Aphmau's In DANGER And Needs To Be SAVED!
Aphmau is in DANGER! It’s up to EVERYONE to SAVE HER!
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  • Cresencia Gomez
    Cresencia Gomez

    What do you Play aft now

  • Marci Anna
    Marci Anna

    Papa Zane to the rescue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephanie Labobe
    Stephanie Labobe

    Zane wants to be a bodybuilding so he become buff 🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️🕴🕴🕴🕴👏👏

    • Stephanie Labobe
      Stephanie Labobe

      So dark where he says everything is cake ...

  • Efern Gonzalez
    Efern Gonzalez

    Auhau you rasam

  • Niecole Rodgers
    Niecole Rodgers

    I laughed so much

  • Niecole Rodgers
    Niecole Rodgers

    "Everything is cake" that had me dead

  • Eryn Harris
    Eryn Harris

    Why he buff he calls spy that he's her dad she's like ur not my dad he not buff

  • Mielkendra Rabe
    Mielkendra Rabe



    When zane said ein it's so funny 🤣😂🤣

  • Riley Miller
    Riley Miller

    Aphmau is my favorite LV-homer

  • Big_mo2010

    If I were to save you by subscribing, I wouldn't.

  • Moon Lord
    Moon Lord

    "You wanna know something about this year? *Everything is now cake."* -Zane, 2021, Third Time winner for the Most Foreboding Voicelines award

  • hii tyggvTracey
    hii tyggvTracey


  • hii tyggvTracey
    hii tyggvTracey


  • gerson gamer gamemode vk
    gerson gamer gamemode vk


  • Remo Suthan
    Remo Suthan

    That he put his hand in 10 people 10 N keepers survive off of people

  • Azriel Azzampasya
    Azriel Azzampasya

    Wow Zane protect aphmau so much that he become the hulk without green

  • Suzanne Stafrace
    Suzanne Stafrace


  • zu yee
    zu yee

    oh no no no oh no no no oh no

  • zu yee
    zu yee

    zane is buff

  • Jason Yang
    Jason Yang

    Ein is literally trying to kill aphmau in this video

  • zu yee
    zu yee

    omg hello zane buff tho lol

  • Itz_Aortz

    I cried of laughing when Zane turned into a monster XD

  • zu yee
    zu yee


  • Its_ Blossom
    Its_ Blossom

    Hi !! Mega fan . Pls friend me in roblox , I am oceana_roussel . I did all subscribed , liked and others ! Keep up the good work!!!

  • May Jarams
    May Jarams

    Le Vfnvbvgcdwsweh de weed kart gggg is a big deal to the world of a e All Ça wz😄🍅🥝🌶🥕🥕🌽🌽🍐🥭🍓🌫🌊☂️☔️🏸🪃🤿🏸🎇🕍🌄🌅⏱🔦💡⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️🟣⚫️⚫️⚫️

  • นภาพร กอชารี
    นภาพร กอชารี

    WHAT!!?? zane!!? You are big!!?

  • Ricky Balabagan
    Ricky Balabagan

    Why you doing ein

  • Ho Min
    Ho Min

    😍qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm kamu ruyup aku mau asdfghjllzxcvbnm. Terima apa lagi ya sama dia. E. A. Z. B. C. Xpedia lagwe 😍😘🥰😍😘🥰

  • Ho Min
    Ho Min

    😍Quran dapat aku penuhi semua keinginan bisa tercapai semua cita atas wafatnya tapi aku yakin kau akan berterima kasih pada akhirnya qai es su kamu itu di t ricu tapi dia yang tidak bisa tidur nyenyak 😍🥰😀🤑😭🥶😱😨😰🤮🤢👿😈

  • Ho Min
    Ho Min

    Aku pun nak tweet dengan orang bodoh berbicara tanpa bertindak aktif berorganisasi kamu yang selalu bisa berada di dalam hatiku mengapa kisah yang sempurna untuk diabadikan tapi kamu malah sibuk sama urusan masing

  • Daisy The Aesthetic
    Daisy The Aesthetic

    6:51 that part had me dying lol😂

  • Kendra Dela Roca
    Kendra Dela Roca

    Ein: aphmau theres diamonds there Aphmau: diamonds do not grow in grass Ein: come on Aphmau: ok Aphmau sees the diamonds Aphmau: oooooo Ein: hehehehehehe Aphmau falls Aphmau: ahhhhhhhh! Zane: aphmauuuuuuu! Aphmau:helppppp! ZANE: EINNNNNNN: ZANE KILLS EIN Ein: ahhhhhhh! Zane: aphmau are u ok? Aphmau: yes Zane: lets go to the village Aphmau: no! Zane carrings aphmau Aphmau: leave me alone zane Zane: no rest in ur house Aphmau runs away Zane gives aphmau 64 diamonds Aphmau: kk End of zane's story

    • Kendra Dela Roca
      Kendra Dela Roca

      Is that true

  • Rafael's Games
    Rafael's Games

    well um... maybe you should not look at 06:32 because um... it's kinda... embarrassing

  • Thesa Lonica
    Thesa Lonica

    A dont want to do that 😭😭



  • •Pixxie Hollows•
    •Pixxie Hollows•


  • •Pixxie Hollows•
    •Pixxie Hollows•


  • Lylah Garcia
    Lylah Garcia

    Is anyone going to ignore how Zane acts like a dad to Aphmau?

  • Ervin playz alpha
    Ervin playz alpha

    Me: Oh no not again

  • xXsTaRkIrbYXx

    Me: *playing roblox watching this at the same time* Aphmau: errr eeee!!! HAHA!!!!! There--- Noo this is still a happy face. Me: She can't be angry in minecraft but she can be angry with other games Love the vids!! bye

  • Major Case
    Major Case

    Ein : my gold senses are tingling

  • Keo Meas
    Keo Meas

    And snowman

  • Keo Meas
    Keo Meas

    There is a mutan zombie creeper enderman and skeleton

  • Kite tenjo [gallade knight/toshiki kai]
    Kite tenjo [gallade knight/toshiki kai]

    Aphmau:this is me, and this is danger. Me:It's hard to argue with her assessments

  • Orange. Anne
    Orange. Anne

    Can I say that Ein is so mean like in 5 sec he just let Aph fall... -_-

  • Goldenfreinds

    Right when the mobs fell I liked when she said lol

  • Little_gamermiss

    Omg i love this vid aph i loves yoir vids so funny

  • Lullete Camara
    Lullete Camara

    Zane always is dad mode for aphmau

  • Marcus Turner
    Marcus Turner

    Anyone notice that aphmau always has gold on her or anything and it seems like they planned all of it

  • Rosie Brazelton
    Rosie Brazelton

    18:40 Zane: I know what I'm doing Me: are you sure about that.

  • Wendi Pauline
    Wendi Pauline

    Buff Zane

  • Wendi Pauline
    Wendi Pauline

    Why can’t you get off Zane when he caries you? Love the vid! 😍

  • Tori Henley
    Tori Henley

    AQ be like i don't want to here your lovee dovee stuff

  • Wendy Stuart
    Wendy Stuart

    Aphmau: omg there is baby creepers! Me:Baby creeper do do do

  • eachin2008

    Ein got a rare death!

  • Toy girL and Friends
    Toy girL and Friends

    iM gOnNA dIE from luaghness LOL XD

  • The Adventures of J.Free
    The Adventures of J.Free

    Is Zane aghmous boyfrand

  • The Adventures of J.Free
    The Adventures of J.Free

    Zane loves aghmou

  • Kitty Queen
    Kitty Queen

    Oh a beige nice whoo hooo

  • Olivia Lee
    Olivia Lee


  • •Roses the DarkSide Wolf•
    •Roses the DarkSide Wolf•

    Poor Ein- Everyone is blaming him while Aphmau is getting hurt 😢 ( Also while helping her

  • Nelida Lego
    Nelida Lego


  • Elbert Orbase
    Elbert Orbase


  • NickMortuus

    Do you like my sword, sword, sword?

  • Chia Bordeos
    Chia Bordeos


  • MrNigel325

    love you Aphmu the best youtubeer ever loooooooove

  • Equestrian Actor
    Equestrian Actor

    Zane is such an overprotective dad tho 😂😂 ilysm

  • Farida Hassan
    Farida Hassan

    But he’s a little bit crazy about protecting you

  • Shing Yu James Wong
    Shing Yu James Wong


  • Farida Hassan
    Farida Hassan

    Aphmau I think Zane likes you I mean he is always defending you when Ein is doing bad things to you

  • Farida Hassan
    Farida Hassan


  • Taylor Sharier
    Taylor Sharier

    Hi love I am Sann

  • godzilla king of the monsters
    godzilla king of the monsters

    I love zanes strong voice

  • azian ismail
    azian ismail

    Zane is like aphmau brother cause he always protect aphmau

  • Ava Davilla
    Ava Davilla

    i hate u kestin

  • Rafael Badillo
    Rafael Badillo

    They already made a video about this!

  • Angela Hendricks
    Angela Hendricks

    EIN!!!! Why

  • Angela Hendricks
    Angela Hendricks

    Ein: pey me

  • Masataka Baba
    Masataka Baba

    Zane has gone full maniac

  • Joe Vue
    Joe Vue

    Hi I am your biggest fan

  • cupcakelaughter

    Zane is like the dad of the server

  • Fanny Cruz-Betesh
    Fanny Cruz-Betesh

    That maybe got hurt 😕 😞 😔 😢 😪 🤧 😕

  • Thanous34

    Ein is to fat

  • Eik Lee Foo
    Eik Lee Foo

    Zane is a simp

  • Eva

    Kawaii Chan:Zane and his sword is amazing Me:* dying of laughter*really😂😏

  • Sophia Prefontaine
    Sophia Prefontaine

    lol when it said ein tried to sim in lave to ezcape zane lol

  • XAMANTHA Gaming
    XAMANTHA Gaming

    Aw Zane is soo protective to aphmau

  • Elaine Fairchilde
    Elaine Fairchilde

    Zane is a dad to aphmau lol

  • oi Correa
    oi Correa

    Zei intis ou yak😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Perenise Satele
    Perenise Satele

    wow- just wow- I didn't know Zane was your older brother 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣-

  • Lexie Frey
    Lexie Frey

    Aphmau: *Is in danger Zane: *Juggernaut mode activate

  • Pedrito Lumabi
    Pedrito Lumabi

    Zane is a Macho monster

  • __________

    and if you want that to juust like my comment okie

  • __________

    i dare zane to say he like's kawwichaun uwu

  • kitten Lover674
    kitten Lover674

    I like that it's lagging

  • Kaliyah Sturges
    Kaliyah Sturges

    roblx plz

  • Jordan Blake
    Jordan Blake

    You should do a video of you actually playing Minecraft like not anymore mods not any of that not even on her core mode you do these bee things and I don't like it and you never do anything that like you would never like I've never seen you play a thing that doesn't have to do with the mod or hardcore you just need to play normal Minecraft and get on a new server and play like that

  • Sweetsimple kay
    Sweetsimple kay

    aphmau i will unsub from you if you dont make live vid to late

  • Lety Ramirez
    Lety Ramirez

    huge guy cat ughh car rub yhhcf