way the Mavs play/look without Luka is unfortunate. Playoff teams will do what the Clippers did last time and just brutalize Luka to get him out and then eat up the Mavs. Kristaps is a glass cannon -- good to have a cannon, sadly it breaks on impact.

    • Rational Thought
      Rational Thought

      @Merliiin He left the game with right knee soreness.

    • adingdingdiiing

      @Merliiin if you're happy you're second star put up those numbers, good for you.

    • Merliiin

      @adingdingdiiing who cares? Glad to see him play and put up 11 points 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • 허걱

    THJ says "Give me 100M contract."

  • Ben Zayb
    Ben Zayb

    I thought Mavs are gonna lose again on one of the worst teams this year 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Júlio César
    Júlio César

    Great performance by THJ

  • Zoran Milosevic
    Zoran Milosevic

    why disd you show Porzingis picture, he played like a scrub

  • Gad Boyz
    Gad Boyz

    nice win, nice performance by THJ, now Luka can be more fit for next match

  • carter smith
    carter smith

    who else thinks these higjlighjts are better than the NBA highlights

    • William Wheeles
      William Wheeles

      Pretty sure everyone does

    • Robert J
      Robert J

      @Jan M Thank you! That's the one

    • Avian07

      NBA highlights doesn't even show hassle plays.

    • RedOctagon27

      i have the nba league pass and they have the condensed highlight like 9 minutes long each game and they suck compared to this channel that's why I watch them here

    • vanessa Tv
      vanessa Tv

      @Daniel Perez hi daniel

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