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  • FaZe Kay
    FaZe Kay

    subscribe for the ultimate gaming room coming soon...

    • regina monegan
      regina monegan

      Hi Jarvis

    • Jason John Cruz
      Jason John Cruz

      Very cool beyond FaZe Up

    • curlswrldfn

      Hi kk I

    • Levi Leonard
      Levi Leonard

      I want to be a member by I want Javes’s cry face lol 😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣

    • Zim

      Hey Faze Kay PLEASE REPLY. I’m on my grind to save up for a PC. I want to become a pro player but I’ve reached the limits on a PS4. I’m trying to blow up. How do you get subs and followers so fast?

  • peyton defore
    peyton defore

    I like how you see fortnite loded in on Jarvises computer

  • SheluvsJÆ

    Fortnite was in the back 😳

  • That one dino guy called Reptil Findz
    That one dino guy called Reptil Findz

    6:35 why does jarvis have fortnite up

  • Feltnix

    Insane jarvis

  • Curlygo blue
    Curlygo blue

    Hi sup

  • Jamie Abellan Felix
    Jamie Abellan Felix

    Nobody: Jarvis: I’m Xbox for life Later: Wears PlayStation jumper Me: 😑🧐

  • Ferenc Bálintfy
    Ferenc Bálintfy

    He’s playing fortnite😏

  • Saliha Riyas
    Saliha Riyas

    Not gonna. Lie I think they all liked jarvis’s but said Frazier’s because jarvis’s one. Is lit like you cannot compare

  • Joseph Linscheid
    Joseph Linscheid

    Frazier you are man of art best tent for sure

  • Chandler Zorc
    Chandler Zorc

    Does anybody realize that Jarvis has fortnight on the screen

  • Hassan Hamdani
    Hassan Hamdani

    One of Jarvis pc is on fortnite maybe Jarvis actually plays fortnite

  • Armaan Sethi
    Armaan Sethi


  • Danny Davis
    Danny Davis

    Why is Jarvis playing fortnight

  • Just Exotix
    Just Exotix

    Why don’t we see Sommer no more

  • mikemillz28

    I love how people get they're vbucks easily, we get ours from

    • Apkw

      as if

  • Drippy_clown

    Kay was ass

  • regina monegan
    regina monegan

    Can you give me a robot his account my my phone my account is tiger 77 line 88

  • GSS Revert
    GSS Revert

    Yo in Jarvis room there is Fortnite loading screen I think Kay spent money so there was no money to sue

  • Jabeyy

    Jarvis : "I've been on Xbox my entire life" Me : "He's wearing a PlayStation hoodie bro -_-"

  • fudge Man
    fudge Man


  • Taj Wheatland
    Taj Wheatland

    Is Jarvis playing Fortnite!!!

  • Christopher Garcia Vega
    Christopher Garcia Vega

    i love both

  • Yan García
    Yan García

    Bro is a gaming setup not a outside theme that was cheating

  • Isaac Shaffer
    Isaac Shaffer

    When they said that they would not say who’s was who’s and then they started arguing about the tents🤣😆😂

  • Jason John Cruz
    Jason John Cruz

    New Calling in FaZe I say jarvis 100%

  • Arhaan Mathur
    Arhaan Mathur

    I vote for Jarvis tent


    I support jarvis cuz he chose xbox

  • Tyler Borrington
    Tyler Borrington

    Bruh faze Kay's looks sick

  • MarshyInSpace

    When teawap told his score for jarvis’s tent he thought jarvis was gonna Win, but then he found out that he was 2 away from winning. He even said “ he won?”

  • Energy_ Stepa
    Energy_ Stepa

    you have what there i will never have

  • Alice Hawkes
    Alice Hawkes

    I love how everybody in the game get their v bucks easily, We get our v bucks from

    • Adam El-_-
      Adam El-_-

      Shut tf up bot

  • Encus Zhou
    Encus Zhou

    Sad Jarvis can’t play fortnite

  • Ace Plays-
    Ace Plays-

    My birthday is in 2 months my wish is to aim 500 subs plus a pc

  • David Smith
    David Smith

    He is playing fortnite

  • Kavaldeep Bhakar
    Kavaldeep Bhakar

    Y has jarvis got fortnite loaded up

  • Levi Leonard
    Levi Leonard

    I want to be a member so I can have Javes’s cry face lol 😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Stickz

    I like Jarvis tent better it’s more chill and good for gaming

  • deadly saulo
    deadly saulo

    Wheres alexa?

  • Logan Gross
    Logan Gross

    jarvis tent was way better

  • Logan Jiho
    Logan Jiho

    Jarvis should of won

  • BTW_Adieb-2009

    Wait a sec wich game was Jarvis playing look 👀 6:36

  • Qtcayden D
    Qtcayden D

    I like how Jarvis is playing fortnite

  • arianto plays
    arianto plays


  • King Km
    King Km

    If they put a fan it would be way better

  • Ni Ka
    Ni Ka

    jarvis wins

  • Kian Ogara
    Kian Ogara

    Did anyone notice when in Jarvis tent the loading screens for fortune was rhere

  • logan marsh
    logan marsh

    Any body notice fortnite on jarvis's monitor 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Cookiejay 5
    Cookiejay 5

    Did anyone else see fortnite on the monitor when they were inside jarvises tent

  • S9xotッ

    Tbh I think Jarvis won


    Lol it sounds scripted

  • Corey Mitchell
    Corey Mitchell

    Who else wanted Jarvis to win. Like 👍 this comment if u wanted Jarvis to win 😌

  • Not Uly
    Not Uly

    Look at that monitor to the right 6:38 that be sus

  • Lisa Moore
    Lisa Moore

    I saw fortnite on one of the monitors :P

  • Betty Burgess
    Betty Burgess

    I like Jarvis is better

  • SniperGhosty

    Lol Jarvis said he’s Xbox for life and he was wearing a PlayStation hoodie

  • Comi

    " I'm not gonna say which ones who's" Continues to give extra information about the optic wires

  • William Cousinard
    William Cousinard

    Faze Kay doodoo faze Jarvis have ainbot if Jarvis was unbaned he would clap faze Kay in a 1v1

  • VexzyCG

    PAUSE AT 6:35 mins he PLAYING FORT


    F Kay jarv should have won

  • Jennie Jackson
    Jennie Jackson


  • Frost Fn
    Frost Fn

    Jarvis should have one

  • Evan Faber
    Evan Faber

    I would have put a bed in there

  • Zinx

    Like why 6:19 in the vid it shows Fortnite and it is Jarvis room/pc

  • Matthew McLaughlin
    Matthew McLaughlin

    Jarvis won

  • Rhett Terrell
    Rhett Terrell

    Jarvis was wayyyyyy beater

  • scizls

    Did anyone else see on jarvises monitor fortnite

  • EASRawRises

    What’s the background music? 0:00

  • EASRawRises

    What’s the background music? 0:00

  • EASRawRises

    What’s the background music? 0:00

  • EASRawRises

    What’s the background music? 0:00

  • Laco ziga
    Laco ziga

    no your tarsh

  • Tommy Vee
    Tommy Vee

    Did anybody see the second monitor that it says on fortnite press to start

  • guadalupe alvarez
    guadalupe alvarez

    Can I have a pc

  • Fatial Boyzo
    Fatial Boyzo

    Wait Jarvis has frontière on the right monitor

  • Zenco Zinx
    Zenco Zinx

    Bro has fortnite pulled up on his computer in Jarvis tent

  • Joshua Mack
    Joshua Mack


  • EASRawRises

    What’s the background music? 0:00

  • Carys Jones
    Carys Jones

    So cool

  • Mandy delagarde
    Mandy delagarde

    Jarvis 😔 his was better in my opinion


    Jarvis should of won (but hard to chose both were insane)

  • Christopher Ngan
    Christopher Ngan


  • Christopher Ngan
    Christopher Ngan

    Faze cool

  • Christopher Ngan
    Christopher Ngan

    Cool rom boyt

  • Christopher Ngan
    Christopher Ngan

    Cool rom

  • Coopdoggaming

    How are they going to grade them but they don't know which is which

  • Eundis Tundis
    Eundis Tundis

    6:39 wait was that Jarvis’s tent?

  • Younis Tokhi
    Younis Tokhi

    Why does at 6:58 on the monitor it says fortnite Jarvis is not aloud do touch it how did he start it

  • Benjamin Macdougall
    Benjamin Macdougall

    They did not hide who did it

  • Charbel najem
    Charbel najem

    Jarvis tent was cooler

  • FuZionN Xen0
    FuZionN Xen0

    jarvis won i think

  • Dustin G
    Dustin G

    Can I join faze

  • Isaac And friends
    Isaac And friends

    Jarvis should have won you can’t even sleep in Kay’s

  • Legacy Games
    Legacy Games

    ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ


    2:19 No one:....... Me: Bro what's with my screen? '_*

  • piece ctrl dawz
    piece ctrl dawz

    So that’s where all the PS5’s have gone

  • YoHypez

    Yo Jarvis is sneaky Fortnite ok #freejarvis

  • Cold RXHB
    Cold RXHB

    Classoc banger

  • Fidget Girl
    Fidget Girl

    Cap 🧢

  • Yeet Forever
    Yeet Forever

    Btw that Was jarvis xbox