Knicks Fans Chant KP Sucks! Porzingis Returns to NY! 2020-21 NBA Season
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  • Davis Milne
    Davis Milne

    I’m not surprised, New Yorkers be some of the saltiest mfs

  • Davis Milne
    Davis Milne

    I’m not surprised, New Yorkers be some of the saltiest mfs

  • Nils

    if i was kp i wouldve left ny too

  • Armad Hinton
    Armad Hinton

    The Knick’s suck they were only decent because of porzings and now are desperate for him

  • D1v94

    As a Laker, damn I think other laker fans are toxic but then these knicks gotta make that 3-1 comeback on the fckboyance

  • Ivan Ott
    Ivan Ott

    Knicks drafted Porzingis: Booo Porzingis left Knicks: Boo Nobody can understand what they want.

  • Brian Morien
    Brian Morien

    Sorry Knicks fans. You guys have sucked for so long that you do not deserve to chant anyone sucks..........

  • End K.
    End K.

    I thought they were over that situation, do the Knicks fans think they the shit now that they’re a decent team?

  • Ya Boi
    Ya Boi

    Porzingis doesn’t need to worry KP is clearly Kendrick Perkins

  • Steiny5843

    Damn smoove.... you fell off bro...

  • Obi Wan Kenobi's High Ground
    Obi Wan Kenobi's High Ground

    I thought Drose is dunking on KP on the thumbnail.

  • PaN1NI

    knicks fans dont even deserve a contenting team

  • Sidney Mosley
    Sidney Mosley

    Who's more toxic: Knicks Fans who are chanting "KP Sucks" or the Raptor fans that cheered when Durant got injured?

    • Delta Falcon
      Delta Falcon

      Def toronto

  • LittleFlairTee - Etsy Tshirt Store
    LittleFlairTee - Etsy Tshirt Store

    They booed him since draft day, and he turned into an all star. Lol, NYK 🤡

  • Mitchell Robinson
    Mitchell Robinson

    I’m injured

  • beijingbball1

    Knicks fans are the stupidest fans in all sports

  • Chip Skylark
    Chip Skylark

    Knicks fans are so lame

  • Daniel Aboytes
    Daniel Aboytes

    He does suck

  • Rutledgem

    Fans ? How many lmao 10 fans

  • Steven Kurniawan
    Steven Kurniawan

    Lmao New York Bricks The team in the 40th power ranking Oh wait... NBA don't have that many team to begin with

  • Neil Joseph Padao
    Neil Joseph Padao

    Knicks fan are pathetic

  • Chris Spitzer
    Chris Spitzer

    ” Knicks fans and Knicks ownership sucks” How about that??

  • Shizuka na Hito
    Shizuka na Hito

    Smh Knicks don't deserve him if that's the case 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Haha Haha
    Haha Haha

    Poor Derrick rose

  • Domo

    Nooo yaawkaz sure know how to keep it classy


    Oil team

  • Dre Savage
    Dre Savage

    Funny because New York Knicks sucks.

  • Awesome_Thuunder

    Knicks fans are really forgetting that their organization was trash in these past ~7 years

  • sam sneed
    sam sneed

    0:02 So are they supposed to wear the masks or not?

  • Gucci Gamer
    Gucci Gamer

    Why is nobody talking about that luka shot 😳🤩

  • Pineapplesmuggler man
    Pineapplesmuggler man

    I thought there wasn’t any people in the stands?

  • Ron Košak
    Ron Košak

    Knicks* never deserved Porzingis. new yorkers, you got brooklin now, who cares about the knicks

    • Ron Košak
      Ron Košak

      @Philip Chouliaras i see what i wrote now... Jesus christ sorry

    • Philip Chouliaras
      Philip Chouliaras



    Knicks fans are bipolar

  • Tamir Hall
    Tamir Hall

    The knicks suck

  • ShaneGxmes

    Cmon Smoove u at least could’ve let us hear the chants 😭

  • MrLedzeppelin80

    Poor Zingus man

  • yoeyjoexd

    knicks fans are so toxic... they caught a fat L when they traded porzingis


    Fans ? I didn't see any fans there

  • Mr. Madhatter
    Mr. Madhatter

    I think I might start treating myself every year the knocks DONT make the playoffs. Worst franchise and worst fans in the NBA.

  • Sorcery

    That’s why the Knicks not making the playoffs “Kp sucks” nah your franchise suck😂😂😂

  • SkhanYT

    Finally Chris Smoove does a Knicks video.

    • L O
      L O

      thanks to Luka

  • Shawn Xiong
    Shawn Xiong

    The Knicks fans are just haters 😂

  • SkhanYT

    Now its just a bunch of NBA players in the comments lmao.

  • Dutch Plan Der Linde
    Dutch Plan Der Linde


  • Let me sleep in peace
    Let me sleep in peace

    Knicks are so ungrateful with their ass franchise lmfao.

  • Martavious Tisby
    Martavious Tisby

    Go Mavericks

  • Silenti

    Knicks fans 😂 What a joke


    Knicks fans depressing af

    • KYRIE

      @Fantasy Football Fan since when I was a bandwagon?

    • Fantasy Football Fan
      Fantasy Football Fan

      Ok BANDWAGON!!!!!

  • Karan Liveforever
    Karan Liveforever

    I still love KP but it was not nice what you did to the Knicks last night

  • Lil Saint
    Lil Saint

    NYK fans are fickle af

  • CaddywumpasFilms

    Why do knicks fans suck so much?

    • Martavious Tisby
      Martavious Tisby

      Because they are bad

  • jeeze

    "Nobody calls glass"

  • Sucks2 Suck
    Sucks2 Suck

    Knicks fans are underrated when it comes to toxicity

    • Jay 275
      Jay 275

      @Sarah Banks 😂😂

    • Sarah Banks
      Sarah Banks

      When you have sucked for that long it gets to them mentally

  • Makaveli

    Where’s the thumbnail?

  • Dark Play
    Dark Play

    Well it's Knick fans not surprised about that

  • Poncho Palito
    Poncho Palito

    So many hypocrite on nyk! 🧂😆😂🤣

  • Random Account
    Random Account

    Luka is unpredictable

  • mrkemo12

    Bruh what fans ?

  • incipidsigninsetup

    Knicks fans proving they are as pathetic as the Knicks front office. 👍

  • Chotchbag McGee
    Chotchbag McGee

    Nah...The knicks suck

  • Amadou Ndiaye
    Amadou Ndiaye

    Knick fans can never be happy smh

  • Matthew Woody
    Matthew Woody

    Knicks fans are casuals confirmed

  • Benz Tan
    Benz Tan

    NYK Drafts KP. Fans: Boo KP: Wants out. Fans: 👁👄👁

  • TalkingToTheHand

    they don't deserve Pingus

  • Iwillslapyou sir
    Iwillslapyou sir

    Fans from NYC don't deserve to have loyal player, fans will turn their back backstabbing anyway.

  • Mayur Patel
    Mayur Patel

    Lol Knicks fans are a joke

  • Finlay Connolly
    Finlay Connolly

    Scary American fans back at it🥶🥶😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • jefferson cristobal
    jefferson cristobal

    Knicks fans don't deserve anyone.

  • rushilb6

    KP still out scored 4/5 of their starters but yeah go off

  • Heathencake

    New York fans just dumb as hell..

  • Junnell Maniquis
    Junnell Maniquis

    knicks fans, you deserve not to became a champ contender. Rudest fans in nba

  • Ben Henderson
    Ben Henderson

    Tingis Pingus - Michael Rapport; who’s also fighting with KD via IG DM’s

  • Philippines Unfiltered
    Philippines Unfiltered


  • saz19s8


  • Siah In a void
    Siah In a void

    Really wish we didn’t think KP was the bad guy it was whoever traded him

    • pupedis cs
      pupedis cs

      @Andrew Truett because they were already trying to trade him?

    • Lee Nguyễn
      Lee Nguyễn

      Knicks fans are the bad guys

    • Andrew Truett
      Andrew Truett

      KP was the one who requested the trade

  • Noble Venom
    Noble Venom

    They the ones that booed him on draft night and he ended up becoming an absolute stud. Knicks fans are stupid

  • Munty LEGEND
    Munty LEGEND

    Knicks fans are the most ungrateful fans I have ever seen.

  • getnanoed_xo_football

    Aaaaaannddd 1 biiooocchhhh!! F u ref!!

  • JonTheSinner

    mavs gonna be a tough out if porzingis is 100% by playoff time

  • Nixar Studios
    Nixar Studios

    Do Luka's shoots go to the rim slower than the others or my hawkeyes see wrong?

  • X D
    X D

    Knicks fans can be so gross

  • IndomitusGaia

    What a toxic fans

  • xnakama

    Ew NY fans

  • LeBron James
    LeBron James

    Luka looking cute once again

    • NIce

      Yo you're right bro

    • End K.
      End K.

      Aye yo?

    • Omari Jones
      Omari Jones

      LeBron u gay?

  • Devastinator


  • Devastinator


  • Blame Youself
    Blame Youself

    Imagine sucks franchise fans chanting to him sucks.

  • Kung Fu Kenny
    Kung Fu Kenny

    DROSE SUCKS!!.. 🤦‍♂️😔🤦‍♂️

  • Lance Marquez
    Lance Marquez

    Knicks fans the worst bruh

    • Spends Shanks
      Spends Shanks

      Clearly Laker fans and it isn’t even close, stop the bullshit

  • micah white
    micah white

    Knick fans are trash

  • Cloud Wolf
    Cloud Wolf

    Typical Knicks fan.. toxic!

  • Dat

    And they wonder why everyone is going to Brooklyn...

  • ikapuhlot •
    ikapuhlot •

    Yall didn’t want him in the first y’all not remember how y’all reacted when he got drafted

  • Boo Gotti
    Boo Gotti

    Lol wat fans 🤔

  • Actually it's Princeton
    Actually it's Princeton

    Not gonna lie, that Luka dunk was nice.

  • TheNamesDitto

    Damn Luka is 🐐

  • Lè'moan the Goat
    Lè'moan the Goat

    Basically he can’t walk around alone in ny 😂💀

  • FBI AGENT 02
    FBI AGENT 02

    Hold that L suckers

  • James Charles
    James Charles

    Trash organization

  • Unknown Source
    Unknown Source

    Y'all booed him in his draft night and now y'all angry because he left?

    • Jamie

      @E-man What were the comments?

    • E-man

      You have to know the whole situation with him and the Knicks first. It wasn't as easy as him just leaving. Do you about the comment he said about them once he got traded?