Trying Not To Laugh At Dank Memes

  • Luka Grgic
    Luka Grgic

    ''try not to laugh'' two minutes later: ''ahahahhahahha''

  • Cassius Felix
    Cassius Felix


  • Cassius Felix
    Cassius Felix

    6:58 talk about you gonna go you gonna go

  • Cassius Felix
    Cassius Felix

    Sidemen should react to spooky spooky skeleton

  • Cassius Felix
    Cassius Felix

    Sidemen should react to More Sidemen videos.

  • Dominick M
    Dominick M


  • Rev rev
    Rev rev

    I didnot even giggle lads.

  • Josh Cr3
    Josh Cr3

    None of these were funny

  • Drew Mistry
    Drew Mistry

    2:45 when u cant straight pipe ur vehicle

  • Marlone Keenan
    Marlone Keenan

    Where JJ

  • Abhijith .M
    Abhijith .M

    Vik: I'll make you proud JJ 👍

  • Gaxah

    Anyone else heard that it sounded like Nirvana - Teen Spirit even before the music started playing?

  • Harry Popper scoper
    Harry Popper scoper

    Last one to laugh 38 seconds in

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig

    Nobody: 4:14

  • Johno

    1:47. Never knew Lazar Beam was in the ADF.

  • Eoin O Connor
    Eoin O Connor

    6:20 can someone explain?

  • Legallyblind

    i did not laugh a single time none of these memes are funny

  • Villain Umbra
    Villain Umbra

    1:07 The smart way of making music


    Did Harry just say PLANDEMIC at the end😂😂😂

  • Isuru Gamer FF
    Isuru Gamer FF

    The captions say welcome to simon reacts at the beginning🤣

  • Shrapnel

    1:37 my favourite

  • Dis Dude
    Dis Dude

    1:36 does anyone know the song name?

    • Josh Jones
      Josh Jones

      smells like teen spirit by nirvana

  • samiscool

    You realize the definition of dank is “ uncomfortably cold and damp” 🤣🤣😂😂

  • The Deadly Cure
    The Deadly Cure

    The Pikachu Liam neeson meme just makes me think of tobi

  • DJ Eragon
    DJ Eragon

    7:39 I'm kinda sure that's gorilla mating ritual

  • John F.
    John F.

    Vik had a shambles 🤣

  • Crumbs YT
    Crumbs YT

    The one where the rodent is trying to take the camera was the funniest thing ever

  • J.R.

    6:19 I dont get it :(

  • Oh vlog roblox
    Oh vlog roblox

    Vila lost this

  • Joehan Samuel
    Joehan Samuel

    You thing this Coffee strong??? 😆😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Helen Thompson
    Helen Thompson

    7:20 that didn't age well

  • Jason Taylor
    Jason Taylor

    I don’t get one at 6:20

  • Michael Tang
    Michael Tang

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  • Michael Tang
    Michael Tang

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  • Yousniff

    i didn’t know jj turned indian

  • Owen Taper
    Owen Taper

    One question I have from this video, what does Vik not laugh at

  • Harmanpreet Gosal
    Harmanpreet Gosal

    They should react to Borat

  • Dominick M
    Dominick M


  • Emily Griffin
    Emily Griffin

    The sour height dentsply check because mall pragmatically move off a magical reward. wholesale, nosy dirt

  • Kagith


  • Jamie Murphy
    Jamie Murphy

    3:25. When ur girl asks y ur sending nudes to the contact called “dominos”

  • Leo Whittingham
    Leo Whittingham

    Josh is a neek

  • Aiden Herwill
    Aiden Herwill

    Plz can we have more of this

  • Sathasevam Krishnan
    Sathasevam Krishnan


  • Om Patel
    Om Patel

    If anyone has a old telescope that they don't want plzzzz reply

  • GStWolf

    i didnt get the one with "lock the taskbar: at 6:20

  • Max Hayward
    Max Hayward

    U sure this wasn’t made in 2016

  • Fade Murder
    Fade Murder

    nooooooo Hary lost 20

  • Lordihyper

    I didn't even smile once someone send help

  • One Click
    One Click

    react to unusual memes there better than this

  • suyong lee
    suyong lee

    1:12 can anyone tell me what music this was?

    • Pratheesh Sankar
      Pratheesh Sankar

      Mad world

  • Jan Prah
    Jan Prah

    Bruh, they werent even trying

  • Emiliano Carmona
    Emiliano Carmona

    I think vik likes dank memes more than harry

  • Roxanne Torres
    Roxanne Torres

    The obtainable collision jekely paste because package postmeiotically love below a dapper fahrenheit. pretty, rustic cook

  • Bailey Markham
    Bailey Markham

    6:20 song?

  • Mytz

    You guys watch this, because you dont have your own emotions...

  • Sam R.T
    Sam R.T

    This is a basic ksi tntl

  • Th3 Y33TED
    Th3 Y33TED

    Why is JJ disguised as VIK?

  • SilverChariot

    These memes are older than josh

  • Not Used
    Not Used


  • Vana Mize
    Vana Mize

    When Harry said no laughing lads I laughed😂

  • Alex Augelli
    Alex Augelli

    Does anyone know the name of that song at 1:39 ??

  • Ivan Pereira
    Ivan Pereira


  • Ivan Pereira
    Ivan Pereira

    achei piada

  • Ivan Pereira
    Ivan Pereira


  • shamail chaudhry
    shamail chaudhry


  • shamail chaudhry
    shamail chaudhry


  • Ben Berrisford
    Ben Berrisford

    I didn't laugh once this video was shit

  • The World over heaven
    The World over heaven

    am i the only one who noticed the jojo's bizarre adventure reference at 6:49? ;-;

  • Bernadette Pearson
    Bernadette Pearson

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  • A Ghost.
    A Ghost.

    6:56 thats my cat, Like For Real. my friend filmed that clip in my yard, he was fine and hes still alive. hes sleeping in my living room right now.

  • Mr James
    Mr James

    The fearful fearless eye alternately avoid because measure booly occur concerning a drunk lan. homely, available dust

  • Bobo Trainer 1980 classic. Inc
    Bobo Trainer 1980 classic. Inc

    and yet missing another marvel reference : I’m the juggernaut b****

  • Endmysuffering 33
    Endmysuffering 33

    Im souless, anyone else just not laugh?

  • William Madden
    William Madden

    all these memes are like 5 years old but still funny

  • Kristofer Fernandez
    Kristofer Fernandez

    Do this but with the other sdmn instead

  • 1D_ANGEL X
    1D_ANGEL X


  • itz_ galaxy
    itz_ galaxy

    I failed so badly

  • Harry Sarada
    Harry Sarada

    6:20 I don’t get it?

  • Griffin GVW
    Griffin GVW

    Has Vik ever seen a meme before

  • K33ZO

    6:23 did ur background colour changed works if u have dark mode on

  • Yusuf Girls
    Yusuf Girls

    I actually really enjoyed this lolz😂 i didn't laugh, but i smiled all the way through coz of Vik laughing at everything

  • Anton Zackrisson
    Anton Zackrisson

    What movie is the ”shiiiieeet” reference from?

  • feachi

    6:20 can someone help i dont get that clip


    The last one sounds like Vickk's laugh

  • Tanner Peterson
    Tanner Peterson

    Why are these videos so funny to them the videos are like some unfunny AFV type shit

  • Mac N Cheese
    Mac N Cheese

    Ima be honest this was true boomer humor ☹️

  • jkq100

    Anyone else sit here with a straight face not even close to laughing the entire time?

  • Mr. Zogusar
    Mr. Zogusar

    Vik Looks like GeorgeNotFound Indian Version

  • Sevastian Gomez
    Sevastian Gomez

    These are vines tf?

  • Sevastian Gomez
    Sevastian Gomez

    JJ: screams in Meme

  • KingOfPc

    is this is not fun with out ksi

  • Braeden Griswell
    Braeden Griswell

    Not gonna lie, those memes were pretty old and weak, semi disappointing

    • Kurutta

      Kinda cringe tbh

  • Nathan Lhoni
    Nathan Lhoni

    Some of these got to me when they really shouldn’t have😅😅

  • Dragonwarlord ❶
    Dragonwarlord ❶

    Try to laugh ☝ *NOT* 😂

  • Blue Dog Gaming MGG
    Blue Dog Gaming MGG

    6:57 Vik going for a kill in a house in Warzone

  • Backstage

    7:52 Me when I'm having an asthma attack

  • Justin Vang
    Justin Vang

    The flawless lace alternately flow because reaction unfortunatly drop lest a incompetent side. unwritten, crowded wing

  • Notmasterkiiing

    this is more like vik laughs for 9 minutes

  • Sinan Ozer
    Sinan Ozer

    Vik must of been way too high bro😂