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Music: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Wigglytuff's Guild

monky with sweater

  • OopiezYT

    Happy birday ari


    Bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuhhhhhhhhhhhhhuhhhhhhhhhhhhh when will u uplod

    • FREZZO

      When will u upload

  • Mr. Corgi
    Mr. Corgi

    When video games use a ‘z’ instead of an ‘s’ welcome to down town cools vile

  • Nekogitsune

    I just realized the BGM is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Wigglytuff theme 👀

  • RB

    The final game is the origin story of king kong

  • mochike

    ohhhh my fucking GOD i totally forgot that hamsterz life existed until now, you've just unlocked so many childhood memories for me jaiden you have no fucking idea

  • Killer Faktori
    Killer Faktori

    Jaiden in your groing up video there is a papayrus from undertale in the spagety with no scouse scene i dident know that you know undertale

  • Josh Caesar
    Josh Caesar


  • James Gaming
    James Gaming

    Wait wait how about the platinum nuzlock what you mean you don’t deserve it of course you deserve you always make me smile and funny but that was not the thing I did not want to see from your vid so yeah but still I love your vids

  • Roblox_Guy_2011

    10:06 when you wake up at 3 am

  • dogiscute1234

    I love her style of anmation

  • soumik sen
    soumik sen

    0:52 JoJo Reference

  • Roblox_Guy_2011

    adopt me is one but wait thats a roblox game

  • Elmo Hat Animations
    Elmo Hat Animations

    i would love to play robo saphian because, i luv robots

  • Lps Sunny
    Lps Sunny

    Mmmm MONKEY

  • Pairaw Rahim
    Pairaw Rahim


  • Mr. Sanic
    Mr. Sanic

    jaden wen are you going to make a niw vid :(

  • Ella Wolf
    Ella Wolf

    Because of 0:15 my parents bought a turtle thats expected to live for 80 years ^^...oh no...wait She didnt woke up after the long winter... And now i'm depressed again, great. But thanks to this video i at least have a little bit better of a mood, so thx

  • phoebe lewis
    phoebe lewis

    jaiden really went ham drawing those monkeys, huh

  • TopGamez 90
    TopGamez 90

    Guys who wants jaiden to make another music video like the comment as a yes !

  • Cloud Hvoc
    Cloud Hvoc

    The bird said I don't like you

  • Cloud Hvoc
    Cloud Hvoc

    Do you know the parrot pals do you know that

  • Carrot Man cz.
    Carrot Man cz.

    Jaide where are Pokemon nuzlocke

  • Cloud Hvoc
    Cloud Hvoc

    The hamster had an roller-coaster for him self

  • Shadow Walker
    Shadow Walker

    Hey Jaiden you should upload more recently! Luv your vids

  • Muhammad Syamil Jundi 7D
    Muhammad Syamil Jundi 7D

    did anyone play bit heroes ?

  • BoxedInGaming

    I actually have a hamster. Its easier than the game ima be honest..

  • Shinobu Kocho
    Shinobu Kocho

    today I’m feeling _~aLoHa~_

  • Eva Léger
    Eva Léger


  • Shailend Baucha
    Shailend Baucha

    I don't remember what the dog game was called but I remember playing it and not understanding the control's at all well gone back to sonic and super Mario 64

  • Hai


  • JorgeAllen Fernandez
    JorgeAllen Fernandez

    fun fact: She is a jojo fan:) how do i know? well, take a look at this... 0:52 the stats

  • my_dellios // haha funny things
    my_dellios // haha funny things

    request: amogus memes

  • AntjeDePantje

    I had a DS game with bunnies. It was probably called Bunniez... I really enjoyed it though 😂

    • Crow man
      Crow man

      Yeah its made by the same people as Hamsterz

  • Leo Nguyen
    Leo Nguyen

    Can you do a nuzlocke again pls

  • Nightfire-613

    Is...is the parrot just telling an off brand version of the story of Momotaro?

  • Isaac Filipo
    Isaac Filipo

    0:52 (In the bottom right corner) Ima just say it so no one else has to okay, please don’t hate me sigh... is that a JOJO reference?

  • Scruffly

    Pls facecam with playing games

  • Danny

    Omg i loved hamsterz life and tigerz

  • SecretlyKeya

    I found out that my teacher is friends with you- oml 😭😭

  • Saadia Tehreem
    Saadia Tehreem

    Is it just me or does somebody else ship James and jaiden?

  • Cta Plays
    Cta Plays

    Can we talk about how jaiden takes her time with these vids love her 💖🥰

  • snowmint

    Me: adopt me comes to mind

  • Anne Droesbeke
    Anne Droesbeke

    So weird?! the story the parrot "Large" was saying is a remake version of the Japanese child story of "Momotaro". The story is almost the same, the only difference is that the lady wasn't washing herself but clothes and that the egg was in fact a giant peach.

  • Peyton Hawkins
    Peyton Hawkins

    What with the jjba stats

  • konoha_headband

    When you named ur hamster grandpa

  • Joachim Acevedo
    Joachim Acevedo

    Jaiden I have to say that all of your videos are amazing

  • Isaiah Miler
    Isaiah Miler

    Still no face cam

  • Galaxy Mew
    Galaxy Mew

    Did anyone else play Petz Rescue Center: Ocean Patrol because it's GENUINELY still a fun game!

  • dumpling friend
    dumpling friend

    I played animal jam 👁👄👁

  • Mush

    Jaiden if you’re making a video about aris bday could you tell us through community because I was really sad when you didn’t do it last year 😅😊

  • sizo playz roblox
    sizo playz roblox

    my first nentendo pet was named buddi :)

  • Blacksmith 3012
    Blacksmith 3012

    The thumbnail made me laugh great job on the animation. I have been a fan for a long time and I know it’s hard to produce animations like these but they are very good and thank you for really putting quality in it.

  • Thomas Cerverizzo
    Thomas Cerverizzo

    Bro when taht hamster turns I just think it’s saying “oh a human” in its mind

  • _____ SARAH ______
    _____ SARAH ______

    I clicked the like with my nose

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy

      Hey Jaiden try to play gold version Pokemon not Nuzlocke

  • Apple salt
    Apple salt

    I know we're jadien is she was playing Minecraft twomad took her boat she's PLAY MINECRAFT AND TWOMAD LIKE HER CUT G

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy

      Cattails on Nintendo is one lol.

  • Umbreon_24

    He cage is to s m o l

  • elisette rios
    elisette rios

    I love pets

  • Crystal King
    Crystal King

    Is it weird that I simp for jaiden HARD

  • No One Important
    No One Important

    "Ah yes, the only phrases a human would ever need: good evening, come on and im sad" Me: I mean that's pretty accurate

  • Ricardo Sierra
    Ricardo Sierra

    at 7:58 look like sor pluol

  • Nat N
    Nat N

    Why does the bird sound British

  • Tyler Ochoa
    Tyler Ochoa

    They made mamas kitchen on the switch jaiden

  • Echo Reinsch-Johnson
    Echo Reinsch-Johnson

    hey Jaiden you known your speed run? I saw a add and it side the game is back!

  • Ratha Ouk
    Ratha Ouk

    Make a video about Pokémon black and white Nuzlocke

  • JohnnyGhost

    fun fact everyone, the story that the bird tells you is actually a ancient Japanese myth. Momotarō, was born by popping out of a peach, made three animal Friends. And then slaying the ogres on ogre Island.

  • Exotic-_-cookies


  • Peanut The Cat.
    Peanut The Cat.

    i spent like 4 dollars for a game like this except a random dinosaur egg comes from nowhere

  • SHM H
    SHM H

    Cattails on Nintendo is one lol.

  • Marcel Aquelano
    Marcel Aquelano

    Hey Jaiden try to play gold version Pokemon not Nuzlocke

  • Burning Marshmallow
    Burning Marshmallow

    I know this video is 3 weeks old but i had no where else to post this buuuuuut JAIDEN THERES A NEW COOKING MAMA GAME.

  • brianna seefeldt
    brianna seefeldt

    Hey Jaden did you know that there's a new Cooking Mama on the Nintendo switch

  • Umbris the Umbreon
    Umbris the Umbreon

    So far in this one game I have I HAVE AN ELEPHANT

  • Caroline The Little Bunny
    Caroline The Little Bunny


  • Jadore Sanrios
    Jadore Sanrios


  • super star
    super star

    I posted new videos so com on poeple

  • hoodie hoodie boogie boogie
    hoodie hoodie boogie boogie

    Hamsterz was the best!

  • JayLive Games
    JayLive Games

    Man I wonderz if they will make a game called penguinz (They probably did by now)

  • 36Teneilb Price
    36Teneilb Price

    Plessssssssssssssssssse ñ9ioooooii

  • Oliver

    Read the title like wow way to single me out 0_o I’v never played on a console (I’m a minecraft kid.........) but I used to go around like googling pEt gAmEs and downloading things on my school chrome book Loki feel bad for those pets I always forget about, but like I’ll be neglecting my pets in those and then be on minecraft every three minutes “YOU IGHT WASABI?” To my minecraft dog 😃✋

  • Zahir Francia
    Zahir Francia


  • Xavier Diaz
    Xavier Diaz

    Hey Jaden I'm not trying to rush you but the speedrunning thing but they made a new Cooking Mama game you don't have to do with this I just wishing you could do a speed run you don't have to it's just my opinion

  • super star
    super star

    Pls I want to merrie you my Qeen

  • super star
    super star

    Pls love me back😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • super star
    super star

    😘😘😘😘😘😘😂pls I love you

  • Gertrude Puddi
    Gertrude Puddi


  • Bananaman0109

    Jaiden: the monkey is as big as the kitchen countertops Me sitting at the kitchen table: oh that’s how big it is

  • Matt Allen
    Matt Allen

    How old are you

  • John Buarao
    John Buarao

    Pls make a pokemon randomizer

  • magnus 674
    magnus 674

    H E C A G E I S T O O S M A L L lel.

  • Brian Lazzaro
    Brian Lazzaro

    So I just found out you're birthday is literally the day after mine, albeit 6 years later but still just thought that was super cool 😎

  • Rori Chan
    Rori Chan

    The good old times :D my first Nintendos dog was simply called nichtsnutz (good for nothing) because i couldn't for the love of god bring her to learn her name... so when i did i was really angry ... 6 year olds and there rages 😂😂😂

  • Safa Lekel
    Safa Lekel

    Hey Jaiden, could you tell how you learned about My Hero Academia, and your thoughts on it by any chance. I saw that you put Dabi and Shigaraki in your video about you talking about your trip to Japan, and I just wanted to know your thoughts on the show. your videos are really entertaining, and I really like watching them.

  • Simp .-.
    Simp .-.

    3:14 🧍

  • ScreenRecPlayer

    6:47 moms when they're 9 ye old son starts to swear

  • Dominic Tan
    Dominic Tan

    Le monke

  • Randxm Kat
    Randxm Kat

    “You know em you love em monkes”

  • Diabetes :p
    Diabetes :p

    Star is just Girono doge