Mavs Snap Nets 8 Game Win Streak! 2020-21 NBA Season
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  • Jamal Black OP Chakuu Negro Crawford
    Jamal Black OP Chakuu Negro Crawford

    Luka always smiling 😄

  • Lonestar

    0:29 Harden: Crossed him! THJ: AHHHH REF! Referee: That was clean!

  • Deon Nancis
    Deon Nancis

    Porzingis needs to average 30

  • Josiais Torres
    Josiais Torres


  • Michael Pangau
    Michael Pangau

    luka was dancing all night

  • ヅEman

    James still flopping gawd damn

  • Brayden Smith
    Brayden Smith

    That was a flop by hardaway

  • P.J. Tucker
    P.J. Tucker

    Mavericks homing back to playoffs

  • Armin

    We don't care ISO GANG 🔥💪

  • Potential

    The footwork on green tho

  • L C
    L C

    Luka is unbelievable! Hes just playing around with these guys..making them look really bad

  • TyJamar

    Look at Hardaway flopping.

  • Raymond Redington
    Raymond Redington

    Without 2 of those 3 nets has no chance they don't have defence

  • ShaneGxmes

    James Harden’s flopping is getting outta hand...

    • Raphael Wilkes
      Raphael Wilkes

      Harden been taking it to another level though he is on level 100 of flopping

  • Sadou Barry
    Sadou Barry

    No chill with that thumbnail 😂

  • 1bacon man
    1bacon man

    The ankle breaker harden did was a foul I think cus he pushed him

  • Natalio Gonzalez
    Natalio Gonzalez

    harden can defend porzingis in the post easily usually

  • Lord finneser
    Lord finneser

    Why do u post at 4 in the morning 😂💀

  • Gustavo Marquez
    Gustavo Marquez

    0:30 harden with a mid range???

  • kevkeisha

    00:15 - Garden pulling from LeBron's acting tricks... Or reacting to the after-effects of Kristaps BO... Which one?!

  • Flashy Merty
    Flashy Merty

    It wasn’t a foul it was a flop

  • QUECO.


  • Nogah Lerman
    Nogah Lerman

    no matter how stacked Brooklyn Nets right now, Chris Smoove will still sweep them. Smoove in 4

  • Cashymoney

    Danggit mavericks

  • Hezekiah Shiel
    Hezekiah Shiel

    James harden really flopped of a layup

  • Eagle Eye
    Eagle Eye

    What is mina Jones saying.

  • Joshua Musto
    Joshua Musto

    Need highlights from the Wizards game, come on babyyy!

  • Rke 235
    Rke 235

    Nets cannot stop a big man

  • D3adeye2k

    happy birthday Chris

  • Supreem Court
    Supreem Court

    Harden needs to pass that dam ball, he only ‘freely’ pass when it’s kd or kyrie, and that suppresses other players from gettin in rhythm.

  • emilie choquette
    emilie choquette

    Happy birthday smoove

  • Patrick Kelley
    Patrick Kelley

    Wasn’t a flop to me. I saw harden put that shoulder down hard.

  • Taasin Shah [Student]
    Taasin Shah [Student]

    James harden had 4 points in the second half

    • melvin barnett
      melvin barnett

      MVP shiii right there.

  • Leroy Rodgers
    Leroy Rodgers

    The most impressive thing about the Nets winning streak is that it came with KD, without KD, I think a game without Kyrie as well. I wonder how they do with all 3 on the court.

  • Andre Mitchell
    Andre Mitchell

    Nothing to do with the Lakers

  • Devastinator


  • Tech

    Mavs vs Harden

  • Mariah Burgos
    Mariah Burgos

    That’s a foul he used his elbow to hit him it shows on camera just watched it

    • I'm gay but
      I'm gay but

      Nope that was a flop

  • sikelela Mbatha
    sikelela Mbatha

    that flop by Harden😳

    • I'm gay but
      I'm gay but

      You mean when KP hit him in the face?

  • Gee Boi
    Gee Boi

    3 snakes on the nets

    • I'm gay but
      I'm gay but


  • dubois stewart
    dubois stewart

    Breh. Thats TUFF!

  • Jonathan Hart
    Jonathan Hart

    That was a super flop

  • Kaushik Rajan
    Kaushik Rajan

    Porzingis is Shawn Bradley with a 3 pt shot

    • Vic C
      Vic C

      Lol ny is just another jets team

  • Royal Me
    Royal Me

    Dont be fool, Kyrie will request a trade the soon he find out he is not the leader.

  • T

    I’m not gonna lie the nets should start Nicolas Clayton when I was watching the game there defense improves a lot when he’s on the floor

    • jh13 4 mvp
      jh13 4 mvp

      hes on a minutes restriction cos he only started playing again last game after a knee injury

  • saucin x
    saucin x

    Causally comes for the lakers

  • Teddy

    No one should worry. They sacrificed some of their depth for a better Starting 5, and Kyrie and KD weren’t even playing. So it’s ok.

  • n0ah_0212

    If kawhi fouled harden last time than thats also a charge bro

    • I'm gay but
      I'm gay but


  • Christian Ling-o
    Christian Ling-o

    Its 10 pm in asia

  • TheNamesDitto

    The Mavs don't need to make a trade just yet

  • YeeSoest

    If you factor in age, personality and attitude ... I'd much rather have Luka than Harden. MUCH rather! Forget Trae Young...

  • Clippers Fan
    Clippers Fan

    Harden loves pushing off but the flops whenever someone even touches him while he's on defense

    • I'm gay but
      I'm gay but

      Lmao KP hit him in the face bruh

  • Jairo Vasquez
    Jairo Vasquez

    Harden had some miserable Rocket flashbacks last night hahahahahaa

  • Cody Miller
    Cody Miller

    Proof yet again that harden cant carry by himself

    • I'm gay but
      I'm gay but

      Watch the game pls. They were doubling him the entire game. When he passed it to the wide open teammate they missed

  • Neo Evans
    Neo Evans

    Love seeing harden step back

  • Anthony Nassif
    Anthony Nassif

    James harden make an offencive foul

    • I'm gay but
      I'm gay but


  • Jack hOffman
    Jack hOffman

    Luka is very chubby and cute 😍

  • Salomo

    I wonder when theyre gonna call harden to silvers office for flopping so much

  • OneShot-Berry

    The future futuristic hacksaw prudently prefer because glove delightfully offend worth a legal brick. wanting, grubby gruesome snowboarding

  • Cameron Shirley
    Cameron Shirley

    Lmao them elbows were an ocean apart from Harden's face, why's he flopping so hard?

    • Cameron Shirley
      Cameron Shirley

      Yes I'm sure Porzingus' baby finger is made of titanium. That's a flop of note and if you think otherwise go watch golf or something lmao

    • 2k Michael Jordan
      2k Michael Jordan

      Because flopping works. Blame the NBA for letting flopping still work

    • I'm gay but
      I'm gay but

      Your telling me you didn't see KP hit him in the face?

  • dotbw c
    dotbw c

    Kyrie drippings as shaman with those jade bead necklace on 😜

  • Kanny boy
    Kanny boy

    Nets : playoff mode on Mavs : newbs

    • I'm gay but
      I'm gay but

      No KD no Kyrie no tyler Johnson

  • saz19s8

    Harden can’t do it on his own

    • I'm gay but
      I'm gay but

      He can. But the mavs were doubling him the entire game. You're the Definition of someone who just watches highlights

  • Jojo

    Someone give James Harden a day off!!!

    • GoodGuy

      Seriously I cant remember last time Harden missed a game

  • 배롬멜

    No defense down there.

  • Rufat Imanli
    Rufat Imanli

    It's unbelievable how that wonder boy with his sizes dances around the defenders. Luka Magic 💥

  • Isaac

    Kyrie ass always injured

  • Ahmed Rafi
    Ahmed Rafi

    Harden carrying nets

  • Maciej Szqodnik 2k Pasieka
    Maciej Szqodnik 2k Pasieka

    The situation with Harden's points is hard for the judge to call, but you can see that the defender was running on tiptoes instead of all feet and therefore fell over.

  • Yen Yong Leong
    Yen Yong Leong

    Why u talking about Lakers in a nets Mavs game

  • Maré Pieterse
    Maré Pieterse

    Luka mvp in near future

  • Ronald Gabriel
    Ronald Gabriel

    Luka Legend

  • Kobus Smith
    Kobus Smith

    Waive James Harden for that flop...

    • Kobus Smith
      Kobus Smith

      @I'm gay but yeah but that was that was dissapointing to see

    • I'm gay but
      I'm gay but

      LeBron flops more

  • Kevin Durant
    Kevin Durant

    That flop from Tim Hardaway JR was something else lmao 😂😂

  • Not MainManMané hth
    Not MainManMané hth


  • WeiLi Lew
    WeiLi Lew

    Iso ganggg

  • Yuriel Cundangan
    Yuriel Cundangan

    No one: Bradley: Can take them ALL

  • i Zanagi
    i Zanagi

    The nets need to take notes, if KD is not there, they not winning the championship either. Lakers on your mind 24/7 baby!

    • El-Caesar

      @I'm gay but Okay noted!

    • I'm gay but
      I'm gay but

      @El-Caesar y'all arent gonna make the finals 😂😂

    • El-Caesar

      Fam you know Chris is a salty heat fan #LakeShow baby 🟡🟣

  • Nareg Ipradjian
    Nareg Ipradjian

    That was a foul

    • I'm gay but
      I'm gay but


  • DOTA Kirito
    DOTA Kirito

    So harden didn't try to flop or we ignoring that too

    • I'm gay but
      I'm gay but

      KP hit him in the face

  • J R
    J R

    I swear roberson got waived

    • I'm gay but
      I'm gay but

      Then signed a 10 day contract. They waived him and shump so their contacts don't become guaranteed

  • J R
    J R

    I swear roberson got waived

    • Epic Arav
      Epic Arav

      Nah he played last night.

  • Shxfty


  • Dead Ringer
    Dead Ringer

    Lol. That failed flop!

  • Harry Beckenbauer
    Harry Beckenbauer

    1:43 luka literally jumps into him

    • I'm gay but
      I'm gay but

      @Club-Mate when does Harden do that? I have never seen him jump into defenders.

    • Foscari

      Thats the rule, if the defender jumps a little out of his place it is already a foul, doesnt matter how much the offensive player jumps towards the defender

    • Club-Mate

      Pulled a Harden on him


      Yeah, I think Nash didn't bother complaining on that one.

  • Vyronn Jay Bonghanoy
    Vyronn Jay Bonghanoy

    Harden Should be an Offensive Foul.

    • I'm gay but
      I'm gay but

      Stop it. It was a flop

  • mrius69

    Harden pushes off no foul but Harden gets touched by air and automatic foul. Refs ruining basketball

    • I'm gay but
      I'm gay but

      Bro that was a flop.

  • SlowFat Doncic
    SlowFat Doncic

    Luka fast real madrid>luka slowfat mavericks

  • Richmond100%

    Nets now 7-3 in last 10 games. Dallas 8-2 in the last 10 games that's some cheese hey just switched they're position

    • VVo_s !
      VVo_s !

      that makes no sense

    • VVo_s !
      VVo_s !

      @K Tagi they are a bad slow 😂

    • K Tagi
      K Tagi

      how can they be 7-3 when they just went on an 8 game winning streak?

  • Onur Böle
    Onur Böle

    Doncic MVP confirmed

  • Elmar Daghbayli
    Elmar Daghbayli

    Harden looks pissed

    • I'm gay but
      I'm gay but

      Well they were doubling him the entire game and when he passed it to someone they missed their shot wide open or not

  • metalsadman

    give Hardaway a map lol.

  • Frobe Bryant
    Frobe Bryant

    I'm so happy. Lol

  • dionysis e
    dionysis e

    Remember when we thought porzingis is the next superstar? And wtf kyrie is looooad managing?

    • Niwesh Lekhak
      Niwesh Lekhak

      he still could be with the advancement in medical technologies these days, it's not the 90s or 2000s, there are better medical technologies and knowledge.

  • Ayush Garg
    Ayush Garg

    James harden on offense does just 3 things either a stepback 3 or running in lane with a floater

    • I'm gay but
      I'm gay but

      @Raphael Wilkes he is one of the best offensive players ever dumbass. That has the same energy as "Gets paid millions to dribble a ball" or "Gets paid millions to throw a ball"

    • Raphael Wilkes
      Raphael Wilkes

      😂 yet people said he was the best offensive player in the league and the best offensive player ever which is huge cap

    • Raphael Wilkes
      Raphael Wilkes

      @I'm gay but he is right though dude and y'all say he is the best offensive player in the league and ever 😂

    • I'm gay but
      I'm gay but

      Lmao. I can tell all you do is watch highlights casual

    • Dhale Evans
      Dhale Evans

      @Club-Mate yeah he gets ft from flopping too.

  • Jikosaya Uluiburotu
    Jikosaya Uluiburotu

    That euro step by Luka was smoove!

    • Jikosaya Uluiburotu
      Jikosaya Uluiburotu


    • J&M Prod.
      J&M Prod.

      Which one?😂

  • theRadPhoenix

    No team in the league can beat the nets in a 7 game series..

    • Juan Angel Gamboa
      Juan Angel Gamboa

      @Clippers Suck remember they were the *Detroit pistons from the 90’s” 😂😂😂

    • Clippers Suck
      Clippers Suck

      They said the same thing about the clippers

    • Wookey -
      Wookey -

      Well sure If two of the three Stars arent there

  • Paul

    Clear foul by Harden

  • Wookey -
    Wookey -

    1:42 ugly Just ugly

    • I'm gay but
      I'm gay but

      @ihavn-wordpass cap

    • ihavn-wordpass

      Ikr that defender has such an ugly ass haircut 🤢

  • Amaterasu

    1.000 views in 5 minutes. Wow

888 tūkst.