Who Knows Me Better? (Sommerray vs Girlfriend)
Who Knows Me Better CHALLENGE featuring my Ex-girlfriend and my current new girlfriend
ft. @HanRidge @Sommer Ray
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📸 Instagram: @fazejarvis
🐦 Twitter: @liljarviss

  • Ryian Bruce
    Ryian Bruce

    Pov: You only clicked on this because of the thumbnail.

  • maui peka
    maui peka

    Sommer is way hotter😅

  • bixeland gaming
    bixeland gaming


  • Greezz Mannn
    Greezz Mannn

    mandems got girlfriends older then him hahahaha

  • josh king
    josh king

    jarvis up here doing bits

  • Suspekt Brandon
    Suspekt Brandon

    I feel so bad fo Hannah like my guy is literally simpin ova sommer and not his own gurl LIKE WHATTT?!?!


    I knew it was a Tesla it's bc the way you look

  • Abishan A_YT
    Abishan A_YT

    8:02 for the adults

  • lpcx

  • Saige Hawea
    Saige Hawea

    Wow even if Jarvis and Sommer were playing around they were being hella disrespectful to hannah

  • Saige Hawea
    Saige Hawea

    sommer is way older than jarvis tf

  • Gardenia Hansen
    Gardenia Hansen


  • Spy ninja fan Fan fan fan fan
    Spy ninja fan Fan fan fan fan

    #Free Jarvis

  • Lua Falesii
    Lua Falesii

    Go back to your ex she is more hot then your new girlfriend

  • Taura Murray
    Taura Murray

    In the end bro

  • XxAndrewxX50

    bruh i love juice wrld

  • Kira Skyyy
    Kira Skyyy


  • james warrick
    james warrick

    Both 2!!!!!!!!!

  • My'Onna M. McKizzie
    My'Onna M. McKizzie


  • Laxr BTW
    Laxr BTW

    Am I the only one who doesn’t ship Hannah and Jarvis

  • PewDieePiee

    He’s such a simp over sommer. I rlly feel bad 4 Hannah she was even staying in the back

  • Hello HELLO
    Hello HELLO


  • Worst rankings Sofi
    Worst rankings Sofi

    Did anybody see the end😂

  • Max

    Thats rly fucked up

  • Rylan Richey
    Rylan Richey

    The end sent me 😂😂 Jarvis: 😏👍🏼


    Jarvis's biggest fear... Processed sugar😂

  • ari_venture

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  • lada shamelashvili
    lada shamelashvili

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  • mikemillz28

    I love how everybody in the game get their v bucks easily, We get our v bucks from epicgames.host

    • David Gevorgyan
      David Gevorgyan


  • RobloxgamingwithJay

    Jarvis and sommer ray get back together👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

  • derpy leamur181
    derpy leamur181

    It is the best cod

  • Fidget_toys

    Summerrrr I love herrr

  • ;89 H
    ;89 H

    Wtf wtf

  • brodie noel
    brodie noel

    tbh i ship sommer and Jarvis

  • sean mullane
    sean mullane

    The last piece haha

  • TobiasM

    8:02 I mean there doing something, but Jarvis is in an enjoyable position 😉

  • Skymine

    That face tho🙏🙏😂😂😂

  • Logic Snipes
    Logic Snipes

    Bo2 is soooooo good

  • Logic Snipes
    Logic Snipes

    You should play fortnite secretly

  • Hycan Diego
    Hycan Diego

    Go back to sommer

  • jake smith
    jake smith

    He’s a legend he said black ops delicious favorite card the best card

  • jackson chase
    jackson chase

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  • Visual_Hits

    Are we not gonna talk about the way Hannah was on jarvis in that position at the end

  • dreamszn

    Left her for her ???

  • dreamszn

    Wait wait wait

  • Black Onyx Ocean
    Black Onyx Ocean

    the end though

  • Tan Wilson
    Tan Wilson

    did you and sommer get back togather

  • Ruben Alcazar
    Ruben Alcazar

    The end tho lol

  • Razorkid21PLAYZ solis
    Razorkid21PLAYZ solis

    Sommerray is 7 years older than you, so ur girlfriend might be older

  • WOLG_gaming

    Bro stay with your girl

  • WOLG_gaming


  • Logan DaBoss
    Logan DaBoss

    Just cause someone famous doesn’t mean they can treat a girl like dat frl

  • Y3ll0W98

    What a your favorite game, Fortnite? Or eggplant

  • Mohammed Ali
    Mohammed Ali

    Bruh😂 8:03

  • Ajexys

    this is fucking weird

  • Mark The man
    Mark The man

    Get back with summer

  • Sky bear
    Sky bear

    She has known you longer

  • Caden Galloway
    Caden Galloway


  • ari_venture

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  • Kids Langley
    Kids Langley

    Their gay

  • Outkastsway

    They need to get back together

  • Panashe Muringami
    Panashe Muringami

    Minecraft is the best

  • Billy Thorson
    Billy Thorson

    Why is his ex’s face sooooooo shiny?!

  • XDolibear180

    Call of duty black Ops 2 = dog shit

  • Jordan nagel
    Jordan nagel

    The end is cringe

  • Isabel Escudero
    Isabel Escudero

    His ex looks like Addison rae

  • Jordan nagel
    Jordan nagel

    Is summer his ex and hes dating hanna

  • Barbara Lindler
    Barbara Lindler

    Well they had a fun duo game

  • VZ1NK 0AK
    VZ1NK 0AK

    What if both them just start shaking their bum

  • Deven Murthy-uppal
    Deven Murthy-uppal

    sorry summer with a o

  • Deven Murthy-uppal
    Deven Murthy-uppal

    yooo jummer back

  • Mr.Potata

  • Aleena Gamez
    Aleena Gamez

    8:02 xDD

  • Exotic Kickss
    Exotic Kickss

    You a whole ass bum respect your girl she’s right their if you see this leave that man

  • Kannan Rocky
    Kannan Rocky


  • mikemillz28

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    • Amir Qadir
      Amir Qadir

      thxxx i got 135000 v bux and snake skin thxxxxxxx

    • Bentleyinit

      That’s a ham scam

  • Karen Murphy
    Karen Murphy

    summer ray is bad that’s tough how they broke up

  • Jacob Hovanes
    Jacob Hovanes

    Amen when he said bo2 was the best cod

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    When I heard that that sommer was his ex I was like what the F do you see her MY GOd she FiNe she is a whole snack 😍😍😳😳😌😌

  • Zain Infinity
    Zain Infinity

    Wat Jarvis does wen he got no fortnite

  • Ryder Brake
    Ryder Brake

    Go back to summer

  • ByeWoman

    I feel bad for hannah

  • Ryan Pellerin
    Ryan Pellerin

    Get back together with summer ray

  • Tyler Timp
    Tyler Timp

    Bro ong summer keepin faze barley alive

  • Lil Rizzy
    Lil Rizzy


  • Kamron Clarkson
    Kamron Clarkson

    Cod black ops 2 is he best

  • Gaming Pro
    Gaming Pro

    At the end I didn’t stop laughing for like 30 minutes

    • Juanito-Smackz


  • Heartless X8086
    Heartless X8086

    The thumbs up 😂😂😂😂

  • Matthew Borges
    Matthew Borges

    all they are saying is summer?

  • MC AIM
    MC AIM

    black ops 2 gang

  • P'cessDino

    So what just happened at the end can you explain

  • Nestor Moreno
    Nestor Moreno

    Summer ray going hard on Jarvis

  • Darlin Soa
    Darlin Soa

    3:43 had me dying

  • Yeah The boys
    Yeah The boys

    Lol simmer Trina get bqck

  • Melvin Hernandez
    Melvin Hernandez

    Sommer wants jarvis _lizze and hanahh fortnite

  • Velx Buggi
    Velx Buggi

    Bruh no cap they prolly have 3 somes

  • Carolina Ramirez
    Carolina Ramirez


  • Alen Reyes
    Alen Reyes

    “Evian spelled backwards is naive” Bruh Jarvis doesn’t even look interested

  • Sawyer Scharff
    Sawyer Scharff

    i would chose sommer

  • Alice Hawkes
    Alice Hawkes

    I love how everybody in the game get their v bucks easily, We get our v bucks from epicgames.host

    • Nicholas Crespo
      Nicholas Crespo

      Scary an