But WHY is Riverdale's Writing so Cringey?
Here's a nice essay about Riverdale and why it has the reputation it has.

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Bookmarks with appropriate names:
1:46 Jughead's hat doesn't smell that bad.
5:18 Stop making Veronica Lodge say dumb things.
9:35 Archie Andrews is not the leader and the center of the universe. He's just the tallest boy.
14:07 Cheryl Blossom my queen of bountiful memes.
17:42 Kevin Keller is a lunchbox friend stop lying to me.
23:15 The bumbling of Dark Betty
28:50 Bughead & Varchie ie: your ships are not only valid they're the most consistently well written thing in the show.
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  • Dustyboialex

    The most important thing i found about this video is the worm on a string. I need more. I currently have 8.

  • Hot Pants
    Hot Pants

    I stopped watching riverdale when I saw babies flying

  • Mizu Zoup
    Mizu Zoup

    Well guess what, It sucks as an adaptation

  • Jasper Vaillant
    Jasper Vaillant

    Why isn't the Archie TV series not a wholesome coming of age comedy? why is it poor man's twin peaks? so many questions.

  • Mauchaaa uwu
    Mauchaaa uwu

    2:55 just shut up ❤

  • Vito Pellegrini
    Vito Pellegrini

    Just meeting you from Argentina, but you kind of win me with this video so... sub

  • Aus tralia
    Aus tralia

    ugh I love your voice and way of explaining things, please make more videos this was so good!

  • poes lekker
    poes lekker

    My ex made me watch the first season... I'm glad she's my ex

  • PeterHSPeter

    I love to hate this show

  • Nicholas Kirkpatrick
    Nicholas Kirkpatrick

    4:50 it is currently 5 in the morning and this scene almost put me to sleep.

  • Pyro Head
    Pyro Head

    The first season started off pretty good, then it went downhill after season 2.

  • Ed Carone III
    Ed Carone III

    Alteori?! Is this your sister?!?!

  • Isaiah Ferguson
    Isaiah Ferguson

    That moment at 20:10.....subscribed

  • Isaiah Ferguson
    Isaiah Ferguson

    For all the wrong reasons, thanks for replaying the slo-mo Cheryl moment so I didn’t have to rewind

  • Connor R. Hunter
    Connor R. Hunter

    Btw, it was a whoopee cap, not a crown, in the comics

  • Prism

    Jughead's hat isn't a crown, it's a Jaghead hat, which is how he gets his nickname "Jughead." His real name is Forsythe.

  • Marta Milczarek
    Marta Milczarek

    Kinda into that low voice paper crumbling asmr part

  • Zoe Pride
    Zoe Pride


  • ninjamonkey508

    Thank you! Someone else mentions that this show forget that these characters are supposed to be teens!

  • ninjamonkey508

    I actually liked your rant about archie, ironically hes possibly my favorite thing of the show. I agree pretty hard

  • BlackWingedSeraph

    Do a video on the DISGUSTING WRITING on 13 Reasons Why. That shit was GARBAGE.

  • Aisosa Ajayi
    Aisosa Ajayi

    Plot analysis please

  • bloohazze

    But I want the HAT the hat is COOL

  • TheQuietkid

    Season 1 is good but after it the show sucked

  • Maleek Johnson
    Maleek Johnson

    Does anyone know the song playing when she is talking about how Archie isn’t the leader??? Like idk if anyone else notices it or hears it but I hear it and love it and can’t find it anywhere so someone please help me. Thanx

  • Michael Fraser
    Michael Fraser

    'Why is Riverdale's writing so cringey' because a bunch of thirty-something exectuives are trying to write teenage characters when the only teenagers they know are the ones who make meme tweets.

  • Paula Anne
    Paula Anne

    Cards on the table, if Quinn Curio started a cult, I would not hesitate to sell all my possessions and devote my life to spreading the Quinn Word.

  • Adhd Weirdo
    Adhd Weirdo

    i like moody hipster jughead and i hate the show, and only have read the original comics. i hate how he hates it, because it should be something that makes him him, and i hate his personality.

  • Randomtangle

    This is the only experience I’ve ever had to Riverdale. You are hilarious. Also, why is it so bloody and deadly? I don’t remember any of the comics having any of this violence.

  • copper

    I have nothing good to add to this conversation and I'm a bit late to this conversation but I'm pretty sure in the comics he originally wears something called a woopie cap? It was like a 30s or 40s thing were teens would cut the crown into a certain type of hat there dads would wear Though someone correct me if im wrong its been a while since ive cared enough to look it up

  • Noah Andrews
    Noah Andrews

    Lol yeaaaahhh my roommate worked on Riverdale for a while, all before I moved in with him, and he said he's caught so many convos of people just talking about how ridiculous the scenes are or how dumb the actors lines are. They all know and mock it too, as would I lol!


    it's sad to see the man who's literally the name of the comics' title had become a underdeveloped side character. It's like having harry potter without harry.

  • The Slippery Noodle
    The Slippery Noodle

    I absolutely loved these comics as a kid but have zero interest in watching the show. I’ve always had a thing for Cole Sprouse. Lol that’s the only thing I even remotely care for.

  • Brian Carter
    Brian Carter

    I feel like they were going for in season 1 that Cheryl's mask was slipping, but after Jason's death was solved, her purpose just became "look hot, do whatever's convenient for the show, say badass lines, and be creepy all at once."

  • Taheem Lewis
    Taheem Lewis

    The calvin and hobbes dark cw universe will be pretty interesting

  • Taheem Lewis
    Taheem Lewis

    You remind me of the girlfriendreviews channel

  • hoelympe

    the fact that I can lipsink the I'm a weirdo scene truly worries me about my use of the internet

  • Hash Brown
    Hash Brown

    I thought the whole show was satire. Like “ooooh our writing is bad. But I bet you didn’t think it could be THIS bad!”

  • Olivia Bailey (student)
    Olivia Bailey (student)

    All I got from this is that I want some hot chocolate now 😐

  • Pinecone Gaming
    Pinecone Gaming

    I get the reference nitpic and a show that has this issue but fixes it is The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina. They make early 2010 references yet use rotary phones which implies that they have a screwed timeline so they can make 2010 references yet everyone uses rotary phones and watch black and white movies. That's just how i see it :P

  • Spamsim

    This show is a complete joke... A funny joke tho

  • Darien R
    Darien R

    I need a hole episode on Harim Lodge only.

  • Brianna E.
    Brianna E.

    I will admit, I don't like that they sexualized Jughead. Jughead shows ZERO interest in girls in the comics. Any time a girl comes after him, he shows infinite more interest in food. And I know this because when I was 10 I had a whole stack of Jughead comics. The hat is cute though.

  • Erika Baker
    Erika Baker

    Can we address their clothes? Absolutely no one in highschool dresses like this. No school's dress code would even allow it

  • Rory Johnson
    Rory Johnson

    The illusion at 14:57 is a guy skiing btw

  • Alexandre Falcão Viriato Filho
    Alexandre Falcão Viriato Filho

    you sound like Sage from GTA San Andreas

  • Layne Lord of Cinder
    Layne Lord of Cinder

    So I guess you can't get ad blockers for the youtube app? Switching to desktop.

  • Bmeister

    Riverdale is pretty much I know what you did last summer with archie characters.

  • Sally Beth
    Sally Beth

    Oh you should definitely do another Riverdale video soon. Btw ur adorable and I love you🥰

  • Scree

    man if i could use my adhd as a finishing move to fuck ppl up itd be over for yall

  • Robin Thrush
    Robin Thrush

    Jughead's "crown" is a REALLY old fashion statement kids used to do with the brims of porkpie hats. I think this was a good update of a design that has become iconic despite the basis being very outdated.

  • Lo Jurg
    Lo Jurg

    I've never watched the show, but that first line murdered me

  • Jdawgwatchr56

    Half the crappy dialogue made me stop watching the movie altogether.

  • rdknight89

    So basically the same problem as all the other Berlanti/CWverse adaptations, they didn't think out their plot beyond the first season. They just carried their momentum from season two until they couldn't anymore, got caught twiddling their thumbs as the characters become flandarized versions of themselves. It's like clockwork lmao

  • WW3 Productions
    WW3 Productions

    I Love Riverdale and will defend it with my life but I’m also not afraid to criticize it when it deserves. This video has finally answered the question I’ve been asking since season 2 started.

  • Topic

    I have found Wattpad books that more accurately portray High Schools than Riverdale

  • Nafis Mubashir
    Nafis Mubashir

    so archie is both protagonist and support who doesn't understand who he is supporting

  • ComiXProvider FTW_02
    ComiXProvider FTW_02

    “Have you ever seen me without this stupid hat on? It’s weird.” Who are you, Double D from Ed Edd n Eddy?

  • Wangxian gives me lyphe
    Wangxian gives me lyphe

    "adaptation-" lemme stop u there- this show is standalone the comics don't deserve to be brought up here😭

  • Barbie Gee
    Barbie Gee

    Looking extremely DILFY today 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

  • A_Viewer

    Never seen riverdale, but I've heard references like "Don't let riverdale touch this" or "this is the best song in the musical- even if it was ruined by riverdale" what's up with that?

  • Melissa Downer
    Melissa Downer

    Why is Chuck so underrated ☹️

  • Carlos Ramirez
    Carlos Ramirez

    Remember when Supernatural had a pre-planned arc over the first five seasons? Why don’t more shows do that? I guess these CW shows rely a lot on what fans want... a little too much imo.

  • c v
    c v

    I thought Jugheads name was Forsythe Pendleton Jones III

  • CerealKiller

    I wish they'd made a Archie movie Something that has nothing to do with this bullcrap AND letting Jughead marry a hamburger like he was always suppose to do

  • Danielle M Hall
    Danielle M Hall

    Coming from someone who read room fulls of Archie comics. The translation of the characters is good and expected. I like the characters. I like the actors. But the stuff that's cringe about the show is the stuff that it refuses to translate.

  • PokeTStudios _
    PokeTStudios _

    Don’t forget they switched Reggies WHOLE ACTOR when he actually became relevant

    • R3MaiNz

      @PokeTStudios _ cool. Have a good day dude.

    • PokeTStudios _
      PokeTStudios _

      @R3MaiNz ohh I wasn’t aware I rewatched it recently and noticed actor kinds just changed and then he really started getting screen time

    • R3MaiNz

      They didn't switch, he left because of another series. Not really their fault.

  • Sophia Etka
    Sophia Etka

    Riverdale constantly criticizing itself is funny. Very hypocritical of the characters Age inappropriate casting: check Cheryl rolling her eyes at Betty and Ronnie kissing and then turning out to be lesbian: check

  • Sophia Etka
    Sophia Etka

    I find the word cringy very cringeworthy now honestly. Mostly because of the people who go “Ehhehehe how cringeeee boomer!” It’s just annoying. But I do agree very much that riverdale is cringeworthy. It’s so ridiculous that it’s entertaining. I watch it to make fun of it, and because I love Cheryl

  • Viggo Bäckström
    Viggo Bäckström

    blood for the blood god !!!

  • * PeachyBabe *
    * PeachyBabe *

    Say it with us ladies... 3... 2... 1 “iM wEiRd, iM a weIrDo, I dOnT fiT iN, aNd I dOnT *~deep inhale~* wAnNa fIt iN.”

  • Rafael Santos
    Rafael Santos

    When I started watching it I expected the show to dive in Kevin. I mean "Is being the gay best friend still a thing?". So, he probably is more than that, right? No, he isn't

  • Rosé Quartez
    Rosé Quartez

    Archie is just Eric Foreman. But big.

  • sreevidya

    i think its because the writers try to make them sound badass, quirky, smart by adding a bunch of random dictionar words and also try to add some gen z language becuz they are supposed to be high schoolers

  • MessengerKnight

    As someone who had a thing for the Archie comics...there is no murder, murder mysteries, angst 24/7 or HoT arChIe...it was just all in good fun. Like a slice of life basically.

  • A A
    A A

    I just started watching the show and I’m already sick of the word “darkness.” It doesn’t even sound like a real word anymore.

  • Andrew Blakey
    Andrew Blakey

    Please pick apart the plot!

  • Aubrey Morgan
    Aubrey Morgan

    I wasn't interested in the commercials for this and now even less interested in the show watching some of these reviews comming up on my feed. Its like someone saw an archie comic in the grocery store...never read it...and used the characters in a really bad fanfiction. I have read the comics occasionally as a kid and am totally fine with the idea of it being updated and made more real (the comic I think started in the 50s and kinda stayed there)..but this is not only trying to hard but wandering around lost and blind folded and metal illness is a super power; like most mental illnesses in Holywood.

  • ꧁Kelso Belso꧂
    ꧁Kelso Belso꧂

    When I watched riverdale I was like...what year is this.? Bc it looks like the 60s and has tech like the 2000

  • Sophia Suarez
    Sophia Suarez

    the actors are so talented its just roberto

  • Lucas Krefeta
    Lucas Krefeta

    The truth is that Riverdale's intention never was being some serious and profound drama, it's simply an teen drama, high school ambientation, hot girls e handsome boys with unrealistic bodies, shallow conversations, you can't watch riverdale expecting something in mad men or breaking bad level, it's just an teenage series

  • Jette

    Please make character analysis, i love that kind of content.

  • Mariam Adel
    Mariam Adel

    I love how this is 34 minutes long xD makes sense.

  • Madison c:
    Madison c:

    Intellectual me would love a plot analysis😁 Fangirl me would love a character analysis😅

  • Gabriela Roberts
    Gabriela Roberts

    Me just realizing the stupid hat thing is from Riverdale and having a breakdown because of it.

  • Josh k
    Josh k

    when she was talking about jughead and said: has a limited wardrobe because the character is poor. i finnally understand why he legit wears the same clothes every episode or a couple different things

  • Antonio Paternostro
    Antonio Paternostro

    "Who's gonna get sucked into a cult and have his organs harvested? There's our boi" LMAO

  • Joanna Celis
    Joanna Celis

    Also Jughead is asexual sooo

  • Casey Fitz
    Casey Fitz


  • khfan4life365

    Season 1 wasn’t so bad. I binged it on Netflix with my sister. At season two, it took a wrong turn and has continued taking wrong turns.

  • Susan Ackermann
    Susan Ackermann

    my moms 10 year old birthday was archie comics themed.

  • Susan Ackermann
    Susan Ackermann

    even my mom knows more about the archie comics than the writers.

  • Your boy J
    Your boy J

    Do character Analysis

  • Imma Lizard
    Imma Lizard

    Apparently Jug and Betty breakup net season and I think Jug has a new girlfriend. I would have been ok if they did that and just let Jug be single since he's asexual and aromantic in the comics.

  • Xavier P
    Xavier P

    please kill archie

  • Carlinda!

    What I hate about this show is the inconsistency. In season one jughead was his real name. Sometime in a later season it’s revealed his real is Forsythe. Archie goes from one dream to the next. Once you get invested in what Archie wants in life he changes his mind again. It’s like the show is inventing itself as it goes, but forgets too many details. Veronica has a reference for every sentence that comes out of her mouth. Jughead is a close second. I hate how someone finishes the sentence someone was trying to say when they enter the room. Cheryl insults everyone, but no one tries to fight her. Slow motion walking through the middle of the hallway, I could go on...

  • Aditya Upadhyay
    Aditya Upadhyay

    35 minutes on cringe

  • Lilly Hernandez
    Lilly Hernandez

    Good video I agreed with almost everything but like I love you voice it’s so smoothing

  • Letticia Delgado
    Letticia Delgado

    5:10 you should actually do ASMR tho...

  • Mina Dannelly
    Mina Dannelly

    I keep trying to watch this... but I can never get past the first episode because it's SO CRINGE. I loved Sabrina. I'm sure that this show is very in my realm of angst. But FUCK.

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