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  • Daz Games
    Daz Games

    Diss track at end of video 😘

    • The spirit master
      The spirit master

      Wow you even made a diss track 😂

    • Ariana huge fan Ariana olimpics
      Ariana huge fan Ariana olimpics


    • Michelle R
      Michelle R

      U have truth

    • 一mochamilk


    • nagito

      i want it on Spotify

  • _1ovley

    She got a mouse and called it Kovid 💀🖐

  • ToniHunterOne

    I agree with you Daz. That's abuse to the animals. I have never one ce a pack of dogs or lions for that matter grazing in a field of wheat.

  • ToniHunterOne

    Hmmm, Karen, I don't know that TEA can be considered exclusively vegan. This is what's wrong with our culture today. Appropriating universally used items as solely belonging to you. Like "tea". Dogs are carnivores. Your poor dog is worn out.

  • {Weeb Nation}
    {Weeb Nation}

    YES DAZ!!!

  • Lucifer

    Ukuleles’ are the weapon of choice

  • smarts

    As someone who happens to be vegan, she doesn't represent me. She's weird, I don't like or support her at all. A lot of us are sane and accepting people; it's just the most vocal people who give the rest of us a bad rep.

  • Sakura Rabbit
    Sakura Rabbit

    bloody hell. Thats all i can say.

  • Ibu Togami
    Ibu Togami

    What the fuck was the end ab

  • kreafyy

    Was it just me or did the intro feel like a horror movie intro

  • Wildanimalrescue

    In my religion, it is not allowed to kill animals without slaughter. You need to get rid of their pain as soon as possible. I understand what she wats to say. But eating animals isnt animal abuse lmfao

  • Kya Johnson
    Kya Johnson

    That diss track at the end of the video is amazing YASSS DAZ SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK PERIODT 💅👏

  • Sam.

    Daz:😂 V Teacher: fucking be vegans

  • Rxvenxxdiva

    This woman really think if every vegan is nice the whole world will become vegan- BITCH- SOME PEOPLE CANT LIVE WITHOUT MEAT 😭👏

  • Clayton Gaming
    Clayton Gaming

    I want a vacation 😂😂

  • Zak Esprias
    Zak Esprias

    Hey they are about 500 billion animals that we eat and more are born every day

  • Asmr Galaxy20122008
    Asmr Galaxy20122008

    The fact That the video That She posted now has 60 K dislikes and 1 K likes...

  • Xena Edwards
    Xena Edwards

    I have a vegan friend and she doesnt force me to eat vegan food if anything she understands that I dont like vegan foods that much

  • Xena Edwards
    Xena Edwards

    My great grandad was in world war 2 so I find what she's saying highly offensive

  • Lily Lyrics
    Lily Lyrics


  • Lily Lyrics
    Lily Lyrics


  • Lily Lyrics
    Lily Lyrics

    19:34 tho

  • Bryony Roberts
    Bryony Roberts

    also love your vids by the way

  • Tia Fabi
    Tia Fabi

    I would love an updated video but I understand not wanting to go down the rabbit hole again

  • johncr16

    Roast the Karen!!!!!!🥺😁🙂

  • xxsiimplyautumnxx x
    xxsiimplyautumnxx x

    TIME FOR A TEA PARTYY🎉. -Daz Black

  • Kenny Dunlop
    Kenny Dunlop

    cow = tastyyyy

  • Sharon Adoua
    Sharon Adoua

    Listen, u cant force Somone to do something against their will, it’s like (EXAMPLE) ‘asking somone to change religion’. It just doesn’t make sense. There are so many things going on in the world and honestly God didn’t create some animals to just walk around. Chickens are .... good... for ur... health...😀

  • Greg Avetisyan
    Greg Avetisyan

    Keep dazzling Daz

  • ela yeler
    ela yeler

    “They didnt” hahahahah “İts not what goes in your mouth its what comes out of your mouth” İ cant

  • Spencer Wiegard
    Spencer Wiegard

    it's even sadder she lives down the block from me in pointe claire montreal

  • Yoyo Gamers
    Yoyo Gamers

    Ukelale wanker Best quotes of 2021

  • wavierfiber9466 Lane
    wavierfiber9466 Lane

    Most A

  • Its Ya Girll
    Its Ya Girll


  • Nathaivion Dunbar
    Nathaivion Dunbar

    nice Diss Track!!!!

  • Austin Shaws Tips
    Austin Shaws Tips


  • Richard Landriault
    Richard Landriault

    That vegan teacher is such a bitch am i right or am i right😂🤣

  • Gavin Willick
    Gavin Willick

    If women are stronger why can’t men fight back

  • Gavin Willick
    Gavin Willick

    If u eat bugs are you vegan if not think about all the ants that die from getting eat by Buffalo

  • Alexis Savannah Savannah
    Alexis Savannah Savannah

    “5.7 actually “ I started crying

  • Little dark age
    Little dark age

    This is how many people wishes that vegan teacher will get banned of every social media platform 👇

  • Noah Kerr
    Noah Kerr

    The fact that she puts down gay pride, black lives matter , feminists and even a whole war! I think she is just so delusional.

  • kiki


  • caden perez
    caden perez

    Hey daz do you ever think suffering will ever end?

  • David O'Reilly
    David O'Reilly

    She it the wost

  • Kathryn benson
    Kathryn benson

    DNA exist but no it's because there vegan and she would be 8,8 if her logic is true.

  • mcr opinions
    mcr opinions

    i’m not proud of being a vegetarian so i forced myself to eat chicken nuggets while watching this to piss her off

  • mcr opinions
    mcr opinions

    did she say vegan n words- wtf like the words n word not ni-

  • mcr opinions
    mcr opinions

    she got banned from tiktok lmao one time she said something about wanting to say the n word the f slur and the r slur, she basically said it’s stupid to not let people say it and i’m here being the r slur f slur 😟

  • Kathryn benson
    Kathryn benson

    Hold it she said vegan n words

  • Kathryn benson
    Kathryn benson

    There might be good in you but I sure as he'll can't find it

  • Paula Bump
    Paula Bump

    As a vegan- i HATE this woman like I just don't like the taste of meat I don't need to know how a chicken gets frickin raped or some shit like DUDE-

  • Jim Blab
    Jim Blab

    10:37 Ok so so we have got it all wrong, the T-Rex was vegan, licking leafs all day but not hunting for meat. Science is fucked


    Daz... I don’t get this lady as she says Jesus was vegan yet he fed 5000 people fish and bread

  • Planet205kind !!!!!!!
    Planet205kind !!!!!!!

    Me: laughing Me again: looks at her reading her sa on why ‘we have to be veegan’

  • GlitchGlitch000 !
    GlitchGlitch000 !

    The vegan teacher is a real Karen

  • Sam parbutt
    Sam parbutt

    “How’s it going “....”I’m going round again “ 😂🤚🏻

  • FishinWith The BOYS
    FishinWith The BOYS

    Bella blink twice if you need help

  • Spritz Comments
    Spritz Comments

    If animals eat other animals, And humans are animals, that would make it okay (in her world) for us to eat animals. Checkmate, ThatVeganTeacher

  • Bella Rempel
    Bella Rempel

    actually elephants do eat meat

  • Amelie Hagemann
    Amelie Hagemann

    2:35 6.1 millones😉💪

  • Daniella Giammarino
    Daniella Giammarino


  • Ice Cold
    Ice Cold

    if anyone has turned vegan because of her i feel sorry for them

  • Nicholas Scelba
    Nicholas Scelba

    the vegan teacher is just as bad as hitler

  • Nicholas Scelba
    Nicholas Scelba


  • Nicholas Scelba
    Nicholas Scelba

    the vegan teacher is just as bad as hitler

  • jas w
    jas w

    i saw a chicken eat a chicken nugget at mcdonalds

  • Crackhead class124 Mrs. grundas class
    Crackhead class124 Mrs. grundas class

    When it was a video of Bella, Bella looked so weak, she looked like she was about to faint please save Bella bro it’s so sad

  • Not Doraaa_
    Not Doraaa_

    Meat has some proteins that everybody needs to be healthy so yeah

  • Brianna Scott
    Brianna Scott

    Okay, like pop off, yes. But why tf did she have to bring up a minor LV-homer- ✋😭

  • Hisoka Morow
    Hisoka Morow

    Dont think she realises herb kill carnos for protecc like even herbs kill other animals sometimes they kill their babies if the baby is to weak to live in the wild. Also daz is a nice person and buy animals from a nice place like do you also realise people with animals are evil because we take them away from their mothers when we buy them LOL. Also humans should die-ish serial killers help this world because humans are over populated so basically they are helping world lol also i did try to go vegan but i have health problem and i nearly got a g]feeding tube like even when i eat meat i dont eat well so when i turned vegan it was a bad idea so i turned un-vegan for my own health. I don’t kill the animals. So I’m not a murderer. I have an idea we can turn into cannibal and then eat karens like the vegan teacher ;D

  • JJ D
    JJ D

    “Guess what? That’s right! The tea is vegan!” *Daz coughs awkwardly* “The milk I put in it isn’t”

  • Amelia Dodd
    Amelia Dodd


  • •_Caspian_•

    I'm 5'1 (which is pretty tall with the genetics and age I am) and I eat so much meat as my dad makes good stake! I'm still tall though not as tall as a giraffe but t still tall

  • gabriel dekkers
    gabriel dekkers

    I love daz he issss soooooo funny

  • Anthony Janthony Crowley
    Anthony Janthony Crowley

    *just because bill and ted down the road are having sex!*

  • Chenour Mohammadi
    Chenour Mohammadi

    😍❤love your videos

  • Chenour Mohammadi
    Chenour Mohammadi


  • Chenour Mohammadi
    Chenour Mohammadi

    It was so funny when he said ME when the vegan teacher said daz

  • adxptor

    respect other peoples views and don't preach obsessively

  • max gaunt
    max gaunt

    i love you daz

  • Alice MILES
    Alice MILES

    Not me eating a bacon sandwich while watching this

  • * T A L K I N G_ H X N E Y *
    * T A L K I N G_ H X N E Y *

    The thing is buffalo elephant and giraffe have DNA in them to make them what they are And than later on she talks about tommyinit how messed up is she

  • Hailey isis
    Hailey isis

    Lol daz, she turned her comments off cause she knows she'd get flooded with hate comments 🤣 How...DARE THAT IDIOT BRING TOMMYINNIT INTO THIS!! 😡🤬

  • Lozzie_Eliza05

    She now has another and she is using dreams profile pic and posted another about you omg

  • horton200909

    I’ll feel te level of cringe from her response for months to come.

  • Alfie Hunter
    Alfie Hunter

    That song is sick

  • Kate

    Can you make a new video

  • Ravenclaw Sophie
    Ravenclaw Sophie

    I love the way he wears his glasses every video

  • Im_legally_blind 5
    Im_legally_blind 5

    The end im deaddd 😂😂

  • William Bradley
    William Bradley

    Im southern I hunt for a living theres no way im going veigen deer, racoon,rabbit, etc

  • rubencontentshop

    Oh she’s such a big Karen

  • Lindsey Moon
    Lindsey Moon

    she be making the dazzlers riot!!!

  • hi

    Woman : Jesus was vegan Me doing RS gcse : as if

  • Jasmine Mann
    Jasmine Mann

    That vegan teacher: Blah blah blah...Oh...He says I'm pushy?! HELL NO

  • hi

    Sorry but hitler was vegetarian and banned hunting

  • Steven Diaz de leon
    Steven Diaz de leon

    Not everyone his to be verging this teacher is being so rode you can't say that is not right and you should say that you are sorry

  • Amelia Dalton
    Amelia Dalton

    she angers me

  • Memnar_gacha Soriano
    Memnar_gacha Soriano

    Oh god she needs to google that chickens will eat their eggs, we had to separate the eggs and the hens because they would eat their eggs.So she is kinda dumb

  • Kari Ertzner
    Kari Ertzner

    I thought I clicked on the vegan teacher video so I wrote something bad into the comments but I love your videos and I didn't mean to do it🥺◑︿◐😟😔

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