THE NIGHT SHIFT: getting juicy with logan's ex-assistant
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on today's episode, we address the night shift sign dilemma, take the aston martin out for a whip, talk floyd mayweather fight, tour the new crib with banks, and taste test an la burger joint with ayla from maverick 1.0.
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so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.
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  • Lukas Shannon
    Lukas Shannon


  • carolannie15

    It’s funny hearing Mike talk so much shit about that house because Justin Bieber has lived there

  • Kuya Though
    Kuya Though

    Did mike really not know who that guy was at 2:50? Lol I couldn’t tell if he was kidding

  • Roehlen Anderson
    Roehlen Anderson

    This guys got it set

  • DragoH Gaming Productions
    DragoH Gaming Productions

    I thought Logan is going to break the plates infront of Ayla 😂

  • Down In a hole
    Down In a hole

    Dave portnoy rip off.

  • Jake Baldassarre
    Jake Baldassarre

    u gotta have ayla on impaulsive

  • Mark Bell
    Mark Bell

    Yo i miss Ayla

  • This Guy
    This Guy

    Idk why but Logan seems genuinely sad in this video

  • Loïc Van hoomissen
    Loïc Van hoomissen

    Did Lana and mike brake up

  • Arundanie Wiji Astuty
    Arundanie Wiji Astuty

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  • Randomly Random
    Randomly Random

    Okay but go to “The Habit” promise it’ll be up there and I’ll join the night shift crew🙏


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  • L C
    L C

    It’s highly unattractive that you’re uninterested in diversify your portfolio

  • Callum Crawford
    Callum Crawford

    Lana and lOgan are ur only viewers

  • Callum Crawford
    Callum Crawford

    u such without Lana

  • 东极虎

    Ayla!!!!!!!, miss the good old days of the Logang :l

  • Aidan Kelly
    Aidan Kelly

    pretty sure that's the house The Kid Laroi shot "Tell Me Why" at

  • Nathan Yu
    Nathan Yu

    Don’t worry I am a crypto miner

  • Nathan Yu
    Nathan Yu

    “AYLAAAAAA” -Logan

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith


  • Eva

    Ayla seems to get around...

  • Edicson Lucht
    Edicson Lucht

    Logan was supposed to break a shit ton of plates and she was supposed to pick it up😂

  • Tyler

    In california your status is based on how many social media for followers you have. They literally live in a bubble of rich people , hot chicks , and mansions and cars. Living a normal life is definitely not how youtube stars live.

  • Tyler

    These guys get the hottest chicks just because he has a couple million social media followers... Welcome to 2021! Lol

  • Tyler

    Mike knows that every video blog that has a Logan Paul appearance in it will do 5 times more views. That's why you see Logan at the first of videos then the video slowly goes to all Mike footage with his cars and cloths lol

  • Tyler

    At the beginning of the video Mike says welcome to Night Shift and in the background there are windows and it's daytime outside and even really sunny 😂

  • : D
    : D

    Bruh jeff mayweather is a great guy honestly

  • Burd 606
    Burd 606

    Another self promoted brand you can buy a gas station pill and will do the or Viagra will to.

  • Peter Shoe
    Peter Shoe


  • Brady Murray
    Brady Murray

    You should try the melt shop

  • Connor Michael
    Connor Michael

    When Logan took the phone back and said “ahh that enough Greg” had be dying 😂😂

  • GrabAdabA

    Come to PENNSYLVANIA and Try my BYOB Buger put anything I want one it huge patty any cheese side of fresh cut fries fresh hard roll from our bakery we are The Honky Tonk if ur every in pa

  • Tyler Hill
    Tyler Hill

    Ayla 100% best

  • AshtonsAqt _
    AshtonsAqt _

    Yoooooo Mike I just got a job at Freddy’s and everyone always orders their burgers . I was just watching your vid and I remembered that you do a burger rating. So what if you rated Freddys?! I would love to see what the burgers I make everyday would place on the list!

  • ImpulseKi

    This guy has a fucking YT channel omfg

  • Evan Gilbert
    Evan Gilbert

    mike laughs exactly like the joker lmaooo

  • Jh Ff
    Jh Ff

    2:25: mike saying moment of truth like a 2021 Aston martin might not start

  • Jeremy Estrada
    Jeremy Estrada

    Go to Kuma's corner

  • Dr Lauf
    Dr Lauf

    It’s highly unattractive that your uninteresting in diversifying your portfolio

  • ArsenalGaming

    Who else thinks Ayla and Logan would be the best couple ever?


      I agree but I also thought sommer and Logan were a cute couple

  • Krispy Kamel
    Krispy Kamel

    So happy banks is back in the LV-home scene

  • xDevereux

    What happened I feel like I missed a season of this... how and when did mike and Lana break up agien

  • Jacky Tran
    Jacky Tran

    Also omg wow ayla? Yay ayla yeah! 🌟✨💕💖💓💞🎉🎊🎆🎇

  • Jacky Tran
    Jacky Tran

    Lana is not your girlfriend

  • Ola C
    Ola C

    Is that Kian Lawleys gf?

  • Deal With it
    Deal With it

    Ex assistant is sexy af tho

  • Victor Resendiz
    Victor Resendiz

    How can you not grow up yet like bro you’re old asf what are you thinking? I mean yeah not with Lana but damn start a family.

  • Adam Jaimiee
    Adam Jaimiee

    Come back hahah, quality content as always

  • Samuli Toikka
    Samuli Toikka

    AYLAAAAAAAA omg the memories 😂❤️🤩

  • MaK4777

    call Dave Portnoy Barstool

  • Kevin Marshall
    Kevin Marshall

    The patty melt is the staple Whataburger burger idc what anyone says.

  • raymond arias
    raymond arias

    The kindly stove longitudinally puncture because improvement empirically approve since a accurate blow. null, blue-eyed pilot

  • Aj phil
    Aj phil

    U the dawg man always ❤️

  • ImmensumCaelo

    ...Well... Time to unsub... I guess

  • Furious Laps
    Furious Laps

    Ayla looks different

  • mbj Nunez
    mbj Nunez

    waiting for the ksi comment...

  • Paolo Pirrotta
    Paolo Pirrotta

    Now that lana is gone, I can finally start watching again

  • Marcos Vélez Vargas
    Marcos Vélez Vargas

    Bro treat David the German videographer better u Americans don’t even learn another language

  • speedyd72

    That chef’s shirt, I went to school with Caleb in TN

  • George W
    George W

    GHWhitehouse on insta I’m gonna start a YT CHANNEL

  • Bryce Nordstrom
    Bryce Nordstrom

    Did Mike and Lana split again?

    • Bruce Lee
      Bruce Lee


  • nirorc

    Gut der Kommentarbereich wurde germanisiert

  • Sean Coleman
    Sean Coleman

    U need to come to texas and eat sum real food

  • Brendan Thorne
    Brendan Thorne

    Also that car is awful and in the words of nas, the world is yours

  • Cam Jones
    Cam Jones

    Go to mooyah and try a burger you won’t regret

  • Jose _57
    Jose _57

    I am just here to say stfu mike

  • Vince Goated
    Vince Goated

    Logan singing “Ayla ayla ayla” only the ogs will know

  • Big D
    Big D

    Ayla 100% is the girl that made Logan's nose bleed lmfao

  • Henry Miller
    Henry Miller

    if you pause at any random point in this video mike looks goofy as hell.

  • MIV

    mike be complaining about a $24 million house but is the tightest with money, I am confusion

  • HiSahil

    10"01 letss fucking gooooo. good old vlog days

  • Antonio Mack
    Antonio Mack

    To be honest your never gonna see this but try fudruckers the best Berger joint in AMERICA

    • Annamarie Battista
      Annamarie Battista

      Or wallbangers

  • Paola Almaraz
    Paola Almaraz

    This is something we didn’t know we all needed

  • EpikMurk


  • Network Phila
    Network Phila

    Philly we got the best burgers ever. 5$ burger stop, fries drink and burger for 5$😂 shits actually up there tho for real

  • Scuffed Opx
    Scuffed Opx

    I’m so sad Logan didn’t smash a plate

  • John malkowski
    John malkowski

    try burger joint not sure if you have one near you but theres one in michigan

  • Zack Designs
    Zack Designs

    "special sauce" literally just signature sauce aka big mac sauce to an extent or thousand island.

  • Evannn

    Let’s be real.... This channel was built on Lana....

  • Ashton

    Only need 25 kills in MW2 for nuke smh...

  • Middleton Parker
    Middleton Parker

    Og’s know a nuke is 25 kills

  • Alfie

    Who is she 3:18 for research purposes of course

    • Sarah L
      Sarah L


  • Corie Gibbs-Cronce
    Corie Gibbs-Cronce

    Always a good laugh when watching your videos

  • Charlie Webb
    Charlie Webb

    Were did Lana go

  • Andrew Cortez
    Andrew Cortez

    Mike i enjoy watching your LV-home videos

  • Devastators Army
    Devastators Army

    Chef Eric how dare you be friends with Logan you were team KSI now you are team Logan betrayal team KSI will come after you

  • Devastators Army
    Devastators Army

    Lydia is Logan’s ex assistant well before assistant Dani it was Lydia before Lydia it was ayla

  • Drew Davidson
    Drew Davidson

    More Logan and Ayla

  • Truman Zerse
    Truman Zerse

    That’s insane that the man sitting at the table with Ayla and Mike could make the same noise as the boy from 3 years ago

  • Uriel Fulgencio
    Uriel Fulgencio

    #Layla gang

  • Me_llo_dy

    “Do you have a mullet “😂

  • hoffa speer
    hoffa speer

    Who was the girl in white during the Chew ad?


    Holy crap Logan seems so chill

  • Hi There
    Hi There

    And all I am asking for is my first car at 18 and he’s just got given an Austin Martin

  • FN Murky
    FN Murky


  • Mohammed Al dahneem
    Mohammed Al dahneem

    Why did everyone ignore the fact he said it take 30 kills to get a nuke on MW2. ITS 25 KILLS!!

  • Mr.greenspoon

    That AYLAAAA!! Hit different

  • Jo Mama
    Jo Mama

    Swag and beat player will never goto together

  • Austin Jestis
    Austin Jestis

    Feel like I seen this house before for some reason.