Please Watch This Video...
Pay it forward.
So much negativity in this world, can we be the change to make a positive impact and spread positivity? Let's do it!
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    FaZe Rug


    • Wasayef Alsaffar
      Wasayef Alsaffar

      Faze rug you really change my world everyone Give faze rug like 👍 and. Subscribe I love you faze rug

    • ØTF EzpuK
      ØTF EzpuK

      Positive vibes all day!

    • I'm a dog lover Me
      I'm a dog lover Me

      Ofc always here to spread positive vibes

    • Anware Durham
      Anware Durham

      dont let the hate get to you !!!!

    • Selam Berhane
      Selam Berhane


  • Xxxbro

    Ayo Rug you can do a good deed by buying me V-bucks 🤯🤯

  • Roxy L
    Roxy L

    i cried the whole vid so wholesome love you so so so much Rug. And every body stay safe

  • Taylor Luna
    Taylor Luna

    Rug I know your different but this the same video mr beast did

  • Black Queen
    Black Queen

    Theres no need to record yourself doing good things if u know u did a good thing out of the kindness of your heart that's what matters :D

  • Mr. El Dorado
    Mr. El Dorado

    Love the vid

  • annexrazzy

    made my day 🤍

  • Leila Abdullah
    Leila Abdullah

    Yesss we love this❤️❤️


    Try complimenting someone in nyc 😂


    lets go ruggggggg!!!!!!!!!

  • Bohlokwa Molefe
    Bohlokwa Molefe

    That is soo good !❤️

  • Andrei Gavrilă
    Andrei Gavrilă

    Those dislikes are from people that hate donating

  • Legit

    So inspiring

  • Harrison Williams
    Harrison Williams

    I like the guy who u paid for behind u because of the falcons sweatshirt

  • Unknown Lee on Youtube
    Unknown Lee on Youtube

    Please do more videos like This


    Best Rug Vid in my opinion

  • Beat City
    Beat City


  • Anna Jailal
    Anna Jailal

    Rug l am your fan

  • ReedyPlayz


  • Ahmad Mujtaba
    Ahmad Mujtaba

    Faze why you are the best

  • AL-NOBANI Est.
    AL-NOBANI Est.

    Good guy faze rug 💚💚💚😗😗😗😗😗

  • Muhammad Shariq
    Muhammad Shariq

    brains heart is bigger than his heart

  • Albie Moore
    Albie Moore

    I’m subscribed

  • Shriyan Srivatsav
    Shriyan Srivatsav

    Man even apologised for clickbaiting for a good deed. SUCH A GREAT GUY!!!!

  • Song Play
    Song Play

    Like for rug

  • Roland Paraj
    Roland Paraj

    i love you Rug

  • a9plaze

    nice can u do another one I like this ruggy keep on

  • Vivi Bravo
    Vivi Bravo

    Rug you are such a nice person I love the positivity you spread and you deserve what you have ❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕

  • Obi Wan Kenobi BOPP
    Obi Wan Kenobi BOPP

    Damn im cryin bro lol But its funny Cuz my mom has the same name as the lady that got her groceries paid

  • ⟭⟬ Blueberryxbngtn0⟭⟬
    ⟭⟬ Blueberryxbngtn0⟭⟬


  • Victoria Lamonda
    Victoria Lamonda

    I could watch this all day. My heart ❤️❤️

  • Jesseman rodriguez
    Jesseman rodriguez

    Why do you guys not reply to text I am getting hate for you and him !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mardea Cisco
    Mardea Cisco

    FaZe rug good job I'm making people kind I hope you do more videos of this

  • Waylon Da Goat
    Waylon Da Goat

    Love him or hate him no doubt Rug is a great person

  • Carter Tisch
    Carter Tisch

    I love the positivity and you are awesome But we can just give positivity to Noah for filming for rug

  • Kalvin

    I like how faze didn’t give the guy money because some people use that money to buy alcohol and drugs.

  • Kalvin

    Guy in Walmart line: you got that type of money?? Yeahhh he’s faze rug ✅😂

  • Cameron Huerta
    Cameron Huerta

    Now I understand why people post videos of them doing good deeds so other people like the people who do exactly what they do will follow what they do so even more people will help out

  • Denise van der Graaf
    Denise van der Graaf

    That’s why i watch your videoozzzz🤍🤍🤍

  • SuperMario Gamer
    SuperMario Gamer

    I hope you find Christ soon... he does see what you do for people

  • Mae Vea
    Mae Vea

    Love this kinds of videos 💕

  • sheryl coetzer
    sheryl coetzer

    I love these kinds of videos.

  • Shae Shae
    Shae Shae

    Aw I love this so much brought tears to my eyes honestly 😅🥰 Who cares about what others think you know your doing good things in life and that’s all that matters people will always find a way to say something negative about something so positive ☹️

  • yt_ Dimitrisx7
    yt_ Dimitrisx7

    i hope you get to 20 mil subs you are the best

  • AC Trick shots
    AC Trick shots

    Rug ur the best

  • Maureen M
    Maureen M

    Rug is soooo nice 👍

  • Aidan Moon
    Aidan Moon

    Who else needs rug to make some merch

  • Blxberries babies
    Blxberries babies


  • Fabian Lopez
    Fabian Lopez

    My brother cries when he sees a homeless 😭😭😘💌👌💪

  • Angelo Mundo
    Angelo Mundo

    Nice rug

  • Christopher Patino
    Christopher Patino

    Ay rug remember this don’t be something your not and if u want to do this stuff then do it no one is stopping u❤️👍🏽

  • Kevin Gogo
    Kevin Gogo

    I love ur vids I sub and liked I also mad a good deed today I I gave my grandpas dads I gave his mom some thred for sowing have a good day

  • HaleysWorld

    does anyone know anyway i can get in touch with brian, brandon, or noah????? i just have a question!!! 😭😭 my IG is @_haleysworld if anyone can help.

  • Christian Davis
    Christian Davis

    ok? i don,t get it

  • OfferedPillow94 Daddy
    OfferedPillow94 Daddy

    Faze rug woke up and spoke facts

  • Brandi Todd
    Brandi Todd

    You're awesome rug!!

  • Fouzah Mahfoud
    Fouzah Mahfoud

    Our lord will bless you

  • best dragon ball fan
    best dragon ball fan

    Wow I never knew you were so and may God Bess you😇👼

  • 2 k brother cool 2 k brother
    2 k brother cool 2 k brother

    Hie rug you are my best best LV-home I wish you good luck can you tell mama rug and papa rug i Said hie

  • BIJU E V
    BIJU E V


  • Marilyn Medrano
    Marilyn Medrano

    I want to freakin cry I love you rug 😭💜💜

  • Mariah Salazar
    Mariah Salazar

    God bless you rug


    May god bless you 🤲❤

  • Liam Crocker
    Liam Crocker

    Help animals a lot I’m a marine biologist

  • Kenia Martínez Abonce
    Kenia Martínez Abonce

    Rug you’re the best, keep doing this 🧡

  • Valerie Salazar
    Valerie Salazar

    rug you are the best human ❤️ we love all that you and noah and your family do!!!

  • Bronagh Hamill
    Bronagh Hamill

    Everyone should be trying to help people and the world be better sub to faze rug

  • Charlie Sinton
    Charlie Sinton

    Well done to rug and he is soo good 😌 hopefully he gets better and his bless

  • simone pegels
    simone pegels

    This made me smile so much 😃😃😍 you are really amazing Brian 😍😘😊

  • ADI VLOGS Crazy Boy
    ADI VLOGS Crazy Boy

    You made my day man

  • ツS1mp Is In The DaStuff
    ツS1mp Is In The DaStuff

    Love these types of videos keep doing what feels right

  • Ariana Moran
    Ariana Moran

    wonderful guy god bless him

  • 360justin 1
    360justin 1

    Rug bro you are a rly good person and you inspire other people including me so bro I just to say keep up that good work love you bro

  • James Murphy
    James Murphy

    Your really nice an deed

  • HennerzPlayz

    rug you are good

  • Lil Jay 23
    Lil Jay 23

    Subscribe to faze rug !!!!!

  • aylin narsap
    aylin narsap

    Love you

  • Lil Jay 23
    Lil Jay 23

    Do a part two of goin live pls ☹️

  • Cornelius Moffitt
    Cornelius Moffitt

    please do more☀️😭

  • Darren Sanchez
    Darren Sanchez

    Heyyy I know that Krispy cream my dad works by the at the church the rock

  • Ashton Pearce
    Ashton Pearce

    The new mr beast

  • Jaydin Mercury
    Jaydin Mercury

    can I play amunogus with you can I have your number

  • Shanell Malaca
    Shanell Malaca

    Rug helps random strangers!! We help him to keep doing this !!! ❤️love this video a lot Rug!!!

  • Shanell Malaca
    Shanell Malaca

    I love this 😭😭😭

  • Cake Eater
    Cake Eater

    Imagine if faze rug wasn’t a thing like he’d probably be working as a store Clerk or something but I’m happy he’s here making video’s 👍

  • gotta go FAST
    gotta go FAST

    Dude the cops after he leave’s i think there might be Poison in theses donuts

  • Momobeast23 GOAT
    Momobeast23 GOAT

    when i first saw this disliked bc i hate rug but i finished it and liked i still hate him tho

  • reesa c
    reesa c

    I love it

  • Nawal Yagob
    Nawal Yagob

    ur a nice guy;]

  • Jman Blaze
    Jman Blaze

    Everytime he said positive vibes I thought of goin live, Keep up the positive vibes and keep changing the world.

  • Emma. dreamz
    Emma. dreamz

    *Ppl leaving hate comments* him stopping this amazing stuff* *Also him coming back and giving a whole ton of stuff/money* *ALSO HIM PROCEEDS TO TELL US WE ARE AMAZING*. I swear if he ever quits I’m gonna cry

  • Gucci Gang
    Gucci Gang


  • Thunderrr

    Great vid rug loved it

  • Haley Mae
    Haley Mae

    This video s making me want to give back, tomorrow I’m going to the food bank and bring some canned food and cups of noodles every month

  • Siddharth Pg
    Siddharth Pg

    I loved each and every part of this video and i love faze rug and yes “ WE NEED TO CLICKBAIT THESE TYPES OF VIDEOS “

  • LilBrace official
    LilBrace official

    I love how they were all happy and great full god bless your soul 💙

  • weasel matches
    weasel matches

    Stop talking

    • Matthew Lausell
      Matthew Lausell

      U stop typing and talking dumbo

  • Christian Sanchez
    Christian Sanchez

    Damn I wish I was there to see you I actually live near that 99cents store I just wasn't home that day, wow!

  • Jennifer Luis
    Jennifer Luis

    can i come see u faze rug

  • azu

    this made me so happy to see.