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  • SwirlyDoodles

    Madison’s upcoming song: “Surface level friends”

  • Petrie Rasmussen
    Petrie Rasmussen

    maddison: u wna date... *so sweeeet* david: yeah im down *little rude*;) silence....................................................................silence........jason: get the fuck TOGEHTER!!!!!!!! *SAVES THEIR FUTURE BY SAYING IT*

  • Mays Faisal
    Mays Faisal

    David is the worst liar

  • Frankie Godino
    Frankie Godino

    Marry her already, jesus.

  • Mikhail Alex
    Mikhail Alex

    Seriously who watches this

  • Aarav Godiyal
    Aarav Godiyal

    Omg madison is bi ...what about asking her about the other genders...why .....wasnt wth

  • SpicyMcChicken

    Jason is so 🤮

  • mazal levy
    mazal levy

    all the kiss-assing comments toward the top suspiciously.

  • Skylar.T.V Vaught
    Skylar.T.V Vaught

    Natalie just looks so sad and kinda jelly. Anyone else seeing this?

  • Rouge Ghost
    Rouge Ghost

    Imagine if David just gave in a tried dating her?

  • devonmck

    David: 😁🤣😎😍 Maddison: 😊🤩😎😮 Jason: 😅🙄😉🙃 Natalie the entire video: 😶😶😶😶

  • Jasmine Neal
    Jasmine Neal


  • Journey Cruz
    Journey Cruz

    her hands freak me out I’m so sorry

    • BlondieBrunette14

      Who’s hands?

  • Alejandra Lopez
    Alejandra Lopez

    here before david gets cancelled by d'angelo wallace

    • Divyansh Jorwal
      Divyansh Jorwal

      he ain't doing shit to dave lol

  • Xander Kim
    Xander Kim

    jason looked so hurt about the kite and david hit him with the sponsor lmao

  • Danielle Angel Nieves
    Danielle Angel Nieves

    Uhmm so who's the shitter?

  • Michael Kiley
    Michael Kiley

    Taht shitting Elizabeth

  • serhat ayebe
    serhat ayebe

    Please someone tell Natalie to leave david alone


    Ask her about the black protest stunt she did

  • Juan Ruiz
    Juan Ruiz

    David hairline is fucked

  • Alvi AR
    Alvi AR

    I've been into Bewbs since I was born.

  • Moegoe FN
    Moegoe FN

    Oh fuck its Sara

  • 666flags

    Such excellent time having wasSA’d

  • Chey Smallz
    Chey Smallz

    34:50 I really felt that especially last night ...

  • Chey Smallz
    Chey Smallz

    It’s freaking me out that she has her shoes on that type of couch 🥲

  • Martin Afghahi
    Martin Afghahi

    Is it just me or does natalie look older and less attractive than before

    • Danielle Angel Nieves
      Danielle Angel Nieves

      I think just in comparison to Madison she makes everyone around her look less attractive

  • Kristina

    Madison trying to flirt and connect with David and David casually joking abt it to right it off bc he’s so clearly hung up on Liza🥺 Feel for both of them

  • txllyz

    I had the best birthday gift.. born on feb 27 and got a whole album 😁

  • PunkinKween

    Jason: "You can't get this on Fallon" 🤣😂🤣

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy

    Madison - “I never wrote a lyric about you” David- turns to honey ad 😂

  • Rhian Corcoran
    Rhian Corcoran

    Anxious about her shoes on the fresh cream chair all the way through 😅

  • Oscar Aragon
    Oscar Aragon

    They’re deleting comments

    • Sajjad The Spammer
      Sajjad The Spammer

      Damage control

    • Sajjad The Spammer
      Sajjad The Spammer


    • bowen voowy
      bowen voowy

      Welcmome tooo vIeWs

  • James Hernandez
    James Hernandez

    alright, im really loving this host type thing davids doing. i can see this becoming a huge thing for his future.

  • Ryan Twist
    Ryan Twist

    Anyone else see how Madison looks at David

  • Brandon Kubota
    Brandon Kubota

    Bruh it’s crazy how David just turns her down but anyone would not do that if they were normal but David is David I guess it’s his choice.

    • inad PUMAMI
      inad PUMAMI

      HE'S GAY even you were not in love with her, wouldn't you at least still try to sleep with her?

  • Taylor Marie
    Taylor Marie

    awww this makes me feel single

  • João Francisco
    João Francisco

    I just started watching your videos today, how do i stop? i mean, i have a math test tomorrow...

  • joshua kim
    joshua kim

    The utopian dentist sadly inject because interviewer disturbingly yell upon a waiting interactive. spiteful, plant taiwan

  • Senpai_ Catracho
    Senpai_ Catracho

    David and Madison would look so cute together it’s killing me

  • Jackie Borg
    Jackie Borg

    Own up to your shit

  • lizzieblonde

    Are you going to face up to all your bullying anytime soon David?

  • Bassel Wassouf
    Bassel Wassouf

    A podcast is great to listen to but its pretty damn hard to not WATCH this when the cast is so fine. Been struggling to get work done with this on

  • crybully

    David preys on broken, vulnerable people.

  • UnDeaD_c_718_ w
    UnDeaD_c_718_ w

    david and madison have mad chemistry

  • ana banana
    ana banana

    petition for jason to be shown more on camera. come on david

  • J

    Why would he not date Madison Beer, he must be gay

  • Robert McCreary
    Robert McCreary

    When shit hits the fan are yall still a fan?

  • Bryan

    Welcmome tooo vIeWs

  • Regino Pena
    Regino Pena

    Jason is a fuccing wing man 😭😭 my dawgg 😈

  • Johnny Lema
    Johnny Lema

    The grumpy kettle spectacularly offend because pruner revealingly cycle past a jumbled aries. elastic, large tub

  • Matthew Shaw
    Matthew Shaw

    Can they just shut up and date already ahha

  • Arda Arda
    Arda Arda

    Davids shy lol

  • J.A.K Lalu
    J.A.K Lalu

    Just Date Guys ????

  • Jake Soldat
    Jake Soldat

    The statuesque hacksaw neatly signal because drink maternally realise save a mean reason. keen, dazzling router

  • Connorjulian 69
    Connorjulian 69

    David really rejected madison beer

  • Deeznutz :
    Deeznutz :

    Tr1$ha pay7a$

  • Anthony Ight
    Anthony Ight

    8:45 when my mom is telling me the reason that the school called

  • GigaRex 800
    GigaRex 800

    I'm only watching this cause it's the closest thing I have to David's vlogs

  • Super girly gamer
    Super girly gamer

    Ummm I'm sorry.No...............

  • Double D
    Double D

    I feel like Natalie gets tired of David

  • The Other Giraffe
    The Other Giraffe

    23:48 And he still rejected u lmao


    David, she wants u😁

  • Cs_cringe Boy
    Cs_cringe Boy

    Oh ya that’s her friend amy

  • kuristaja

    just be together ffs.

  • Jordan Gamble
    Jordan Gamble

    Feel bad for ya brotha obviously in love with Natalie

  • montana cady
    montana cady

    Is this the guy who abuses his employees?

    • icedbannanas

      @M5 yup covid denier confirmed. Again, not surprised David has a covid denier as a follower and defender.

    • mazal levy
      mazal levy

      Yep 😒

    • M5

      @icedbannanas COVID Deniers? Or how about having a brain and realizing that COVID is no different then the flu you sheep. My fat overweight aunt who has been smoking cigarettes for 35 years got COVID. All she had was a cough. Maybe if you realized nobody is dying for COVID you wouldn't be such a clown?

    • icedbannanas

      @Scott Bucher because...?

    • icedbannanas

      @M5 Love it, covid deniers are part of David's fanbase. Makes sense tbh.

  • Ashlynn Streamland
    Ashlynn Streamland

    idk why the mics bother me..

  • Johnson Patrick
    Johnson Patrick

    1 year David career will fail. Finally always knew this guy was slimy, just by his fake smile.

    • mazal levy
      mazal levy

      @Keegan Hughes bro who are u he literally S Aed his friend, get ur facts right

    • Keegan Hughes
      Keegan Hughes

      @Johnson Patrick lmao that was a prank video lmao soft ass

    • Johnson Patrick
      Johnson Patrick

      @ッlaylon¡e he tricked a guy to kiss a guy because he was black and knew he would get shit for it in his neighborhood. Also it’s just gross to trick someone into thinking they will kiss a girl but it’s actually a 40 year man.

    • ッlaylon¡e

      huh what are you talkin about, did he get exposed or sum

  • Jacqueline Rodriguez
    Jacqueline Rodriguez

    David is disgusting

  • Saanvi Jindal C3
    Saanvi Jindal C3


  • Gabriel Torres
    Gabriel Torres


  • Miranda Panda
    Miranda Panda

    Okay so the game they played is horrible and Madison’s shoe on David’s white chair is annoying me so much haha other than that I love them and ship them so hard!

  • Daniel Cheeley
    Daniel Cheeley

    date her buddy

  • thisgurlxxo

    Jason looks like a creepy old lady

  • natalie b
    natalie b

    madison is the megan fox of our generation

  • Thaina Glassen
    Thaina Glassen

    David, if you don't see how much you and Madison matches in so many areas.... it's insane!!!

  • Luis Naula
    Luis Naula

    remember benny juice and david

  • Kiley Rourke
    Kiley Rourke

    Let’s talk about what you did to S E T H

    • yeet meister
      yeet meister

      What he do

  • Rocco Caves
    Rocco Caves

    If we get this channel 2 point million subscribers you have to go on a date with Madison

  • Doris Hernandez
    Doris Hernandez

    Foot soldiers! #thehatetour

  • 배실반니 [basilbunny]
    배실반니 [basilbunny]

    S E X U A L A S S A U L T is not funny. Justice for Seth

    • Roger Holmes
      Roger Holmes

      Why do u spell it like that does youtube censor it ?

    • 배실반니 [basilbunny]
      배실반니 [basilbunny]

      @yeet meister he provided an inviroment in which s e x u a l a s s a u l t and r a c i s m were provided and normalized. Oh and the constant bullying 👍

    • yeet meister
      yeet meister

      What he do

  • NoluvEthan

    David go with Madison beer please

  • J Sunsick
    J Sunsick


  • Thomas Jackson
    Thomas Jackson

    Stop deleting comments. Start bringing awareness about what you did to Seth

  • Thomas Jackson
    Thomas Jackson

    What you did to Seth was horrible.

  • Hershey123 456
    Hershey123 456

    im rewatching this after the Charlie and dixie podcast and charlies sticker isn't there !?!??!

    • Universal Alpha
      Universal Alpha

      Pretty sure that was after this one? It was posted after

  • realityreimagined.

    PogO david. justice for seeth

  • Rhett Bet
    Rhett Bet


  • Pfil.odendron


  • Emir Veziroglu
    Emir Veziroglu

    The innate romania interspecifically question because flight universally try afore a flowery saudi arabia. alert, honorable soccer

  • Tom Knowles
    Tom Knowles

    The whispering improvement systematically flow because smell bodily milk by a best ketchup. absorbing, absurd rotate

  • Georgia Stott
    Georgia Stott


    • SCARDtrash


  • Krishi G
    Krishi G

    Madison is pure💎

  • Andy Shaw
    Andy Shaw

    Surface level friends. She is going to remember that, I can tell.. ahh

  • Loren M Phelan
    Loren M Phelan

    um hair isn't a body part madison...

  • ansley story
    ansley story


  • simply lyssa
    simply lyssa


    • Scott Bucher
      Scott Bucher


  • where the fuck are the vlogs :}

    • Deli Ali
      Deli Ali

      There’s a fucking pandemic! No vlogs

  • Destiny

    Why is the podcast all over the place tho?? Haha I love it! But unfiltered is my fav

  • Reflex

    madison is pretty.....