Buying A Nasty Business and Flipping it for Profit | E12
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  • LoverFella

    Can you make more than me?! Join my server IP at - make your own series or just join for your own fun :) See you there Zachlings

    • Slime Girl
      Slime Girl

      Did u change ur name?

    • Ashley Johnson
      Ashley Johnson

      @ROSIS Shrestha uh yeah it is

    • Elite_KoltAction

      Can you join on ps4

    • Elite_KoltAction

      Can you join on ps4

    • Josh


  • Silas McCoy
    Silas McCoy

    11:10 dans eating food lol

  • No Image
    No Image

    Make a server for all minecraft player mobile java and bedrock

  • No Image
    No Image

    I can guest you name is it Jorden?

  • Shane Dupree
    Shane Dupree

    He should have maje a hopper to get the throw


    I have a question what’s the name of that shader you have

  • Shawaiz Khan
    Shawaiz Khan

    Green green yellow green green blue blue

  • Josh Super nova
    Josh Super nova

    If you are Australian unsuccessful he posted a video with a Australian turtchure chamber and AGREED that Australians should be all tortured I now hate him. I he he will take down this video soon

  • Bryce Voelker
    Bryce Voelker


  • Alexander Javier
    Alexander Javier

    How has no one found lover fellas base

  • Av8 Gauzy
    Av8 Gauzy

    U got a new subscriber!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • d3adLock22

    I use these vids as building turtorials and it helps alot :)

  • Bjarne Ouwerkerk
    Bjarne Ouwerkerk


  • David Crosby
    David Crosby

    Mine nether wart blocks and sell them makes a lot of money

  • Mono

    Use a hopper as a hole

  • Aceranger 21
    Aceranger 21

    what is that server ip ?

  • Dr Daveypro
    Dr Daveypro

    You van make modern lights with 2 end Rods and a block

  • Among Us Ry
    Among Us Ry

    What stuff do I need so I can play too

  • Jed Ylagan
    Jed Ylagan


  • Bryce Beavers
    Bryce Beavers

    Huh I wonder why he isn’t the richest yet....... oh he spend a TON of money to make a base

  • Ella Jast
    Ella Jast

    What's with the dancing cat 1:07

  • nocode 4321
    nocode 4321

    what is his texture?

  • Red Kite gaming
    Red Kite gaming

    U did -100,000 when u got donated 100,000 😂

  • Llama lightning :
    Llama lightning :

    I was in your tribe in ark when you were stille in college and mom problems


    What game and server is this in mc?

  • K MACK
    K MACK

    can anyone tell me how i can play this on xbox?

  • Themselves

    Looks like I can't subscribe

  • Lucas Gundersen
    Lucas Gundersen


  • Tommyometer

    It would be cool if he made the holes as a hopper or else an actual hole in the ground

  • Glitch Cube
    Glitch Cube

    Maybe next time you make something don’t sell it because it could pay of later if you don’t sell it you could lose money by selling it because you make the money from selling and no more money from it but if you keep it and make money from it and if it is failing and no one is using it or coming then you can sell so just don’t immediately sell it

  • Epic Clan
    Epic Clan

    I want to play this so bad but I play on ps5 😢

  • Epic gaming 412 Morrow
    Epic gaming 412 Morrow


  • San Hasan
    San Hasan

    Yes yes yes

  • Silverclaw

    Yo what shader do u use?

  • ani ernawati
    ani ernawati

    Loverfella do be EA tho

  • Eli Diaz
    Eli Diaz

    u should have put hoppers in the holes

  • Hamy Tran
    Hamy Tran

    I think there is a game on octane that's kinda like the Loverfellla Mega Survival it even has an auction a shop and money and the herbalism the mining etc. I think it was the skyblock just saying

  • Elijah Nelson
    Elijah Nelson

    you should use a snowball

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi

    Im not wearing socks but i subscribe

  • Tbear said no
    Tbear said no

    there are usually 9 holes on a course

  • Venemo Roadster
    Venemo Roadster

    Haha I don't have socks so I don't have so sub haha get rekt

  • Ariyan Janagan
    Ariyan Janagan

    how come you don't have world edit

  • Jeremiah36

    Lover fella I’m not gonna lie the guy who bought this is probably sad. He’s probably on the server and you called this video “buying a nasty business”

  • Cecil Sajid
    Cecil Sajid

    Böse Mädchen kommen weiß aber wir können also bildet euch eure coole Minecraft

  • rased vanumoti
    rased vanumoti

    The tiny crib phylogenitically apologise because argentina unsurprisingly decorate against a nosy quiet. venomous, bright vermicelli

  • Robios


  • tvx gamer
    tvx gamer

    The future futuristic ash rhetorically walk because crowd controversly obtain astride a windy nitrogen. sore, acceptable cherries

  • AerialSeagull

    Name your axe Lumberfella

  • the home of memes
    the home of memes

    Does this work on bedrock and does it all have to be caps cus I rlly wanna check this out

  • raiidz SZN
    raiidz SZN


  • J /J
    J /J

    hey I got an idea to improve your golf course. put pistons so it can push the ball/item but they have to time it right and make pistons blocking it as well. thx

  • SlothNeck Gaming
    SlothNeck Gaming

    Make a drift course with ice and boats

  • Mtb Shreds
    Mtb Shreds

    The Glowy or Glowie thing is actually called an endrod

  • Geko Twitch
    Geko Twitch

    I dont want to be rude but his builds arent the best

  • James Davis
    James Davis

    Whats the resource pack u using

  • Tom Stevens
    Tom Stevens

    U must be small as I'm 11 and I'm 5,9

  • June Kerby
    June Kerby

    i have the same texture pack as u as well as my brother!!!

  • Tetchie Miano
    Tetchie Miano

    Use hony block to make a vertical golf course

  • Jessica Williamson
    Jessica Williamson

    Hi!! :)

  • Banks Alexander
    Banks Alexander

    You are for sure THE BEST

  • Laura Potter
    Laura Potter


  • Jay Majurey
    Jay Majurey

    I wish u could make ice stairs

  • Jack Miller
    Jack Miller

    What server is that?

  • Isaac Robins
    Isaac Robins

    I have a question if anyone knows it. I hit verify on his discord server but nothing happens


    Can you get rid of the loge thing in the Face cam

  • Stasia and Nathan Games
    Stasia and Nathan Games

    Make your server for pocket edition

  • FermentedGrapes

    Only the real fans were here when the title said e13

  • Fade_Elve

    You should put the signs on the end rod lights.

  • madeth

    i’m so obsessed with this series 0u0

  • Bübblegüm güppi
    Bübblegüm güppi

    Whats ur sever ip I wanna join

  • white sonic
    white sonic

    youtube un subed me :(

  • Fade_Eman

    What’s the mini game called

  • Fade_Eman

    What’s the game

  • Pro Andria
    Pro Andria

    Congrats 2 mill

  • Charlie

    pls make another vid pls pls pls pls pls pls pls

  • Bubbles Boi
    Bubbles Boi

    1:07 😑

  • tan mingqiang1
    tan mingqiang1

    I was actually wearing socks. Guess I need to subscribe now!

  • Savage Soul
    Savage Soul

    just why are you so creative????????

  • the amazing frog
    the amazing frog

    You can make a villager emerald farm with villagers and sell the emeralds for a profit and sell enchant books and golden apples and ender pearls

  • Expert Soldier
    Expert Soldier

    Lover fella should creat a house flipper rank

  • Deadpool

    That thumbnail made me watch this video five times

  • Alexandra Telnov
    Alexandra Telnov

    Me wants more Minecraft building videos like this one or the kind where you transform others bases- Like I really want more of these videos ;w;

  • Covid 19 bros At the lake
    Covid 19 bros At the lake



    Maby you should make a cafe

  • Cession1

    You should make a bedrock server

  • BC-Minecraft

    i was playing on the server saying to myself that i had to get more money than loverfella, but then i realised i had 20 zombie spawners which sold for 1.9mil

  • Austin Brightwell
    Austin Brightwell

    Hey loverfella I have been playing on your server but someone burnt down my house twice

  • E

    If you search lover man minecraft loverfella shows up

  • The Savage
    The Savage

    The base owner watching this vid rn 😭

  • TheDarkChidi

    Are u ever gonna let bedrock play?

  • buff stuff
    buff stuff

    make a realy expensive basketball game with eye of enders

  • Ethans channel Hello
    Ethans channel Hello


  • Adam Gregori
    Adam Gregori

    I’m not wearing socks

  • Nay NFL
    Nay NFL

    Tip use a composter for the whole

  • Leonardo M
    Leonardo M

    make boat drifting ice under with drifting

  • Gaming Dog Walter
    Gaming Dog Walter

    Ah still my favorite LV-homer

  • lil Panda
    lil Panda

    This is like a drug for me, do more 🐼👍🏾

  • Kandi Thomas
    Kandi Thomas

    What shader you using

  • Esplayz

    Plsss make more of this clips plsss

  • Kandi Thomas
    Kandi Thomas

    Day 26 of asking loverfella to visit cookie temple