Drill Testing and Review (PROFESSIONAL)
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  • Dave Hayward
    Dave Hayward

    New challenge. If you sell 50000 you have to pay for me to fly to texas and engrave my name on the gold plated Barrett

  • Scotty

    Ryobi’s stocks after this📈📈📈

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones

    OK but what about firing a Nokia at it and see who wins lol 👌

  • Jackson A
    Jackson A

    everyone knows if he had actually shot the ryobi it would be gone

  • Ryon Martynuik
    Ryon Martynuik

    Tip to tip. 😂😂

  • Cazzy miko 2249
    Cazzy miko 2249

    You did it wrong you are supposed to change guns not swap magazines my god how long have you been doing this for?

  • Invicta51

    should've added Hitachi. I let the smoke out of mine and it still works

  • Liam Engström 7C
    Liam Engström 7C

    get a new barral for the 22 long rifal or get new rifeling

  • - Tzadakim -
    - Tzadakim -

    Not gonna lie, I thought this whole video was gonna be different tests with the tools and I wasn’t thinking you were going to shoot them 😂 I was confused

  • Braden Rawls
    Braden Rawls

    My dad uses makita never had 1 break and he drills holes in steel beams

  • Josiahtaking

    riobi is goob because its a person from money hiset

  • Jay_bush10

    Don’t give him the raptor

  • BigFoote Outdoors
    BigFoote Outdoors

    You should’ve said u just gave the drills warning shots and u didn’t “miss”!!!!😳😳

  • steve o
    steve o

    hahahah he blew off the roybi so bad that he had a brand new one on his hand XD

  • Bryan Schneider
    Bryan Schneider

    I like how that was a different Ryobi at the end

  • Channel Zero One
    Channel Zero One

    Surprised you didn't get a harbor junk Hercules or Bauer. Either way the bottom end of all of em are junk. Like you I got one brand and stuck with it. I just happened to have started with Dewalt. I hate Dewalt because their batteries can't be rebuilt if the charge chip fails. So I have a huge pile of batteries that are nearly new and wont change. How ever I have a plan with all those cells. The 3 year warranty is bull shit.

  • Kris Schlaht
    Kris Schlaht


  • Ross Cheetham
    Ross Cheetham

    The Milwaukee definitely failed early, but it stopped a .45 dead.

  • Trevaughn Taylor
    Trevaughn Taylor

    Me seeing the intro like how the fuck

  • tripalong

    Milwaukee will warranty that for up to 5 years.

  • RobertF64

    3 of the worst things milwaukee, high points and Honda Ridgeline

  • TheTyreGuy

    Takes a tool to test a tool. ;-)

  • cmm07r

    Youre missing my kind of power tools. Black & Decker: the Highpoint of power tools.

  • Brenden Hardaway
    Brenden Hardaway

    What about Kobalt

  • Luke Bamford
    Luke Bamford

    Stop dissing Ryobi there great tools and very reliable I have been using for years for heavy home improvement with no issues

  • Reegan games r
    Reegan games r

    Ryobi duz smoke wen you do heve jote

  • Reegan games r
    Reegan games r

    If you shot them in the same place at the different

  • Reegan games r
    Reegan games r

    Boat is good but milwaukee's even better Milwaukee

  • Reegan games r
    Reegan games r

    Because you don't treat them like that the made for f****** metal and all sorts a Walkie is really good that's why everyone buys them for metal tough metal and all that crap but it goes Milwaukee DeWalt and Makita

  • xxOshadowmanOxx

    What about my boy rigid

  • Thatf_nguy

    In Milwaukees defense it did stop the lords caliber....sooooo by basic demolitia logic......its bullet proof!!.

  • Langston Wilkins
    Langston Wilkins

    When hes shooting the shotgun it goes to slomo and you can hear the bbs flying past

  • ChrisCanFly

    'Our drills heada are falling off' matt was that a filthy frank reference?

  • D3

    Why are there no Payday 2 jokes? I am very confused.

  • KK Gassner
    KK Gassner

    dewalt is best

  • saltrock0000

    Strange in the UK, or where I am atleast, milwaukee>Makita>Dewalt>Ryobi

  • TheRealWilley Coke
    TheRealWilley Coke

    I feel like this was a tad bit biased...

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu

    I wanna see him mag dump all his guns like every single one

  • PhantomPhaze

    cant believe he didnt test ugga duggability between shots

  • bubbles75

    What is your strongest kick back of any guns

  • Goodfellas Inc.
    Goodfellas Inc.

    I'm a contractor I don't allow Ryobi on my job site!!!!!

  • SteelWars

    This may have been rigged

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu

      say bye to the raptor forever, when whistlin diesel gets it he will destroy it

  • Veterex Gaming
    Veterex Gaming

    No one: Subtitles: [Applause]

  • officiall_american8

    Calling out us ryobi guys like that, sorry I’m poor but damn

  • dodge freak venema
    dodge freak venema

    the chuck is to severely dented

  • Hunter Parsons
    Hunter Parsons

    The malaki only isn’t working because the shot hit the lovk

  • Brett Lewis
    Brett Lewis

    My bag of Ryobi....Never leave home without it...I've cut downed trees out of my path with my sawz-all in a pinch...like a Boss.

  • Kevin kush 403
    Kevin kush 403

    Matt you had that Milwaukee drill on 1 speed there's 2 speeds it's right on top of the drill

  • Max Morquecho
    Max Morquecho

    what about craftsman next

  • Steel Arms
    Steel Arms

    Matt just picked up a new Sponsor

  • DsM

    I personally buy ryobi. They are good for household tasks, and they have good warranty

  • Dejuan Mcgowan
    Dejuan Mcgowan

    But will they drill holes still???

  • Dejuan Mcgowan
    Dejuan Mcgowan

    Nailed it with the paper weight

  • Dejuan Mcgowan
    Dejuan Mcgowan

    Well no doughy it would work u hit Milwaukee with a battery an it’ll take the charge u hit Milwaukee with any it’ll work...

  • Corrie Hale
    Corrie Hale

    I was surprised when Forman Fred was actually Matt

  • Ian Underhill
    Ian Underhill

    say bye to the raptor forever, when whistlin diesel gets it he will destroy it

  • Zander Tomalewski
    Zander Tomalewski


  • bad oof
    bad oof

    6:48 "pitiful milwaukee" haha.. yeah... frick milwaukee... This post was made by Waukesha gang

  • Luke Mefford
    Luke Mefford

    Snap-on all the way

  • Dank Cupcakes
    Dank Cupcakes

    DeWalt gang

  • Jeremiah Reed
    Jeremiah Reed

    You try shooting body armor made out of nuclear tape. Random thought from a just Dustin video

  • deth502

    reverse dewalt and milwaukee, and that intro was pretty much spot on.

  • PapaBear TX
    PapaBear TX

    Best video ever 🤣🤣🤣👌🏾

  • Frank Miller
    Frank Miller

    At least I know my Milwaukee will stop a 45

  • Brooke Haynes
    Brooke Haynes

    Hey you should soup Alma more from the Allman factory

  • Matt Spencley
    Matt Spencley

    Now see if you can get them warranted

  • Biru Kanashi
    Biru Kanashi

    Bring the ps90 out more

  • LouLou

    Try more tool stuff i use a lot makita i want to know if its good stuff or DeWalt is better :o

  • Dom Perkins
    Dom Perkins

    Where is Rigid

  • James S
    James S

    I use Hitachi tho 🤗😂

  • Joe Kenny
    Joe Kenny

    Bullshit you didn’t hit that Ryobi

  • s_g_w 99
    s_g_w 99

    actually working in construction for over 5 years now makitta is def top tier 👌

  • Kin Liu
    Kin Liu

    The delicate income structurally succeed because racing histologically move apropos a used patient. taboo, best newsprint

  • Coal Reichert
    Coal Reichert



    Я один из россии

  • MattsFire

    I had a ryobi at my HVAC job in high school. Everyone gave me crap for it but none of my ryobi tools have ever broke on me. I love ryobi and I’m glad you do too Matt

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu

    I can't believe no one has sent Matt ballistics glass to take cover behind in 10 years.

  • Jonathan Merrill
    Jonathan Merrill

    Why no Ridgid?

  • zavala’s mom
    zavala’s mom

    it’s funny how when he named the kind of ppl that use what drill ik a person who was like that

  • Main_Misfit

    Absolutely loved the slow mo of him throwing the .45 with malicious intent

  • Main_Misfit

    This video just turned into shitting on the Milwaukee

    • oiuet souiu
      oiuet souiu

      You nailed it on the drill owner part. Lol

  • William Ahlgren
    William Ahlgren

    he should gold plate the lever action shotgun

  • Brandon Sanders
    Brandon Sanders

    Fucking. Knew it. Hahaha

  • Andrew Lopez
    Andrew Lopez

    Who is this guy...oh hey!

  • ShallNotBeInfringed IsNotComplicated
    ShallNotBeInfringed IsNotComplicated

    I'm used to seeing the healing bench, not used to seeing a healing range. (Side note, I like my Milwaukee Fuel, and Milwaukee has a small frame tool series which is great for auto work)

  • Isaac Smith
    Isaac Smith

    your granpas favorite lost r.i.p😭😭


    i will trade you my truck for your raptor i need a good truck you can give my truck to him and let him mess it up

  • LOLA ridgeback
    LOLA ridgeback

    todays sponsor is not RYBOI....

  • Adam Sauceda
    Adam Sauceda

    That shirt is actually really dope I don’t normally like you tube merch but I’m getting that shirt and I love tattoos maybe a tattoo inspired of that shirt

  • jacob gibson
    jacob gibson

    Best intro yet

  • Michael Mills
    Michael Mills

    Demo ranch and ram ranch collab? 😂

  • Jessica O'Neal
    Jessica O'Neal

    Miss these vids! Don't know if you've still been doin these, yt definitely don't show it.

  • Crafty Veteran - Guns, Reviews, Tips
    Crafty Veteran - Guns, Reviews, Tips

    This is insane haha

  • 207OUTDOORS Moody
    207OUTDOORS Moody

    Wow ryobi fan boy all the way right Matt ?

  • Shane Shepherd
    Shane Shepherd

    You nailed it on the drill owner part. Lol

  • Carter W
    Carter W

    Milwaukee fan boy:"ThE OnLy rEaSon WhY iT bRoke Was cAuSe thEy UsEd ReAl MeTaL fOr tHe ChUcK unLiKE tHe OthEr OnEs"

  • baby yodas father
    baby yodas father

    What about black and decker

  • Sam Leiviska
    Sam Leiviska

    The energy in this video was amazing 😂

  • Ben Frodl
    Ben Frodl

    @DemolitionRanch This test is 100% worthless, you’ve forgot Hilti. They’re the best!

  • Shamrock9173

    Did you know that Ryobi is made by Milwaukee... Well the same company that makes Milwaukee.