Feeding a City in Need
THIS IS MY FAVORITE VIDEO EVER! Thank you so much for watching this channel and allowing us to grow this charity! :)
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  • Annabelle Romano
    Annabelle Romano

    This is so nice of you MrBeast

  • Sam Boyd
    Sam Boyd

    Hello bill I need some cash

  • sam morgan
    sam morgan

    when’s there’s a million people that didn’t subscribe but watched the video 😥

  • Danj Danj
    Danj Danj



    Did they ask for allergies just in case cause its unsafe how they just give food without asking if they had aney allergies

  • Marco MBE
    Marco MBE

    i think ive seen the best philantrophy channel

  • Gerardo Rebancos
    Gerardo Rebancos

    Mrbeast or bill can you help the philippines

  • NotXiqtro

    Reminder Drive a truck

  • Melissa Myers
    Melissa Myers

    everyone who dislikes this video you are going to heck pedal who liked the video are going to heaven

  • Captain Guy
    Captain Guy

    Glad to see there’s still good in the world. We see too much bad, it’s good to have a reminder of the good. Thank you for this channel an helping the people.

  • Sohail Shaikh
    Sohail Shaikh


  • Voltric OmiX
    Voltric OmiX

    i have made more than 50 people to sub. this channel... and in the next video i will promote this channel although it will be very less. and also watched his 5 time this is my six"th time

  • Daniel Tan
    Daniel Tan

    Can someone from USA explains to me why some people who are driving nice cars need to queue for food? (Serious reply only)

  • Person Person
    Person Person

    Mr Beast is a nice man.

  • Luminous

    "I love pickles" instead he could of said, " i hate chandler"

  • Im_a_dweeb

    Please dear lord add like 60 ads to these videos

  • troyeze

    I disabled adblock just for this video

  • Janvi Singh
    Janvi Singh



    I give this two thumbs up!👍👍

  • Cameron Baker
    Cameron Baker

    he is always so kind

  • Itz Dezic
    Itz Dezic

    Make sure to not skip ad or anything , we are helping him lets be a party of history!

  • Naman Goyal
    Naman Goyal

    If you donate money in India then would surely get more than 10 million subscribers.

  • Sypress Cooks
    Sypress Cooks

    I wish you could come to Bastrop La. We really need a pantry that’s not based off income and things like that. Thank you for all you do🥰

  • claudia mishelle
    claudia mishelle

    Not me thinking about Africa

  • Partho Basak
    Partho Basak

    These people's are poor 🙄🙄🙄

  • Robin Bettencourt Da Graca
    Robin Bettencourt Da Graca


    • The Amazing Doggy
      The Amazing Doggy


  • Just Tim
    Just Tim

    I’m glad you’re helping ppl but at the same time if ppl don’t earn what they want in life then they’ll always expect everything to be given to them by everyone else

  • Tawhidur Rahman
    Tawhidur Rahman

    This is epic.

    • Tawhidur Rahman
      Tawhidur Rahman

      But the thumbnail kinda made me cringe

  • ViralON

    Fun Fact: Dead channels with verification are becoming spammers

  • Ashmit Yadav
    Ashmit Yadav


  • NinjaMaster EZ
    NinjaMaster EZ

    amazing now give me an iphone 12 pro max lol just kidding

    • Ashmit Yadav
      Ashmit Yadav


  • Sanju Das
    Sanju Das

    I am in Real Problem and debt.... I really Need about 1000$ To save My Ass Please Help Me

    • Venaxr

      ur paypal?


    Hahaha , you are trying to show us how kind you are . If you are doing charity and then taking photos or vedios and then posting in net is not callled as charity . If you want to do charity then dont show anyone but except the person you are giving to. 💩🤬

  • Oyena BK
    Oyena BK

    I'm still curious on why people dislike these videos. Man trying to safe lives, come on

  • Dark Night
    Dark Night

    Wow if I had that much money I would myself a monitor, mouse pad, Pc, desk.

    • Maarten De banaan
      Maarten De banaan

      first you gotta learn how to speak english

  • CJSH2017 —
    CJSH2017 —

    U have 43.2 tonnes of food btw

  • Aayushi Ramakrishnan
    Aayushi Ramakrishnan

    I'm not skipping any ads and I hope u r doing the same!

  • iThe Colombian tv
    iThe Colombian tv

    help by commenting :)

  • icyreally

    Impossible for someone like me to win something when Im on the other side of the world 🥲

  • Vent Fire
    Vent Fire

    Never found this channel for a while.

  • Schoggi Ma
    Schoggi Ma

    how many Chanel du you have lmao


    The harmonious energy frustratingly suck because dead finally unfasten like a smiling dragonfly. sleepy, combative dryer

  • EH travel
    EH travel

    That’s a lot

  • Lotto Stud
    Lotto Stud

    You are awesome!! Let the ads play all the way through folks

  • BrazenBlue

    29770 meals given then it goes down to 28000 smh mrbeast exposed

  • time wasting
    time wasting


  • Angus Pelter
    Angus Pelter

    Bill or MrBeast????

  • It’s time to clay !
    It’s time to clay !

    I bet some of the people are just at the food bank to see mr beast

  • Zylorr

    Why would anybody dislike these videos?

    • Maarten De banaan
      Maarten De banaan

      They are just weird

    • Hajeeaxx

      Idk man.

  • Markus Reihn
    Markus Reihn

    I have youtube Premium, do you guys stil get money if I let this run on repeat?

  • Here u go
    Here u go

    You have done good deed

    • Here u go
      Here u go


  • Danny

    MrBeast made me finally feel useful for being lazy and watching videos

  • Vedant Gupta
    Vedant Gupta

    if 1 meal was 100$, and he gave a city 28000 meals, he spent 2.8 million $ for a city! he has to set up a donation page pretty soon or he will go bankrupt 📉📉📉

  • Memer man123
    Memer man123

    Day 5 of Loop

  • Nathan Saunders
    Nathan Saunders

    That’s nice of you Mr. Beast good guy


    The only guy who actually used youtube for a real change..

  • Sebastian Ortiz
    Sebastian Ortiz

    Hey me. Beast! My name is Sebastian I was wondering if you guys can come over to Bakersfield Cali so give some food out? It would help put a lot of people. If so can you give me the place your giving out the food. My fam could use it. Thanks Beast

  • Miqi

    I luv ur wok mr beast

  • T e e h e e
    T e e h e e

    Next video: giving food to everybody in the United States of America

  • angel portomene
    angel portomene

    Yes I’m helping people by watching this video 👍😇😇😌😌

  • strooper1103

    No one: Me beast: puts in mask when by him self

  • Esmeralda Moreno
    Esmeralda Moreno

    the outro with the added vocals is chefs kiss

  • Nightmare ツ
    Nightmare ツ

    Imagine disliking

  • Nogard HD
    Nogard HD

    imagine there are people disliking a video mr.beast helping others

  • Mr. Gamer 707
    Mr. Gamer 707

    That was A+++ Effort! ⚡️⚡️⚡️🥇🥇🥇

  • Roxy Reyes
    Roxy Reyes

    Your heart is huge 💓 your doing great things for people. I hope you continue to be blessed.

  • Simon M
    Simon M

    I love his channels cause he makes a difference in peoples lives and helps those who are in need way more than the government who just takes money! My taxes to me beast is just my view and tbh that’s priceless

  • NOT a verived person cuz am dum
    NOT a verived person cuz am dum

    Why this video doesn't get 1 millions likes

  • Dayanita Chun
    Dayanita Chun

    Nice meeting u billy

  • Dayanita Chun
    Dayanita Chun


  • Andrew Andrews
    Andrew Andrews

    Love it!

  • Anjali Ghurye
    Anjali Ghurye

    the dislikes are just people in australia who clicked the like button

  • thomas

    good vid

  • Vsuber Fun
    Vsuber Fun

    Watch the ads from this video channel, it help a lot

  • Aycer

    He really never stops his grind always thinking ahead of everyone great work

  • Monique Stubbs
    Monique Stubbs

    I’ve never seen mr beast have 2m subs and that’s it

  • Vanlalhuma Royte
    Vanlalhuma Royte

    ur really kind' i am happy u help people :)

  • Moosa Imraz
    Moosa Imraz

    good job mr beast A+

  • THE BOT 101
    THE BOT 101

    OH THATS BULL SHIT GIRST FEEDING A HOMELESS MAN THEN A HOMELESS SHELTER BUT A CITY FOR FUCKS SAKE (people who had a dream to be like mr.beast y’all gonna need a lot of money 💰 💵 💰

  • Bread


  • 25-KEVIN-IX-B

    Bro your are doing great work may god bless you

  • Alex Lopez
    Alex Lopez

    I love jimmy because he shows me that good people are still out there doing good things

  • pulone


  • Vincent Ljungberg Lindholm
    Vincent Ljungberg Lindholm

    I'm rewatching this video

    • Vincent Ljungberg Lindholm
      Vincent Ljungberg Lindholm

      For the company ❣️

  • Sarah Bighetty
    Sarah Bighetty

    Yayyy mR beast

  • Squishy Beans
    Squishy Beans

    mr beast for president 2024

  • 50k subscribers challenge
    50k subscribers challenge

    I’ll go to charity if you visit my channel.

  • Jimsterlie Gemino
    Jimsterlie Gemino

    these is really good cause especially its covid 19

  • 10A63 Nishtha Timmanpyati
    10A63 Nishtha Timmanpyati

    Done I subscribed to all of your channels

  • Chris Cook
    Chris Cook

    And subbed

  • Jo J
    Jo J

    Food drives are going to make me “RIPPED”😂

  • Ellie Hansen
    Ellie Hansen


  • Trav Pots
    Trav Pots

    Good job

  • sareen sardarian
    sareen sardarian

    why would you dislike the video 💀

  • Mitsuzuki Ashley
    Mitsuzuki Ashley

    MrBeast: "I am no longer MrBeast, I am Bill" It's official MrBeast is the new Bill Gates

  • orpheus beats
    orpheus beats

    you gotta watch the ads.

  • Octopodi

    First time I've disabled my adblocker on youtube in a few years

  • Chris Little
    Chris Little

    You should mention you have this channel on your main channel. I’ve been watching your main for years and never knew this existed.

    • dutoiu hour
      dutoiu hour

      Give people fish they can eat for a day. Teach a person to fish and they can eat for their whole life. Giving food isn't how you help famlies in need. Making it is

  • Gwen Luhman
    Gwen Luhman

    Very epic

    • dutoiu hour
      dutoiu hour

      Do you get money from comments?

  • Md Saeed Anwer
    Md Saeed Anwer

    I m very upset that youtube didn't gave ad on this video in my phone 😑 😒